Tiny Tim Adventures

Tiny Tim Adventures

Tiny Tim Adventures is the fourth spoof song that Chugga made during a Runaway Guy's LP. This one being made during Super Mario 3D World.


Chugga: We're tiny
We're Timmy!
We're all a little loon(e)y! (Jon: Oh. my God...)
And in this playthrough-ny...
we're invading your YT!

We're Let's Play dispensers
We crack up all the censors
On Tiny Tim Adventures...
we're a bunch of oddities! (Tim: In the bathroom!)

So here's Sprixie Kingdom...
it's eight long worlds of fun
We run and jump like some big chumps...
Until our lives are none!

Masae: The script's non-existent
It's all so inconsistent

Chugga & Masae: On Tiny Tim Adventures, it's about to start

Chugga: Onward to TRG's project, we're at it once again
With my bad puns we'll all cringe tons...
Since two-thousand and ten.
Jon's whiny, he's moody, and just a little snooty (Jon: WOW!)
It's Tiny Tim Adventures, come and join the fun! (Jon: Well, fuck you too!)

Masae: And now his puns are done.


  • This is the first time Chugga has sung with somebody else, being Masae.
    • This is also the first TRG Spoof Song to have all of the LPers icons on, being the debut of one for Masae.
      • Jon's icon notably includes his togue hat, which he is often seen wearing.
    • Overall, this is his fourth TRG Spoof Song (Meet Josh Jepson from New Super Mario Bros Wii based on the Jetsons theme, then a Flintstones-based one, and then an Animaniacs-inspired one).
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