Tessie was Emile's Lapras in his Let's Play of Pokémon FireRed. She was the sixth and final Pokémon to join Emile's team.

Pokémon FireRed Edit

Part 23 Edit

After the sixth rival battle in Saffron City's Silph Co., a grateful Silph Employee gifted Emile the game's only Lapras. With a free slot in his party, Emile accepted it, though he gave it no nickname.

Part 24 Edit

At the start of the episode, as Emile battled the Team Rocket Grunt on the 11th Floor, he stated that he had determined who his sixth team member would be, and sent it out: the Lapras he received, a Level 25 female with the moves Mist, Body Slam, Confuse Ray, and Perish Song. However, like Meow Mix, Mimien, and RK9, he uses the switch-out strategy, not letting her fight against over-leveled opponents and sending her out only to gain more experience. Seeing how slow she was gaining, however, Emile considered obtaining the Exp. Share to more easily raise her.

When Emile battled Rocket Boss Giovanni, Tessie went out against his Nidorino, which became her first true battle. Despite being twelve Levels lower, Emile elected to keep her in and attempted to use Confuse Ray. She succeeded and endured the Nidorino's Horn Attack surprisingly well. Tessie mistakenly used Confuse Ray again but endured the Nidorino's two-hit Fury Attack with even more ease. She then began using Body Slam, paralyzing Nidorino with the first attack. Between the continuous Body Slams and confusion, she depleted Nidorino to a sliver of health before its Poison Point Ability poisoned her. Nidorino snapped out of confusion at the same time, and the turn's damage reduced Tessie to barely more than a quarter of her HP. Nevertheless, she defeated the Nidorino with one more Body Slam and stayed out long enough to gain experience against the Rhyhorn Giovanni sent out next before switching out with Bulbapedia. The resulting experience made her grow to Level 26.

Though Emile elected against sending her out against Kangaskhan due to the poison, he did send out Tessie to attempt to finish off Giovanni's Nidoqueen. Unfortunately, Nidoqueen proved to be too fast, and one strike from Double Kick knocked Tessie out.

Part 25 Edit

Emile continued the switch-in technique to give Tessie more experience through the Saffron Dojo. However, she fought alone against Black Belt Koichi, the self-proclaimed Karate Master. She defeated his Hitmonlee unscathed thanks to a combination of Confuse Ray, repeated Body Slams, and Hitmonless using no offensive techniques. Koichi's Hitmonchan proved more of a challenge; despite being paralyzed by Body Slam and confused by Confuse Ray, its elemental punch attacks and the fact that it never hurt itself in confusion nearly took Tessie down, paralyzing her as well with a critical Thunderpunch. Ultimately, however, Emile used a Super Potion before one final Body Slam finished Hitmonchan off.

Offscreen, Emile battled the trainers in Saffron Gym, during which Tessie grew four levels to Level 30. Emile also used TM29 to teach her Psychic in place of Mist.

Tessie began the battle against Gym Leader Sabrina, battling her Kadabra and defeating it unscathed, though the opposing Pokémon manages to use Future Sight, boosted twice by Calm Mind before it faints. Tessie grows to Level 31 from the experience and consequently learns Ice Beam in place of Perish Song.

Tessie then battled Sabrina's Mr. Mime, and though the Psychic-Type's Psybeam attacks depleted over half of Tessie's HP, two Body Slams, one of them critical, knocked Mr. Mime out with relative ease. However, when Sabrina sent out her Venomoth, Tessie lost the rest of her HP as Kadabra's Future Sight struck.

Part 26 Edit

After obtaining HM03 from the Safari Zone, Emile used it to teach Tessie Surf in place of Body Slam; despite Emile's love of the Para-fusion (paralysis and confusion) tactic, he prioritizes making Tessie a Special Attacker.

Part 27 Edit

Offscreen, Tessie grew six levels to Level 37. She battled against a wild Psyduck in the Seafoam Islands, defeating it with ease.

Part 28 Edit

Due to her double resistance to Ice-Type attacks, Tessie began the battle against Articuno in the Seafoam Islands. Using Confuse Ray, Surf, and Psychic, she easily whittled down the Legendary Bird's health to the red zone, and took little damage before Emile, much to his surprise, captured Articuno with just two Ultra Balls. As he left the Seafoam Islands, Emile used Tessie to defeat Picnicker Irene, which the Lapras did with ease.

Part 29 Edit

Offscreen, Emile sent out Tessie against Zapdos in the Power Plant after the bird had defeated Mimien, Bulbapedia, and Meow Mix. She did not attack, only stalling while Emile threw Ultra Balls.

Part 30 Edit

Offscreen, Tessie grew three Levels to Level 40.

After Khold defeated Cinnabar Gym Leader Blaine's first three Pokémon, Tessie switched in to take on the last and strongest, an Arcanine. The powerful Fire-Type lands a Fire Blast that wiped out more than half of her HP and her Surf attack returned the favor. On the next turn, Tessie reacted indignantly when, during Emile's talk on why Lapras did not resist Fire-Type attacks, he mistakenly referred to her as a male. Perhaps due to this, she made no effort to dodge Arcanine's next Fire Blast and fainted.

Part 32 Edit

Tessie led the party through Mt. Ember, due to the abundance of Fire-Type Pokémon. She subsequently battled a wild Machoke that was also at Level 40, rendering it immune to Emile's Repel. Tessie defeated it neatly with two Psychic blasts, but its retaliatory Revenge attack nearly depleted her health in return.

Part 33 Edit

Offscreen, Tessie grew to Level 42, and Emile used a Super Potion to replenish some of her HP.

Due to her type advantage, Tessie began the battle against Moltres at Mt. Ember's peak (the fifth battle, as Emile revealed he had four failed takes before the one he published). Surf and Ice Beam quickly reduced it to red health, and Tessie stood against Moltres' Fire Spin for a couple of turns and a couple of failed Ultra Balls before a Flamethrower finished her off.

Part 35 Edit

Tessie battled against the final Pokémon of one trainer in Viridian Gym, becoming paralyzed due to Body Slam but nonetheless defeating the opponent's Nidoqueen with ease.

Part 36 Edit

Offscreen, Tessie grew to Level 43.

Tessie switches in from RK9 in the battle against Viridian Gym Leader Giovanni, easily enduring his Rhyhorn's Earthquake thanks to RK9's Intimidate before defeating the dual Rock/Ground-Type with a single Surf attack. She repeats the process with his second Rhyhorn, his strongest Pokémon by Level, but struggles more with his Nidoqueen due to its higher Speed and it being only normally weak to Water and Ice. Reducing it to a sliver of HP with both Surf and Ice Beam, Tessie forced Giovanni to use up both of his Hyper Potions and then defeating Nidoqueen with Psychic and Surf, though not before enduring two more Earthquake attacks. Tessie stayed out as Giovanni sent out Nidoking, Emile planning to defeat the more offensively inclined Nido with Surf. Ultimately, however, Tessie was unable to stand against Nidoking's Earthquake and fainted.

Offscreen, Emile used Rare Candies to elevate Tessie by two levels to Level 45.

Later, Tessie shone in the seventh rival battle on the way to the Pokémon League, defeating Gary's Pidgeot with relative ease and his Rhyhorn and Exeggcute with perfect ease. Alakazam deals a significant amount of damage to Tessie but also goes down with relative ease. She struggles more against Gyarados, using only Psychic against it, and though Gyarados mistakenly restored Tessie's HP with Hydro Pump, triggering her Water Absorb Ability, its continued Twister attacks undid much of the restoration before it finally fainted, causing Tessie to grow to Level 46. Tessie stays out as Gary sends out Charizard, and though she attempts to attack with Surf, a critical Flamethrower knocks her out.

Part 38 Edit

Offscreen, Emile trained Tessie up five levels to Level 51, gave her a Quick Claw as a hold item, and finally gave the Lapras her nickname.

Tessie took part in the fight against Elite Four Lorelei, battling against her Jynx after it knocked out RK9. Jynx's initial Lovely Kiss attack missed, enabling Tessie to wipe out most of its remaining HP with Surf. However, Lorelei then used a Full Restore, resulting in Tessie's next Surf failing to knock Jynx out. The next Lovely Kiss hits, and Tessie spends a few turns asleep, though her double resistance helps her to endure Jynx's Ice Punch attacks with much more ease. When she wakes up, two consecutive Surf attacks deplete Jynx's remaining HP, winning the battle for Emile.

Part 39 Edit

Tessie took part in the fight against Elite Four Agatha, battling against her strongest Pokémon, her second Gengar. Gengar took out a significant amount of her HP with Sludge Bomb, but Tessie's Psychic depleted half of its HP in turn, though it regained some with its Sitrus Berry. Its Hypnosis attack missed, leaving Tessie to wipe out most of its HP with Surf. Agatha used a Full Restore, replenishing its health, but two consecutive Surf attacks resulted in it returning back to a sliver of HP. Unfortunately, Gengar's Hypnosis then put Tessie to sleep. Furious, Emile switched her out for RK9.

Part 40 Edit

Tessie shone in the fight against Elite Four Lance, battling against his Aerodactyl. Tessie used Surf twice, and Aerodactyl used Ancientpower twice; Tessie was left with only a sliver of health while Aerodactyl fainted.

Tessie then battled against Lance's first Dragonair, though Emile used his first turn to heal Tessie to full health with a Hyper Potion. Tessie took two hits from Outrage, but one Ice Beam reduced Dragonair to only a sliver of health. Despite Lance using a Full Restore, Tessie's next Ice Beam knocked it out.

Tessie then battled against Lance's second Dragonair, which also used Outrage, dealing slightly more damage than a Dragon Rage attack before it fainted after one Ice Beam.

Tessie then battled against Lance's last and strongest Pokémon, a Dragonite. Emile replenished her health with another Hyper Potion, enabling her to endure two Outrage attacks from the Pseudo-Legendary before felling it with a single Ice Beam, winning the battle.

Part 41 Edit

Tessie began the fight against Champion Gary, battling his Pidgeot. She took an Aerial Ace attack with relative ease before blasting the bird with Ice Beam, doing enough damage to force Gary to use a Full Restore. This proved futile, however, as Tessie's next Ice Beam was a critical hit, knocking Pidgeot out and causing Tessie to grow to Level 53.

Tessie then defeated Gary's Rhydon with one Surf attack, after which Emile switched her out for RK9 as Gary sent out his Exeggutor.

Tessie later battled Gary's strongest Pokémon, his Charizard. Due to the good fortune of its Fire Blast missing, Tessie used Confuse Ray. Despite that, Charizard managed to use Fire Blast again, this time striking Tessie. However, contrary to Emile's expectation, Tessie survived the attack, albeit with a burn, and her Surf attack in retaliation dealt over half of Charizard's HP, forcing it to use up its Sitrus Berry. Emile used a Full Restore on Tessie, and Charizard hurt itself in confusion, undoing most of the Sitrus Berry's restoration. As Charizard snapped out of confusion, the two clashed once more, and though Charizard's Fire Blast wiped out over half of Tessie's HP, her Surf attack returned the favor, depleting every point Charizard had left, and knocking him out.

Tessie then battled Gary's last Pokémon, his Alakazam. She barely endured its Psychic attack, and struck it with Confuse Ray. Emile then used a Max Potion to heal her again, to which Alakazam used Future Sight. Alakazam snapped out of confusion before hitting itself even once, and with two Full Restores from Gary, endured five Surf attacks. Its Psychic and Future Sight attacks, however, proved too much for Tessie, who fainted.

The EndEdit

Tessie, along with the rest of Emile's team, entered the Hall of Fame.

Part 42 Edit

Tessie defeated a wild Tentacool that interrupted Emile as he was Surfing to show off Cerulean Cave.

At Mt. Ember, Tessie defeated the two Team Rocket Grunts guarding the new passageway into Mt. Ember, completely unscathed.

Part 43 Edit

Tessie battled a wild Slugma in the Ruby Path, weakening it with Confuse Ray and taking a sliver of damage from its Rock Throw before Emile caught it with an Ultra Ball. She then battled several more wild Pokémon, some defeated, some fled from, most cut out.

Part 44 Edit

Tessie defeated the Team Rocket Grunt in Icefall Cave on Floe Island unscathed, growing to Level 55 and passing up learning Sheer Cold in the process. Shortly afterwards, she defeated the first Grunt in Five Isle Meadow on Chrono Island, also unscathed, before Emile switched RK9 to the front of the party.

Part 51 Edit

Tessie took part in the battle against Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave after it knocked out Bulbapedia, due both to her high Special Defense and the possibility of freezing it with Ice Beam. Mewtwo used Recover to heal off the lingering damage that Bulbapedia inflicted, only for it to lose a similar amount of HP to Tessie's Ice Beam. Following that, as Mewtwo used Recover again, Tessie used Psychic in hopes of lowering Mewtwo's Special Defense, which succeeded. Tessie then resumed using Ice Beam, enduring Swift and reducing Mewtwo to red health before Emile threw another Poké Ball. It failed, and Mewtwo's next Swift was a critical hit, reducing Tessie to only a sliver of HP. Emile used a Max Potion to heal her, but Mewtwo's following Psychic took out most of her HP regardless. Two more failed Poké Balls later, one more Psychic knocked Tessie out.

Five resets later, Tessie fought against Mewtwo again in another take, after Emile's freshly caught Onix used Dragonbreath to paralyze it. Tessie was in the red zone on HP while Mewtwo had more than half of its HP remaining. With his Poké Balls used up, Emile used an Ultra Ball to catch Mewtwo.

Part 52 Edit

Offscreen, Emile trained Tessie up to Level 65.

Tessie took part in the rematch against Elite Four Lorelei, battling her Jynx. Tessie dealt a significant amount of damage with Surf, but a critical Psychic from Jynx forced Emile to use a Max Potion. Jynx used Lovely Kiss to incapacitate Tessie before she could attack again, and Emile used the Poké Flute to awaken her. Two Surf attacks later forced Lorelei to use a Full Restore, and Tessie used Surf once more, taking out a significant amount of HP. However, when Tessie attempted to use Surf again, Lorelei switched Jynx out, sending out her own Lapras whose Water Absorb Ability made Surf useless. Tessie struck the opposing Lapras with Psychic, which dealt only a little damage, before fainting to its Thunder attack.

Tessie took part in the rematch against Elite Four Agatha, battling her Crobat after it defeated Mimien. Crobat struck Tessie with a Confuse Ray before she could attack, and then struck her with two Sludge Bombs, the second one critical. And for those three turns, Tessie only hurt herself in confusion, bringing her HP down to a mere sliver. Emile used a Full Restore to heal her, and after an Air Cutter, Crobat struck her with Confuse Ray again. This time, however, she fought through it to hit Crobat with an Ice Beam, instantly reducing the bat to the red zone of HP. Crobat retaliated with another Sludge Bomb, and Tessie hurt herself again in an attempt to use Surf. The next turn, however, she succeeded in using the powerful Water attack, landing a critical hit as she finally defeated Crobat.

Tessie then battled against Agatha's Misdreavus, though Emile used a Hyper Potion to max out her HP the first turn. Misdreavus promptly undid most of that restoration with a Thunderbolt. Tessie launched a Surf attack that wiped out half of its HP, only for the Misdreavus to use Attract. It launched another Thunderbolt the following turn, halving Tessie's remaining HP, but she powered through the attraction and finished Misdreavus with another Surf.

Tessie then battled against Agatha's Arbok, though Emile again used a Hyper Potion to max out her HP the first turn. Arbok used the free turn and the turn after to use Double Team, though Tessie's Psychic attack still struck it. Arbok managed to dodge the next one, hitting Tessie with two consecutive Sludge Bombs and poisoning her before Tessie struck it with Psychic again, knocking it out.

Tessie then battled against Agatha's last and strongest Pokémon, her second Gengar, though Emile used a Full Restore to fully heal her on the first turn. This proved to be futile, however, as Gengar used Thunderbolt to wipe out most of Tessie's HP, and then another Thunderbolt wiped out the remainder before she could attack.

Tessie began the rematch against Elite Four Lance, battling against his Gyarados. She used a Psychic attack, dealing only a little damage, while Gyarados used Dragon Dance. Gyarados then used Thunder Wave, paralyzing Tessie before knocking her out with two Earthquakes and a Hyper Beam, the paralysis preventing Tessie from attacking even once more.

Emile revived Tessie when Lance sent out his Dragonite, sacrificing Khold to do so, and then used a Hyper Potion to heal her while RK9 endured Dragonite's Outrage. After a valiant effort, RK9 fainted, and Emile sent Tessie back out. Dragonite used Outrage again, dealing a critical hit that took out more than half of Tessie's HP, but Tessie's Ice Beam proved to be enough to knock the Pseudo-Legendary out.

Tessie then battled against Lance's Aerodactyl, though Emile took the first turn to heal her. Aerodactyl used that turn and the following one to attack with Ancientpower, though the Surf Tessie used in return depleted most of its HP. Both Lance and Emile used items to fully heal their Pokémon, and then Tessie used Surf and Aerodactyl used Ancientpower. Tessie lost almost half of her HP, while Aerodactyl lost almost 80% of its own HP. As a last resort, it used Hyper Beam, but though it reduced Tessie to the red zone of HP, she survived, and finished Aerodactyl off with one more Surf.

Tessie then battled against Lance's last Pokémon, his second Dragonite. Emile used the first turn to heal her, and though Dragonite's Flamethrower and Dragon Claw attacks took out almost half of Tessie's HP, one Ice Beam fell the dragon, making Tessie grow to Level 67 and winning the battle for Emile.

Tessie took part in the rematch against Champion Gary, battling his Alakazam after it defeated Meow Mix and Khold. Tessie endured a Psychic attack before launching a Surf that decreased Alakazam's health to the red zone, and with Meow Mix's Toxic and Gary's Tyranitar's Sandstorm still lingering and striking him at the turn's end, Alakazam faints.

Tessie then battled Gary's Exeggutor. She launched an Ice Beam that instantly dropped Exeggutor to the red zone of HP, but as it didn't freeze the walking tree, Exeggutor countered with Giga Drain, restoring its HP somewhat while draining all of it that Tessie had left.

In the end, Tessie, along with the rest of Emile's team, entered the Hall of Fame for the second time.

Why Emile Chose Lapras Edit

Emile wanted to have a Water-Type on his team from the beginning and ultimately decided on Lapras due to its mostly well-balanced stats, high HP, excellent abilities, great move pool, and the simple fact that it was one of his favorite underrated Pokémon.

Moves Edit

Current Moves Edit

  • Confuse Ray (Part 23 — Finale)
  • Psychic (Part 25 — Finale)
  • Ice Beam (Part 25 — Finale)
  • Surf (Part 26 — Finale)

Previous Moves Edit

  • Mist (Part 23 — Part 25)
  • Body Slam (Part 23 — Part 26)
  • Perish Song (Part 23 — Part 25)

Stats Edit

Tessie's Nature is never revealed.

Nickname Origin Edit

Tessie is a reference to the character of the same name from Earthbound, an aquatic creature stated to be a relative of the Loch Ness monster, which Lapras is designed after.

Post-Let's Play Fate Edit

In May of 2016, Emile revealed that due to an unspecified accident, his FireRed save file shown in the LP was deleted. And consequently, Tessie and the rest of Emile's team were lost forever.[1]


  • Tessie is Emile's first:
    • Water-Type team member.
    • Ice-Type team member.
    • Base form Pokemon with no Evolution or Pre-Evolution.
  • Emile mentioned Tessie in his Pokémon Crystal walkthrough when he was fighting the wild Lapras in Union Cave.
  • Unlike later users of Ice moves (Odairu, Kappa, and Vanity), Tessie was not lucky to get a freeze with Ice Beam.

References Edit

  1. "@travdalf The FireRed save file is, to date, the only LP save file I have lost. I try to hang onto them all, but it was lost to an accident." - Tweet