"Can I get a little... UNDERCHOMP!"
Dorguy the Third[src]
The Underchomp is a boss in Super Paper Mario.

Attacks and WeaknessesEdit

Unlike all other battles in the game, the Underchomp is fought in an RPG-esque battle. Each head has a differerent breath ability, with the red head breathing crimson fire, the blue head breathing blue fire, and the yellow head breathing a stinky breath. They are each capable of charging for one turn in order to increase the power of their breath weapons. Mario, Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and the Pixels can use various attacks on the Underchomp's three heads. Eventually, once a head has taken enough damage, it will be defeated. Once all three heads have been defeated, the battle ends.

Super Paper Mario Edit

Episode 44 Edit

While traversing The Underwhere, Mario came across Dorguy the Third. To test Mario and see if he's worthy to pass, Dorguy sics the Underchomp on Mario and Piccolo. The Underchomp attacked Mario and Piccolo in an RPG-esque battle. Mario and Piccolo defeated the Underchomp and continued on their quest.

Trivia Edit

  • The Underchomp is the main focus of the thumbnail of Super Paper Mario - Episode 44.
  • The Underchomp's battle is a deliberate homage to 8-bit RPG of the NES era, Mother being an example of one of those games.
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