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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Chuggaaconroy's 45th Let's Play.

It was announced on September 17th, 2020, and premiered the following day.


September 18th, 2020 - ?????

The journey to reach Elysium and save a dying world. Includes guidance on every gameplay topic and character, explains why you're not doing more damage, and everything else the game didn't bother to mention! I feel like this is a game a lot of people quit because they feel like the gameplay doesn't click, and I want to make it make sense.


  1. Where We Used To Be
  2. Resonance of the Heart
  3. Gramps' Wisdom
  4. Aptitude
  5. The Color "Emerald"
  6. Cat Costume
  7. Artificial Blade Parts
  8. Guide to Poppiswap and Core Crystals
  9. Concerned Carpenter
  10. The Crane Game
  11. Nopon of Good Tastes
  12. Rescuing the Cat
  13. Gormott, But Not Forgotten
  14. Firecracker of a Gal!
  15. The Real Gramps
  16. Star-Crossed Lovers
  17. Umon the Shipwright
  18. The Urayan Giant
  19. The Garfont Mercenaries
  20. A Pain in Miasma
  21. Maid in Uraya
  22. Lord Zekenator
  23. The Belly of the Beast
  24. The Land of Titans
  25. The Heroic Adventures of Addam
  26. Feeding Artists
  27. Into the Open Sky
  28. Our Own War
  29. The Last Wish
  30. The Future Looks Merc-y
  31. To Be Young Again...
  32. The Hard Roc Life
  33. Road to the Capital
  34. Muimui Bueno
  35. Awkward Date
  36. The Militia's Request
  37. Tranquility
  38. Fame, Family and Forgetting
  39. Rooftop Run
  40. Lila's Location
  41. Old Industrial District
  42. Lila's Masterpon
  43. Factory Tour
  44. Goddess of the Praetorium
  45. Leftheria
  46. A Good In-Vess-tment
  47. Fonsett Memories
  48. A Test of Strength
  49. Sniff Out the Spy!
  50. We Meet Again
  51. Failure and Success
  52. Getting to Know You
  53. Crystal Clear
  54. One Lucky Gal
  55. Shiny New Power
  56. Whereabouts Unknown
  57. All's Fair in Love and Innuendos
  58. Industrial Sort of Tour
  59. Bearing Her Soul
  60. Leadership Qualities
  61. Aurora Boreas?
  62. Stolen Keepsake
  63. Some Must Carry On
  64. Reaching to the Choir
  65. The Man Who Climbed The Tree
  66. Temperantia Tantrum
  67. Ceasefire
  68. Who's Leaving Anyone?
  69. Denial
  70. A Ripe New Frontier!
  71. Judicium's Legacy
  72. Hero of the Nopon
  73. Our Daily Bread
  74. Bouncing Back
  75. Bladies' Night!
  76. The Secret of Nim
  77. Journey to Tantal
  78. Bonsoir, Theosoir...
  79. The Audience
  80. For The Sake of This World
  81. Handling a Boy's Turtle!
  82. Crossing the Gorg
  83. Write or Wrong?
  84. Tender-Hearted Beast
  85. Wounds
  86. The Doll in Sight of the Throne
  87. Open Your Eyes
  88. Tantal-izing Prospects
  89. Make Love Source, Not War Source
  90. Give a Finch, Take a While
  91. The Bana Saga
  92. The Greatest Leader
  93. A Hat Fit for a Lady
  94. Brionac Awoken
  95. Follow the Money
  96. The Crucible
  97. A Long Way From Home
  98. All Kinds
  99. The Connection
  100. Eternal Rest
  101. Praxis Makes Perfect
  102. Cliffs of Morytha
  103. The Fear She Carries
  104. Bottom of the World
  105. Eat Your Heart Out
  106. Morytha The Unknown
  107. Powered-Up Poppi
  108. Makin' Some Pi!
  109. Beneath the Aurora
  110. Eternal Spirit
  111. You're Electra-fying!
  112. Floren Heals an Aching Soul
  113. Fawning Over Floren
  114. The Ice of Shining Justice
  115. My Long-Lost Sister
  116. My Older Sister
  117. Don't Take Agate for Granite
  118. A Midnight Snack
  119. Welcome to Night, Vale
  120. Artisan-Bred
  121. Judging Justice
  122. Be a Dahlia
  123. Herald Unbound
  124. King of the Sea
  125. Difficult Decisions
  126. Looking Forward
  127. The Boy Who Climbed The Tree
  128. Cycle of Hatred
  129. How Long is Forever?
  130. Thunderbird
  131. Desperation
  132. Surgical Strike
  133. Rain
  134. Reaching Elysium
  135. It's Lonely at the Top
  136. The Last Gift
  137. Crossing Dimensions
  138. Really Feeling You
  139. Follow Your Passion
  140. Eating Before a Fight!
  141. A Real Challenge
  142. Going for Broke!
  143. The Truth Hurts
  144. Limits of Awareness
  145. The Driver in the Ice
  146. Indoline Memoriam
  147. School is in Session
  148. Hot Tub Crime Machine
  149. A Mercenary's Honor
  150. A Secret Cure
  151. Bright Spark!
  152. The Lone Watchman
  153. Farewell, Good Friend
  154. Bana's Revenge
  155. Girl Power-Off
  156. Most Awful News?!
  157. Merclibay's Mightiest
  158. Hot Spring Bonanza
  159. Lost Kingdom
  160. Artificial Intelligence
  161. Lingering Resentment
  162. Otherworldly Fighter
  163. The Armu Who Lived
  164. Frigate Ophion
  165. You Teach Me So Much

Player Characters

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Emile controls Rex, Nia, Tora, Vandham, Zeke, and Mòrag.


  • "This would be the largest undertaking in this history of this channel".
  • It's so big because this Let's Play tells two stories, not one.
  • The franchise being played is one that has been played exactly once in the past.[1]

Gags and Jokes

  • Speedrunners
  • "Go back to places where cutscenes happen"
  • Luck with Blades
  • Return of epic "NO!"
  • Call back to "Damage up"
  • Not having field skills
  • Death by facial
  • Yelling at Nia to get off of things
  • "WHAT!?"
  • "How do we know this? DATAMINE!"
  • Nobody knowing who Mòrag is, or people thinking Mòrag is a male.
  • "I'm man enough to admit it, I like anal."
  • Continuously having to cover other rare Blades before finding an opportunity to go over Floren. "Sorry Floren!"


  • This LP's announcement video was the very first announcement video to use YouTube's "premiere" function.
    • At one point, Emile was considering cosplaying as Rex for the announcement video. Ultimately, owing to needing others to costar in the video and this being unsafe because of the pandemic, this ended up being scrapped.[2]
  • In a livestream with Pieguy Playz (42:18 in the video is when he begins talking about it) Emile mentioned that he originally planned to do an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) to announce Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He planned to plant clues around different countries and have it relate to the lore of the game. He planned for there to be a prize for whoever solved the ARG. Because of the pandemic however, he was unable to travel anywhere thus cancelling the ARG.[3]
  • Per various replies on Twitter, Emile revealed that he was originally planning to play Xenoblade Chronicles X at some point, [4] but out of fear of the game getting an enhanced port, the Miiverse functionality being no longer operational, as well as trolls making online play near impossible lead to the LP of X being delayed until further notice.[5]
  • A contest began on October 18th, 2020 to guess the episode in which Emile would pull the rarest of all Blades (a 1 in 1000 chance). This resulted in #Chuggablade2 trending on Twitter.
    • The Blade KOS-MOS was pulled on Episode 145 (July 2, 2021). 4 people guessed this number.
  • Coincidentally, both Xenoblade Chronicles & this LP had their 100th episode on the same day, Emile got sick during production of the Let's Play, and a main character from the game was added to Smash Bros. during its course (Shulk for Xenoblade Chronicles, Pyra/Mythra for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.)
  • When it came time to pick a name for Pneuma, Chugga posted a poll about who people liked better. In the end, Pyra won with 2/3 of the votes.
  • As of Episode 120, this series officially surpassed Xenoblade Chronicles as Chugga's longest series ever.
  • Chugga's favorite Rare Blade is the DLC-exclusive Blade, Corvin.[6]
  • Episode 165 was posted one year from the release of the first episode. This makes Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Chugga's longest continously-running Let's Play.