The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is Emile's 39th Let's Play. It was announced on February 5, 2019, and started on the following day with Episode 1: The Second Voyage. The Let's Play has 44 videos and has a total length of 16 hours, 30 minutes, and 44 seconds.

Description Edit

February 6th, 2019 - April 23rd, 2019

We raise our sails once more in this more obscure adventure with many oddities!

Hints Edit

All of the hints that Emile gave for LP #39 were:

"This is a game that I feel is important to many peoples' childhood years, but isn't talked about much today."

"This game has seen a release in some form on both Wii U and another system."

"This game's story picks up right where a game currently on the channel left off."

Episodes Edit

  1. The Second Voyage
  2. The Ocean King
  3. The Ember Island Player
  4. BlaazRed
  5. Ocean King II: Turning Over
  6. Sea Blasting
  7. Shovelin' Right Off Again!
  8. Drifting in the Water
  9. Northwestern Traditions
  10. Two Hearts Beat as One
  11. Gust in the Dust
  12. Temple of Wind
  13. El Salvatore
  14. Ocean King III: The Backtrackening
  15. Telling Time
  16. Legend of the Hidden Temple
  17. Heart of Courage
  18. Who Calls the Shots?
  19. Giving Up the Ghost Ship
  20. Era Bellum
  21. Forging Ahead
  22. Backtracking's Revenge: Ocean King IV
  23. Ocean King Gaiden: Gold Edition
  24. In Search of Greater Wisdom
  25. Seeing the DS Lite
  26. Anouki Bay
  27. Temple of Ice
  28. Giggle with Gleeok
  29. The Post Mortem
  30. Eyefish Lens
  31. Rock the Exam!
  32. Crimsonine Tide
  33. Regal Retreat
  34. Smiles Go for Miles
  35. Fourth Knight Dances
  36. The Maze Game
  37. Unlocking Ancient Secrets
  38. The Un-Magic Hammer
  39. King of Cobble
  40. The Phantom Sword
  41. Ocean King V: Now More Backtracking!
  42. Finale: The Ocean King and I
  43. Battle Mode with MasaeAnela
  44. Bonus Video

Running Jokes and Gags Edit

  • Duude, you gotta try these cookies...
  • Ciela stating the obvious
  • Custom names for many posts
  • Linebeck being the best character
  • His opinion on the Postman creature
  • Big Rupees
  • 1st try getting 2000 points on the archer game
  • The overpowered Hammer
  • Beedle x Jolene
  • His reaction to getting the Stowfish
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