TheRunawayGuys, often abbreviated as TRG, is a collab LP channel starring Chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun, and ProtonJonSA. The channel has done over twenty collaborative LPs, or collabs, beginning with Mario Party.

Main MembersEdit

TRG logo

The 1st TheRunawayGuys Logo.



Introducing... TheRunawayGuys!

Collabs Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • TheRunawayGuys sometimes had other Let's Players joined in as a guest. Such as, JoshJepson, Lucahjin, SuperJeenius, etc.
    • Lucah has since married Jon.
    • MasaeAnela doubles as the guys' tech expert for their game show Thrown Controllers.
  • TheRunawayGuys changed their background on their channel. It used to be a city with a bunch of gaming references like a billboard that said "Kirby's Kitchen" and a warp pipe on a building. Now it is just a city, with an arrow that says "TheRunawayGuys" and pointing at animated faces of NCS, Chugga, and Jon.
  • The animated faces on the channel were made by ACFan120, who has made TheRunawayGuys animations previously.
    • Currently, MasaeAnela has drawn the ones they're currently using on the YouTube banner.
    • Two ACFan120 animations accompanied the #1 moment to two different TRG LPs, with the animation of Emile accidentally choosing to fight Jon at the end of Chapter 7 in Dokapon Kingdom and the 'Six Inches Incident' from the first E. Gadd's Garage match in Mario Party 6. The former was the third of three animations (by different animators) to appear in the Dokapon Kingdom Top 15, with JoliVector's animations being used for #5 (Steve the Magic Poohead) and a Plox animation accompanying #2 (Robbery Sale).
  • TheRunawayGuys have begun using Waluigi as a running gag, coming up with ideas for his backstory from stuff they experience in games with him. Thus far they have that:
    • Waluigi runs a Bridal Boutique.
    • Waluigi likes Superman.
    • Waluigi is married to Bowser.
    • Waluigi forgot their anniversary.
    • Waluigi has a coffee shop named Wabucks.
    • Waluigi ate Kirby's Strawberry Shortcake.
    • Waluigi is the only person who likes the Phillips CD-I Zelda games.
    • Waluigi is a cab driver.
  • TheRunawayGuys have recently started shipping Emile with Princess Daisy after the events of a ProtonJon livestream. Before then most TRG ships involving Emile have had him paired with Jon.