The Titan Dweevil (ヘラクレスオオヨロヒグモ?, lit.: "Giant Armored Herculean Spider") is the final boss in Pikmin 2. It is the largest member of the dweevil family, and one of the largest creatures in the game. Unlike other dweevils, its only natural attack is to lash out with its pincers, which does no damage and is only an attempt to get Pikmin off it; the creature is only really dangerous because of the weapons it carries.

At the very bottom of the last dungeon in the game, the Dream Den, Olimarand the President find Louie sitting atop a mound of treasure. When they approach the mound, however, it reveals itself as the head of the Titan Dweevil. The enormous monster then proceeds to attack the player, triggering the boss fight. Louie is found on top of it the first time the Titan Dweevil is battled; the sales pitch on him as a treasure suggests that he may somehow be in control of the dweevil, although if the dungeon is revisited and the boss is fought after rescuing Louie, it will still attack the leaders if the weapons weren't collected last time.

Despite being the final boss of Pikmin 2, defeating the Titan Dweevil does not necessarily lead to the end of the game, unlike the final bosses of Pikmin and Pikmin 3. It can be fought before many other bosses and recovering Louie will not yield any special ending unless the treasures are the last to be collected in the game. However, new e-mails will be received once Louie is found.

Pikmin 2 Edit

Finale Edit

The Titan Dweevil was battled and killed by Olimar and his Pikmin, after the Titan Dweevil kidnapped Olimar's partner, Louie.

Trivia Edit

  • The Titan Dweevil is the first arachnid final boss defeated by Emile.
  • Using an ultra-bitter spray the instant the Dweevil uses a weapon will result in the musical cue scripted to play at this moment to loop. It will continue until the spray wears off.
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