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Yiscor is a Pokémon used by Yoshiller in Pokémon Platinum.


Yiscor is the third Pokémon used in the battle and went up against Psythe. Yiscor used Swords Dance to increase it's attack and knocked out Psythe with Night Slash. Acrobat is sent out next, and Yiscor is hit by Confuse Ray. Luckily, Yiscor snaps out of it thanks to a Lum Berry. Yiscor hits Acrobat with Ice Fang and just narrowly doesn't knock it out, and is then reconfused, but manages to knock Acrobat out.

Supernova is sent out next, and Yiscor hits Supernova with Ice Fang and manages to freeze her. Yiscor hit himself in confusion, but then hit Supernova with Earthquake and knocked Supernova out. Yiscor uses Earthquake on Bohdi, and is knocked out by Wood Hammer.


  • Swords Dance
  • Night Slash
  • Ice Fang
  • Earthquake


  • Yiscor is the only Pokémon to go up against all of Chugga's team members in the Chugga vs. Yoshiller match in Platinum.
  • Yiscor and InvinciBug are the only Pokémon on Yoshiller's teams used in their battles with Chugga that knocked out any of Chugga's Pokémon.
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