"I am the Guardian of Giant Step. I'm your first obstacle, right in your own home town. Your beginning ends with me, on your first venture. You dare try to squish me? Boy, I'll break you first!" - Titanic Ant[1]
The Titanic Ant is a boss in Earthbound. He is the first Sanctuary Guardian fought by Ness.

Earthbound Edit

Part 5: Giant Step Cave Edit

The Titanic Ant was encountered by Ness at the end of the titular Giant Step Cave

Sanctuary Boss 1:Titanic Ant Edit

The Titanic Ant, along with two Black Antoids, battled Ness. Ness managed to defeat the three, gaining a level in the process. The death of the Titanic Ant let Ness make it to the Giant Step, granting him the first Melody.

Trivia Edit

  • The enemy Gigantic Ant is a palette swap of the Titanic Ant.[2]

References Edit

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