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The President, also known as Shacho, is the owner of Hocotate Freight and he is a playable protagonist in Pikmin 2.

Pikmin 2

In his Let's Play of Pikmin 2, Chuggaaconroy sometimes uses a high-pitched voice for the President.

Episode 1

The president is first see assigning Louie and Olimar to their mission back to the Pikmin Planet.

Episode 40

Emile once said "Hey Everybody, it's Chuggaaconroy" in the President's voice he said "A lot of you requested me to do an entire episode with this voice, you know what i say to that? NO!"


  • The President is the 3rd playable character in the Pikmin Series.
  • The President is the only Pikmin protagonist to not appear in Pikmin 3.
  • In a few episodes of Pikmin 2, Chuggaaconroy has said he would like to see the President in the next Super Smash Bros game. He admits he is not likely to be put in, but he thinks it would be funny if Nintendo added him to a Smash Bros game.