"ONE COIN!" ~ Emile

Toy Dream is the first board of Mario Party 5 played by TheRunawayGuys. It is memorable for, among other things, the first-ever main board victory by the AI.

Players[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Runaway Guys begin their LP of Mario Party 5. Things get hectic and end with the most shocking results yet.

Results[edit | edit source]

Winner: Mario, 4 Stars, 15 Coins

2nd: Emile, 2 Stars, 44 Coins

3rd: Tim, 2 Stars, 16 Coins

Last: Jon, 1 Star, 13 Coins

Memorable Moments[edit | edit source]

  • First run of Coney Island, won by Jon
  • First run of Curvy Curbs, won by Mario
  • 2 rounds of Vicious Vending, Tim and Mario the only Coin winners both times
  • Getting all three Bowser Mini-Games by the end of this board, removing one portion of the Extras segment
  • Emile's first main board as someone other than DK, who is no longer playable.
  • The AI wins a main board for the first - and so far only - time.
    • Karma for Bowser's Magma Mountain finally catches up to Emile as Mario - the same AI player who got SlimKirby on Sweet Dream - takes the Mini-Game Star - the same bonus Mario beat SlimKirby for - by one coin. The final score was Mario 107, Emile 106. Jon took the Coin Star with 75 - the lowest Coin Star win in the LP (Jon also had the highest, with 171 on Pirate Dream) - while the Happening Star went to Tim with 4.
      • Mario's win over SlimKirby was by the score of Mario 179, SlimKirby 178, while Emile's win at Bowser's Magma Mountain was by the score of Emile 112, AI Wario (Jon was Mario at the time) 111 for the Coin Star.
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