Not to be confused with Hilda, the playable character in Pokémon White.
Whitlea is the main protagonist of Pokémon Black.

Pokémon Black & WhiteEdit

Episode 5: Dream TeamEdit

Masae/Whitlea uses multiplayer with Emile/Blair.

Episode 14: Give me LibertyEdit

Emile/Whitlea battled and captured Victini.


Main TeamEdit

Other PokémonEdit


  • She is Emile's first trainer to be a girl.
    • This is discluding Lyra, who was not in a Let's Play beyond a brief cameo in a Black/White episode.
  • Whitlea's two main team members both have four-letter nicknames.
  • Her being named Whitlea is likely because, like Blair, her canon name would turn the whole journey into a redneck joke (as revealed in Episode 20).
  • While showing a version difference between Black and White regarding Charles, the heartbreaker, Emile admitted to liking Whitlea's ponytail.[1]
  • Whitlea's team, notably, parallels Blair's team in many ways.
    • Ottawa is Emile's favorite of the three starter Pokemon and is very lucky, while Jaya is Emile's least favorite of the three starters and is unlucky.
    • Blair ignored a Lillipup due to its ability not being Pick Up, while Whitlea kept it.
    • Sandile and Scraggy are both found in the same areas and have the same ability.
    • Tirtouga and Archen are the two Fossil Pokémon of Gen V.
    • Hex and :) are the only Ice-types that are found on Twist Mountain and are the only Ice-type Pokémon in Unova apart from Vanilite.
    • Haywire and Statik are both Electric-types.
  • When not played by Emile, Whitlea is controlled by MasaeAnela (including an early episode where Emile was showing off the Infra-Red features of the C-Gear.
  • Masae listed Whitlea as Hungarian.

References Edit

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