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Vui is Emile's Espeon in Pokémon Crystal. He was the fourth Pokémon to join his team.

Vui is the first Espeon that Emile used in his team for a Let's Play, the second being Saikou in Pokémon Colosseum.

Pokémon Crystal

Part 16

Emile obtained a Level 20 male Eevee in Goldenrod City from Bill. He spent a minute praising the species before revealing that it was the fourth member of his team, though he said that the viewers would have to wait and see what he planned to evolve it into, and he did not nickname him at this time.

Part 18

Vui's first battle was against a Level 16 Shiny male Koffing, which Emile was eager to catch. Both Pokémon used two Tackle attacks before Emile threw a Poké Ball, which shook three times before the Koffing broke free. The Koffing used another Tackle before Emile used another Poké Ball, this time succeeding in catching the Koffing that he would soon name Methane.

Part 19

Offscreen, Emile went to Goldenrod City and gave Vui and Methane their nicknames. He also bought a TM02 at the Goldenrod Department Store, which he used to teach Vui Headbutt in place of Growl.

Vui took part in the battle against Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty, battling his Gengar, his strongest Pokémon, after it knocked out Darmani, Roary, and Odairu. Emile intended to use him only as a scapegoat while he used his only Revive to revitalize Odairu, and maxed out his HP with a Super Potion. Gengar used Hypnosis and Dream Eater against Vui, but to Emile's indignant surprise, Vui barely survived the attack. Emile debated healing him to save him, but ultimately selected an attacking move, allowing the much faster Gengar to knock Vui out with another Dream Eater.

After Odairu finished the battle, Emile healed his team at the Ecruteak Pokémon Center.

Part 20

Offscreen, Vui grew to Level 21.

While Emile covered the new Pokémon to be found on Route 38, Vui battled and defeated Beauty Valerie, knocking out her Hoppip and Skiploom with ease and taking little damage in the process.

Vui then battled Schoolboy Chad. His repeated Headbutt attacks nearly depleted Chad's Mr. Mime's HP, but the Psychic-Type managed to knock Vui out first. Emile healed him offscreen.

Later, Emile used TM30 to teach Vui Shadow Ball in place of Tackle.

Part 21

Offscreen, Vui grew to Level 22.

Vui battled several trainers in Glitter Lighthouse, growing to Level 23 in the process, upon which Emile decided against teaching him Quick Attack.

Part 22

Vui took part in the battle against Mystical Man Eusine north of Cianwood City, battling his Drowzee after it incapacitated Odairu. A single Shadow Ball finished the weakened Psychic-Type off, and Vui subsequently grew to Level 24. Vui then defeated Eusine's Haunter with a single Shadow Ball, and battled his Electrode, his strongest Pokémon. Two Headbutt attacks nearly depleted its HP, but a standard Rollout, a critical double-powered Rollout, and a standard triple-powered Rollout proved to be too much for the Normal-Type, and he fainted.

Part 23

Offscreen, Vui grew three Levels to Level 27.

Vui finished the battle against Cianwood Gym Leader Chuck, taking the field against his Poliwrath after it knocked out Darmani. Methane had poisoned it and severely weakened it with Self-Destruct, leaving only a sliver of HP. Poliwrath attempted to attack with Dynamic Punch, but the attack missed, and the poison subsequently drained the rest of its HP, causing Vui to grow to Level 28 and earning Emile the Storm Badge.

Part 26

Offscreen, Emile gave Vui the Quick Claw held item.

Part 27

Offscreen, Vui grew to Level 29.

After Odairu grew to Level 30 and subsequently evolves, Emile switched him from the front of the party for Vui.

Part 28

Vui began the battle against Team Rocket Executive Petrol, defeating his Zubat with one Headbutt and his Raticate with two, and taking only a single Hyper Fang in return. Emile then switched Vui out for Roary as Petrol sent out his Koffing.

Vui later began the battle against Rocket Executive Ariana, battling her Arbok. The serpent used Wrap to diminish Vui's HP, but two Headbutt attacks made short work of the Poison-Type. He then defeated her Gloom with two Headbutt attacks as well, the Grass-Type's Sleep Powder missing Vui. Emile then switched Vui out for Darmani as Ariana sent out her Murkrow.

Vui later knocked out one of the Electrodes powering the Rockets' generator, but the second Electrode knocked him out with Self-Destruct.

Part 29

Offscreen, Vui grew to Level 30 by battling the trainers in Mahogany Gym, and subsequently learned Bite in place of Tail Whip.

Immediately before battling Gym Leader Pryce, Emile switched Darmani to the front of the party in Vui's place.

Vui took part in the battle against Pryce, battling his Dewgong after it knocked out Darmani. He started with a Shadow Ball, which struck first thanks to the Quick Claw and took out a quarter of its health, but the retaliatory Aurora Beam proved to be critical, wiping out more than half of Vui's HP. Emile elected to use another Shadow Ball, hoping to lower Dewgong's Special Defense for his other Pokémon, but though Vui struck first again, the attack fails to lower the stat, and Dewgong's Aurora Beam exhausted most of Vui's remaining health. Emile attempts to use another Shadow Ball, but Dewgong moved first this time, knocking the weakened Vui out with a third Aurora Beam.

Part 32

Vui began the battle against Burglar Eddie in the Goldenrod Underground, battling his Growlithe. Emile cut the rest of the battle out, however.

During that battle and other cut battles, Vui gained enough experience to grow to Level 31, losing almost half his health in the process.

Vui then battled against a Team Rocket Grunt in the Underground Warehouse, knocking out his Raticate and Golbat without taking any damage.

Part 33

Offscreen, Emile trained Vui up four Levels to Level 35, and gave him the Exp. Share in place of the Quick Claw.

Vui battled another Rocket Grunt in the Underground, this one the male one that had the password in the Mahogany Hideout, defeating his Grimer and Weezing without taking any damage. After the battle, Emile switched the freshly evolved Roary to the front of the party in Vui's place.

Later, thanks to the Exp. Share, Eevee grew to Level 36 at the end of the battle with Rocket Executive Proton in the Radio Tower, and subsequently learned Baton Pass in place of Sand-Attack. Then, after the battle, Vui's happiness proved to have grown high enough that he evolved into Espeon, and subsequently learned Psybeam in place of Headbutt.

Part 34

Vui took part in the battle against Rocket Executive Ariana, battling her Vileplume. Emile remarked as he sent him out for the first time since evolving that he looked shorter, and fatter, and chunkier. He moved past this before ordering Vui to use Psybeam, which knocked Vileplume out in one shot. Emile then switched Vui out for Odairu as Ariana sent out her Murkrow.

Later, at the end of the battle with Rocket Executive Archer, Vui grew to Level 37 thanks to the Exp. Share. Subsequently, Emile took the Exp. Share from Vui offscreen, and gave it to Methane.

Part 36

Emile used a Carbos drink to boost Vui's Speed stat in Blackthorn Gym after defeating the Gym's first trainer. Then, offscreen, he gave Vui back the Exp. Share.

Vui battled against Cooltrainer Fran's Seadra, nearly knocking it out with Psybeam, but then missing due to the sea horse's continued Smokescreen attacks. He lost half of his HP to Water Guns before finally managing to strike with another Psybeam, knocking the Seadra out.

Before the battle with Gym Leader Clair, Emile took the Exp. Share back off of Vui.

Vui then took part in the fight against Clair, battling her Kingdra, her strongest Pokémon. Vui opened with a Psybeam, which landed a critical hit and took out a little more than half of Kingdra's HP. The draconic sea horse responded with Smokescreen, and Vui's next Psybeam missed as Clair healed Kingdra back to full health with a Hyper Potion. The next Psybeam struck, but Kingdra retaliated with a Surf that wipes out almost half of Vui's HP. Emile then attempted to use his X Accuracy, but found that he deposited it in his PC to be used in later Gym Battles, and failed to withdraw it. His luck kicked in, however, as Vui's next Psybeam confused Kingdra, who hurt itself in confusion, leaving it wide open for Vui to finish it. Vui's fifth Psybeam finished it off, and the Espeon subsequently grew to Level 38.

Vui then battled Clair's third Dragonair, her last Pokémon. Vui's Psybeam took out over half of the dragon's HP and confused it, but it managed to fend off the confusion and paralyze Vui with Thunder Wave. It then snapped out of confusion and took out almost half of Vui's remaining HP with a Slam attack, but Vui fought through the paralysis and fired another Psybeam, knocking Dragonair out and winning the battle.

Part 37

Offscreen, Emile deposited Vui in the PC to make room for both Epic Slave and the Dratini he would receive as a gift in Dragon's Den, whom he would nickname Volvagia.

Part 38

Offscreen, Emile added Vui back to his party, but deposited him again before he began the journey towards Indigo Plateau. He later stated that he did so because Vui was by far his highest Leveled Pokémon, and he wanted to train the rest of his team.

Part 41 (Johto Finale - Part 1: Will)

Offscreen, Emile withdrew Vui from the PC Box, trained him up two Levels to Level 40, and then used a Rare Candy to elevate him to Level 41. He also gave him the Amulet Coin to hold.

Vui took part in the fight against Elite Four Will, battling his Slowbro. While Vui used repeated Shadow Balls in an attempt to simultaneously cripple its stats and do damage, the defensive Water/Psychic-type used Amnesia and Curse to boost its stats while attacking with Body Slam. After Vui switched to Bite, Slowbro's Body Slam paralyzed him and brought him to slightly more than a mere third of his HP. Despite this, however, half of Vui's normal speed proved to be more than two-thirds of Slowbro's normal speed, and another Bite finished it off.

Vui then battled Will's second Xatu, his strongest Pokémon. WIth Vui's reduced Speed, the opposing Xatu struck first, and though Emile gloated about its Psychic attack not being very effective, it wiped out more than half of Vui's remaining HP. Vui took out more than half of Xatu's HP with a Bite attack, but Emile hoped in vain for him to be able to tank Xatu's next Psychic attack, which knocked Vui out.

After the battle, Emile revitalized Vui with a Revive and then healed him back to full health with a Hyper Potion.

Part 42 (Johto Finale - Part 2: Koga)

Vui took part in the fight against Elite Four Koga, battling his Muk. The formidable Poison-type endured Vui's first Psybeam attack and used Minimize to raise its evasiveness, but Vui's next Psybeam connected regardless, knocking it out.

Vui then defeated Koga's Venomoth with one Psybeam before battling Koga's Crobat, his strongest Pokémon. Despite it using Double Team, Psybeam struck and nearly depleted its HP, but Koga used a Full Restore to replenish the lost HP, only for it to be wiped out again by another Psybeam. Crobat used a Wing Attack—much to Emile's mockery—which took out a third of Vui's HP—much to Emile's surprise—but Vui's third Psybeam proved too much for the Poison/Flying-type, and it fainted, earning Emile the victory.

After the battle, Emile healed Vui offscreen, and switched him to the front of the party.

Part 43 (Johto Finale - Part 3: Bruno)

Vui began the fight against Elite Four Bruno, battling his Hitmontop. Vui hit the Fighting-Type with Psybeam, but it barely survived, and used Dig. Emile groused about having no way to hit it while it was underground and nobody on his team immune to Ground-Type attacks, but hoped aloud that it wouldn't do too much damage. This proved to be in vain as Dig landed a critical hit, wiping out a little more than half of Vui's HP before another Psybeam finished Hitmontop off. Emile then switched Vui out for Odairu as Bruno sent out his Onix.

Vui switched back in as Bruno sent out his Hitmonchan. He lost almost half of his remaining HP to the Punching Pokémon's Mach Punch attacks, but knocked it out with two Psybeam attacks.

Vui then battled Bruno's Machamp, his strongest Pokémon. Emile hoped to get lucky against him due to its bulk, but though Machamp lost more than half of his HP to Vui's Psybeam, it survived, and used Rock Slide to wipe out the remainder of Vui's health.

After the battle, Emile revitalized and healed Vui offscreen, and switched Methane to the front of the party in his place.

Part 44 (Johto Finale - Part 4: Karen)

Vui took part in the fight against Elite Four Karen, battling her Gengar. Emile admitted that he didn't expect to be able to take Gengar out in one hit due to its high Special Defense, and this proved accurate as the Ghost/Poison-type barely survived Vui's Psybeam...only to knock itself out immediately with Curse, to Emile's bemusement. Emile then switched Vui out for Darmani as Karen sent out her Murkrow.

Part 45 (Johto Finale - Part 5: Lance)

Vui took part in the fight against Champion Lance, battling his third Dragonite, his strongest Pokémon, after it knocked out Odairu, Methane, and Darmani. To Emile's surprise, Vui had higher Speed than Dragonite, and hit it with a Psybeam that, combined with hurting itself in confusion and Methane's poison, reduced it to a mere sliver of HP. Unfortunately, Lance used a Full Restore to heal all of the damage and status ailments. Vui responded with another Psybeam, succeeding in confusing Dragonite again despite taking out only a fifth of its HP, and repeated the attack for the next three turns. Dragonite failed to break through the confusion, and hurt itself twice, which extinguished the last of its HP. Emile remarked on the irony of Lance's strongest Pokémon finishing itself off as the experience caused Vui to grow to Level 42 (and attempt to learn Psych Up, which Emile declined, though he acknowledged the move's usefulness).

Vui then battled Lance's Aerodactyl. It took out a third of Vui's HP with Wing Attack, and Vui took out an equal amount of its HP with Psybeam. It then used Hyper Beam, however, and the powerful attack proved to be more than Vui could endure, knocking him out.

Part 46 (Johto Finale - Part 6)

Along with the rest of Emile's team, Vui enters the Hall of Fame.

Part 47 (Kanto - Part 1)

Offscreen, Emile deposited Vui to demonstrate the mechanics of the Battle Tower, withdrawing him again shortly afterwards.

Part 48 (Kanto - Part 2)

After obtaining TM29 in Saffron City, Emile used it to teach Vui Psychic. He initially planned to delete Psybeam, but ultimately decided that since the move Calm Mind didn't exist in Generation II, he had no use for Baton Pass, and so deleted it instead.

Part 53 (Kanto - Part 7)

Vui took part in the sixth rival battle against Eyan in Mt. Moon, defeating his Alakazam with a single critical Shadow Ball. Emile then switched out Vui for Methane as Eyan sent out his Magneton.

Vui battled against Lass Laura on Route 25 after her Gloom incapacitated Volvagia with Sleep Powder, defeating her weakened Gloom, Pidgeotto, and Bellossom with one Psychic attack each.

Part 54 (Kanto - Part 8)

Offscreen, Vui grew to Level 43.

Vui began the fight against Cerulean Gym Leader Misty, battling her Golduck. He wiped out most of the Water-Type's HP with a Psychic attack, and lost over a third of his HP to the retaliatory Surf before knocking it out with Psybeam. Emile then switched Vui out for Volvagia as Misty sent out her Starmie.

Vui switched back in as Misty sent out her Quagsire. A Psychic blast nearly depleted its HP, but it endured and used Amnesia. Since Misty didn't use an item to restore Quagsire's health, Vui's next Psychic knocked it out.

Vui then battled Misty's Lapras, her last Pokémon. Vui used Psychic to knock out almost half of its HP, to which Lapras responded with a powerful Blizzard, nearly wiping out Vui's remaining HP. Choosing to go for broke, Emile had Vui use Psychic again, and it nearly depleted Lapras' HP, while its Blizzard attack missed Vui. To taunt Lapras, Emile had Vui use Bite to finish it off...except that it survived with a sliver of HP. Luckily for Vui, it missed again with Blizzard, leaving the Espeon free to finish it with Bite, winning the battle and earning Emile the Cascade Badge.

Part 56 (Kanto - Part 10)

Offscreen, Vui grew to Level 44.

Vui took part in the battle against Lass Alice in Celadon Gym, switching in from Odairu. As Alice's first Gloom missed with its Stun Spore attack, Vui was able to defeat it unscathed with a single Psybeam, and took down Alice's Arbok and second Gloom with identical ease. After the battle, Emile switched Vui to the front of the party.

Vui subsequently proceeded to decimate Gym Leader Janine, defeating her Crobat, Ariados, and both of her Weezings with one Psychic blast each, growing to Level 45 in the process. Emile then switched Vui out for Methane as Janine sent out her Venomoth.

Part 59 (Kanto - Part 13)

Vui began the fight against Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina, battling her Espeon. A pair of Shadow Ball attacks knocked it out quickly, and on its only turn, it attempted in vain to use Sand-Attack. Vui subsequently grew to Level 46.

Vui then battled Sabrina's Mr. Mime, defeating it identically to her Espeon, though it managed to deploy a Reflect first. As Sabrina sent out her Alakazam, her last and strongest Pokémon, Vui switched to Bite attacks. Alakazam used Psychic on its only turn, but Vui endured easily, taking Alakazam down with two Bite attacks and earning Emile the Marsh Badge.

Offscreen, Emile deposited Vui in the PC Box in preparation for exploring Mt. Mortar. After defeating Black Belt Kiyo in its depths, he withdrew Vui again.

Part 62 (Kanto - Part 16)

Vui took part in the battle against Viridian Gym Leader Blue, battling his Exeggutor. He started with a Shadow Ball that took out a notable amount of HP, while Exeggutor absorbed sunlight in preparation for using Solarbeam. Vui responded with a Bite attack, wiping out most of Exeggutor's remaining HP, but he ultimately proved unable to endure the twelve-levels-higher Grass/Psychic-Type's Solarbeam attack, and fainted immediately.

Emile later used a Max Revive to revitalize and heal Vui, and sent him out against Blue's Alakazam after it knocked out Roary and Darmani. Alakazam hit Vui with a Psychic blast, taking out roughly a third of his HP despite the type disadvantage, but Vui's Shadow Ball attack depleted Alakazam's remaining HP in one shot.

Vui then battled Blue's Gyarados. The fight was brief; Vui used Psychic, his strongest attack, but it took out only about a third of its HP, and the twelve-levels-higher sea serpent's retaliatory critical Hyper Beam quickly knocked Vui back out.

Part 63 (Kanto - Part 17)

After defeating Blue, Emile did a large amount of training offscreen, during which Vui grew nine Levels to Level 55 and learned Morning Sun in place of Psybeam. Emile also gave him the Focus Band hold item.


Vui took part in the fight against Pokémon Trainer Red, battling his Venusaur. Vui struck Venusaur with a powerful Psychic blast, wiping out more than half of its HP. As Venusaur chose to charge up Solarbeam for its turn, Vui wiped out the remainder of its HP with another Psychic blast.

Vui then battled Red's Espeon. It struck Vui with its own Psychic blasts, but Vui struck back first with Shadow Ball, which lowered Espeon's Special Defense, and then with Bite, which landed a critical hit and subsequently knocked the opposing Espeon out, causing Vui to grow to Level 56 from the experience.

Vui then battled Red's Snorlax. Vui replenished his HP with Morning Sun, but Snorlax's Body Slam still proved to be too much for Vui, and he fainted.

Why Emile Chose Espeon

Emile had nothing but praise for Eevee, its versatility allowing it a place on any team, and he recommended any of its five evolutions in Generation II aside from Flareon. Espeon was his initial plan, but he later decided to simply let his Eevee evolve through happiness into either Espeon or Umbreon, due to not knowing when he'd be able to record his gameplay footage.


Final Moves

  • Shadow Ball (Part 20—Finale)
  • Bite (Part 29—Finale)
  • Psychic (Part 48—Finale)
  • Morning Sun (Part 62—Finale)

Former Moves

  • Tackle (Part 16—Part 20)
  • Tail Whip (Part 16—Part 29)
  • Sand-Attack (Part 16—Part 33)
  • Growl (Part 16—Part 19)
  • Headbutt (Part 19—Part 33)
  • Baton Pass (Part 33—Part 48)
  • Psybeam (Part 33—Part 62)

Nickname Origin

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Vui was the Japanese name of Red's Eevee, which later evolved into Espeon.


  • At the time of the LP's release, Red's Espeon was named "Vui" in both English and Japanese. Later English releases of Pokémon Adventures retconned its name to "Vee", again deriving the name from Eevee.
    • Red's Eevee was originally able to switch between the original three Eeveelutions due to a Team Rocket experiment, but lost the ability when it evolved into an Espeon.
  • Vui was Emile's second Pokémon whose name was derived from the Japanese name of a member of its evolutionary line, preceded by Odairu. However, in this case, it was the first form's Japanese name instead of the last form's.
  • Vui, Saikou, and Voltaire (as an Eevee), along with RK9 and Roary, are the only Pokémon to be from a species that Chugga has used on his team more than once.
  • If Vui had evolved one Level earlier or later, it wouldn't have been able to know both Baton Pass and Psybeam. Eevee learns Baton Pass at Level 36, and Espeon learns Psybeam at Level 36.
  • Chuggaa called Vui by its nickname so little as an Eevee, he occasionally called it Eevee even after it had evolved into Espeon. Likewise, he called Vui Espeon more often than he used his nickname.