Tom O'Grady, better known as Tom Fawkes is a YouTuber and a friend of The Runaway Guys. He was initially a fan of the channel before he eventually became a guest player.

TheRunawayGuys Tournaments Edit

Fortune Street Edit

At Pirate Ship Tom came close to the first guest/AI victory (Masae has since come closer). Then he found himself going bankrupt at Starship Mario when he landed on a laundromat owned by Tim, who was already in the lead.


  • Tom is in a relationship with fellow YouTube user Donnabellz.[1]
  • Tom has been shown to be extremely dominant in Mario Kart 8, to the point he has been seen to consistently beat fellow Mario Kart 8 dominator Matt Bragg of Achievement Hunter.
  • One of Tom's more notable series on his channel is Custom Smash, the primary guests being some combination of Jon, Stephen, Mal, and Josh.
    • Tom is the only Custom Smash participant without a running gag in the series (Jon built up quite a winning streak as Rosalina despite repeatedly saying he doesn't know how to play as her, Stephen brings up teeth at least once a video while also spamming Pac-Man's hydrant, Mal brings out Mr. Game-and-Watch just to see if she can hit a 9 on Judge, and Josh usually deploys Yoshi at some point).
  • Tom was the first person to go bankrupt during Fortune Street. He rolled a 3 to land on a laundromat owned by an already-well-ahead Tim.
    • Coincidentally a BrainScratchCommentaries match of Fortune Street also ended on a Dragon Quest character rolling a 3 to go bankrupt on an already-leading Mario character's shop, as a sushi restaurant owned by Waluigi "Anarchy" Scapelli bankrupted Angelo.

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