Toad is a character in the Mario series. He appears as an inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Party SeriesEdit

See: Mario Party Stats

Mario Party 1-4Edit

Toad appears as host in Mario Party 1, Mario Party 2, and Mario Party 4. In Mario Party 3, though, he's replaced by Tumble as host, but he does still appear. He runs the Toad's Trading Post. He can also appear when the player lands on an Item Space.

Mario Party 5Edit

Toad appears for the first time as a playable character and appears in Future Dream, controlled by the AI. Toad ended third in the board.

Emile was originally going to play as Toad in Mario Party 5, but Chugga's Lost Innocence made him change his mind and play as Princess Daisy.

Mario Party 6Edit

Toad reappears as a playable character and appears in Castaway Bay, controlled by the AI. Toad again ended third in the board. Castaway Bay used the same mechanic as Mario's Rainbow Castle, hence why Toad was chosen for that board.

Mario Party 7Edit

Emile plays as Toad in Mario Party 7 after making the switch from Daisy. Toad won the second board of the game, Pagoda Peak, which ended Emile's 14 board streak of not winning. Of six possible Bonus Stars, Toad had four of them to go with a lead of three Stars over then-second Jon. He then did it again at Neon Heights, holding off a spirited comeback from Waluigi (Jon). Toad won Mario Party 7 after having the best stats in a 3-way tie with Waluigi and Yoshi.

New Super Mario Bros. SeriesEdit

Toads appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U, and New Super Luigi U. A couple of Toads are seen in cutscenes and there's always a Toad present in a Mushroom house. There are two playable Toads in the game: Blue Toad and Yellow Toad.

Super Mario Bros. 3Edit

Toads appear in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Super Luigi GalaxyEdit

Toads appear in Super Luigi Galaxy.

Super Mario 64 DSEdit

Toads appear in Super Mario 64 DS.

Luigi's Mansion SeriesEdit

Luigi's MansionEdit

A couple of Toads are scattered around in the mansion.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark MoonEdit

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, there are 5 different Toads. They are trapped in paintings and Luigi needs to bring them back to the lab. After doing so, the Toad will show a security camera picture.

Paper Mario SeriesEdit

Toads appear in the franchise.

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