"The Battle of Sword Valley" is the first episode of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Description Edit

"We get a huge adventure started with some back story, then arriving in the present day!"

Summary Edit

Long Ago Edit

Two colossal titans, called Bionis and Mechonis, are locked in endless battle. Eventually though, all that remained were their lifeless bodies.

Eons Later Edit

There is a brutal battle between the Homs and the Mechon. Soldiers die left and right, and we focus on the trio of Dunban, Dickson, and Mumkhar. Dunban eventually charges at a powerful Mechon M83 with the Monado, while Dickson is ordered to "take care of the survivors". Meanwhile, Mumkhar abandons the two, and runs in to his apparent death.

One Year Later Edit

A young man named Shulk inspects the remains of a Mechon M71, which he determines is useless. He then spot what's left of a Mechon M69, which turns out be inhabited by a hostile Krabble. Shulk's friend Reyn then comes to his rescue and the two kill the Krabble in self-defense. They then wander around the world and head back to Colony 9. Shulk then wanders around town before eventually going to the Weapon Development Lab. Shulk and Dickson then discuss the Monado.

Flashback Edit

Dunban is being carried on a stretcher after the Battle of Sword Valley, as Shulk and Fiora watch in horror. Shulk then looks at the Monado with an odd expression.

Post-Flashback Present Edit

Dickson tells Shulk that he should get out more and then exits the lab, leaving Shulk alone and conflicted about the Monado. Shulk leaves, as the camera lingers on the Monado.

Characters Edit

Enemies Encountered Edit

  • Mechon M63
  • Mechon M82 (Boss)
  • Krabble
  • Little Skeeter
  • Little Bunnit

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