Tom O'Grady, better known as Tom Fawkes is a YouTuber and a friend of The Runaway Guys. He was initially a fan of the channel before he eventually became a guest player.

TheRunawayGuys Tournaments[edit | edit source]

Fortune Street[edit | edit source]

At Pirate Ship Tom came close to the first guest/AI victory (Masae has since come closer). Then he found himself going bankrupt at Starship Mario when he landed on a laundromat owned by Tim, who was already in the lead.

During the Bowsers's Castle board, Tom won and has successfully been the very first guest win in Fortune Street. He also did this in Good Egg Galaxy

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tom is in a relationship with fellow YouTube user Donnabellz.[1]
  • Tom has been shown to be extremely dominant in Mario Kart 8, to the point he has been seen to consistently beat fellow Mario Kart 8 dominator Matt Bragg of Achievement Hunter.
  • One of Tom's more notable series on his channel is Custom Smash, the primary guests being some combination of Jon, Stephen, Mal, and Josh.
    • Tom is the only Custom Smash participant without a running gag in the series (Jon built up quite a winning streak as Rosalina despite repeatedly saying he doesn't know how to play as her, Stephen brings up teeth at least once a video while also spamming Pac-Man's hydrant, Mal brings out Mr. Game-and-Watch just to see if she can hit a 9 on Judge, and Josh usually deploys Yoshi at some point).
  • Tom was the first person to go bankrupt during Fortune Street. He rolled a 3 to land on a laundromat owned by an already-well-ahead Tim.

References[edit | edit source]

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