Victini is Emile/Whitlea's un-nicknamed Victini in Pokémon Black.

Pokémon Black & White Edit

Episode 14: Give me Liberty Edit

In the basement of Liberty Garden's lighthouse, Emile/Whitlea challenged the level 15 Victini, gushing about its adorable cry before the battle began. Jaya stood strong against the Mythical Pokémon, using his Grass attacks to weaken it and standing against its relatively weak attacks with relative ease while Emile threw his Balls. Emile healed Jaya more than once throughout the battle, but he eventually ran out of Balls.

He reset and tried again, only to meet the same failure again.

Victini Capture

Vicitni is captured.

On his third attempt, Emile weakened Victini before he started throwing Balls, finally capturing it with a Nest Ball.

Emile decided against giving Victini a nickname before it was sent to the PC.

Moves Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Victini is the first Legendary Pokemon captured in Black & White.
  • In the Unova Pokedex, Victini is listed as number 000. This explains why Snivy is number 495 in the National Pokedex compared to Arceus being number 493, as Victini slots in between them as number 494.
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