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"Teddy is loafing around!"
―Emile quoting the game message in a funny voice, when Truant is activated[src]

Teddy is Emile's Slaking in his Let's Play of Pokémon Emerald. Teddy was the third Pokémon to join Emile's team. Teddy, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was later transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 3

Teddy was found as a Slakoth at Level 6 in Petalburg Woods after over 30 minutes. She proved her abilities right away by tanking Kappa's critical Absorb with about half HP, and responded with a Yawn. Emile then succeeded in catching the Slakoth with a Poké Ball. Despite being female, Emile named her Teddy.

Teddy was later switched into the front of Emile's party, and nearly healed completely with an Oran Berry. Her first onscreen use was in Emile's first battle with Team Aqua. However, Emile immediately switched her out for Kappa to take out the Aqua Grunt's Poochyena.

Episode 4

Later in Petalburg Woods, Emile did more switch training with Teddy. This included against a wild Poochyena (switching over to Kappa), and both of Bug Catcher James' Nincadas (which Moegami was switched in to take out). This grew Teddy to Level 7, making her learn Encore.

On the north end of Route 104, Teddy fought Rich Boy Winston's Zigzagoon. Zigzagoon used Tail Whip right away, while Teddy used Scratch (taking out a third of Zigzagoon's health). Emile accidentally commanded Teddy to attack again, which was futile due to Truant taking effect that turn. Luckily, Zigzagoon elected to use a second Tail Whip. She was then switched out so Kappa could finish the battle.

Teddy grew to Level 8 in the cut battle against Lass Haley. She and Kappa then fought Twins Gina and Mia with their Lotad and Seedot. Kappa began with Nature Power (which turned into Swift). This did a small amount of damage to Seedot, and just less than half to Lotad. Teddy followed with a Scratch to knock out Lotad. She had to loaf around the next turn while Kappa used another Swift from Nature Power, putting Seedot into yellow health. While Kappa's next hit didn't knock it out (due to Seedot using Harden twice), Teddy was able to get the KO with another Scratch.

In another cut battle with Fisherman Ivan, Teddy single handedly took out his three Magikarps.

Episode 5

While Kappa was Emile's main Pokémon used in the Rustboro City Gym, Teddy earned experience from every battle (mainly from switch training). She grew to Level 9 off of Youngster Josh's Geodude. Teddy and Kappa both fought together against Youngster Tommy and Hiker Marc (both with two Level 8 Geodudes). Though Teddy only did a small chip of damage to both of Tommy's Geodudes with Scratch, Kappa knocked them out, along with Marc's with Absorb, allowing her to earn experience from all four Pokémon. Teddy's switch training continued during the battle with Gym Leader Roxanne. She earned experience off of all three of Roxanne's Pokémon (growing to Level 10 after her first Geodude was knocked out).

Teddy got to Level 11 offscreen, presumably when Emile caught Slavinator the Zigzagoon to use as his HM Slave.

Emile then began battling the trainers on Route 116. Teddy faced Bug Catcher Jose and his Wurmple. She was faster, and did more than half of Wurmple's health with Scratch. The Worm Pokémon retaliated with Tackle, doing a mere two HP. As Teddy was forced to loaf around on the next turn, Wurmple hit with Poison Sting. Though it also did only two HP, it poisoned Teddy. The poison did four HP of damage at the end of the turn. Teddy was able to finish off Wurmple with another Scratch afterwards. Emile initially kept Teddy out for Jose's Nincada. However, Teddy took damage from the poison twice in a row and did no damage (due to Truant), despite Nincada only using Harden. She was switched out so Moegami could finish it off, but she grew to Level 12 from the experience. Unfortunately, Teddy fainted from the poison while Emile was heading back to the Pokémon Center to heal (due to poison affecting Pokémon in the overworld prior to Generation V, and Pokémon being able to faint this way before Generation IV).

Teddy battled Youngster Joey's Machop and School Kid Karen's Shroomish in cut battles on Route 116.

Episode 6

In Rusturf Tunnel, Teddy battled a wild Whismur. She nearly one shotted it with Scratch, while taking an Uproar. However, Whismur's next Uproar was a critical, knocking Teddy into yellow HP on the turn she loafed around. The Sloth Pokémon then knocked out Whismur with another Scratch. Emile then healed her with a Potion before he confronted the Team Aqua Grunt that stole the Devon Goods and kidnapped Peeko (Mr. Briney's Wingull). Teddy was sent out against the Grunt's Poochyena, only to immediately be withdrawn for Moegami.

On the way back to Rustboro City, Teddy grew to Level 13 from a wild battle and learned Slack Off.

Emile led his second battle against May with Teddy. She immediately used Yawn to incapacitate May's Torkoal before Emile switched her out for Kappa. Later, she was sent out for May's Mudkip. Mudkip went first, doing a fair amount of damage with Water Gun. Teddy used Yawn again to put Mudkip to sleep. She was forced to take another Water Gun while loafing around the next turn, after which Yawn took effect. A Scratch on the following turn did about a third to Mudkip's HP while it was asleep. Next, Mudkip woke up and reduced Teddy to red HP with a third Water Gun when she was incapacitated by Truant again. Teddy's Quick Claw (which was given for her to hold) activated, as she then went first to use Yawn again. She was then knocked out by another Water Gun.

Episode 7

In Dewford Town, Emile used the Old Rod to fish up a wild female Tentacool at Level 10. Tentacool did three HP to Teddy with a Poison Sting, before she weakened it down to less than half of its health with a Scratch. Emile caught Tentacool in a Premier Ball and nicknamed her Acooltent, intending for her to be his fourth team member. However, Emile ultimately caught another Tentacool to use instead due to it having a better Ability. The original Acooltent would eventually be used as an HM Slave, with the nickname Acoolslave.

Afterwards, Emile received the Silk Scarf from a resident in Dewford, which he gave to Teddy (swapping the Quick Claw for) to boost her Normal Type moves. On Route 106, Teddy was switched in from Acoolslave to battle Fisherman Ned's own Tentacool. She took a Poison Sting, which only did three HP. Ned's Tentacool was faster, and used Poison Sting again, this time poisoning Teddy. Her Scratch nearly took out the Jellyfish Pokémon in one shot (thanks to her new Silk Scarf). Teddy then had to take two more Poison Stings and take damage from the poison twice before she could finish off Tentacool.

Emile returned to the Dewford Pokémon Center to heal Teddy offscreen. Then Teddy battled Fisherman Elliot on Route 106 offscreen as well, taking a decent amount of damage.

Episode 8

Teddy grew to Level 14 when Emile trained offscreen.

During the battle against Dewford Gym Leader Brawly, Teddy went up against Brawly's strongest Pokémon Makuhita, which already knocked out Acooltent. The Fighting Type was already confused and poisoned by Acooltent (taking damage from the latter when Teddy was sent out). Teddy used Scratch, putting Makuhita's HP below half. Makuhita then hit itself in confusion, reducing it to about a quarter of HP. However, this triggered its Sitrus Berry, restoring most of its health, before taking damage from poison again. Teddy wasn't able to do anything else, as she was forced to loaf around before Makuhita snapped out of confusion and beat her with a super effective Vital Throw.

Episode 9

In the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City, Emile had to defend Captain Stern from two Team Aqua Grunts that were after the Devon Goods. Teddy switched in from Acooltent against the first Grunt's Carvanha, which was already weakened down and poisoned. She took a small amount of damage from Rage, while the poison lowered Carvanha into low yellow HP. It then pointlessly used Leer before Teddy took it out with Scratch (taking two HP of damage from Carvanha's Rough Skin Ability).

Teddy was switched in from Acooltent for the second Aqua Grunt's Zubat. Zubat attempted Supersonic but missed on the turn Teddy was switched in. The Bat Pokémon did only three HP to Teddy with Leech Life, while she retaliated with a Scratch that put it below half of its health. On the turn she had to loaf around, Zubat successfully confused her with Supersonic. Though she easily took another Leech Life on the next turn, she ended up hitting herself in confusion, which knocked her under half of her HP. Emile then switched her out for Moegami to finish off Zubat.

Episode 10

Teddy and Acooltent battled in tandem against Pokéfans Isabel and Kaleb, who each had a Plusle and Minun. After Isabel's Plusle used Helping Hand (with Kaleb's Minun pointlessly doing the same), Acooltent and Teddy double targeted Plusle. Their combined damage from Poison Sting and Scratch put it into low green health. The next turn, Teddy had to loaf around, during which she took a small bit of damage from Plusle's Quick Attack (after Minun used Helping Hand again). Acooltent's Poison Sting put Plusle below half HP, which triggered its Oran Berry to restore it to the mid green zone. When both of the Cheering Pokémon used Helping Hand again, Acooltent knocked Plusle below half with a Poison Sting. Teddy followed with Scratch to reduce it to a sliver of red HP. Though she loafed around the next turn, Acooltent finished off Plusle with one more Poison Sting (after another pair of useless Helping Hands).

Isabel then sent out her own Minun. While Acooltent focused on Isabel's Minun, Teddy used Yawn to put Kaleb's to sleep, with it taking effect after she loafed around the next turn. During that time, Acooltent managed to damage Isabel's Minun twice with Poison Sting (the second poisoning it). Following that, she took a small bit of damage from a Quick Attack. While her critical Scratch barely failed to knock it out, Acooltent did so with another Poison Sting (also a critical, but pointless). Teddy then grew to Level 15 from the experience.

On the turn when Teddy's Truant took effect, Emile healed Acooltent's paralysis with a Cheri Berry, who then hit Kaleb's Minun with a Poison Sting (after Minun woke up and hit Teddy with Quick Attack). The following turn, Acooltent and Teddy used Poison Sting and Scratch respectively (with the former move poisoning) to knock Minun below half. This however triggered its Oran Berry to restore its health to back to green before the poison damaged it. When Teddy had to loaf around again, Acooltent put it below half HP again with combined damage from Poison Sting and poison. The following turn, Teddy was ultimately able to get the KO with another Scratch after another Poison Sting from Acooltent.

Kaleb then sent out his own Plusle. Teddy couldn't do anything due to Truant while Acooltent hit with Poison Sting, only doing a small chip of damage. The next turn, her Attack was lowered by Plusle's Growl. Despite that, another Scratch/Poison Sting combo reduced Plusle to yellow HP. This once again triggered an HP restoration from its Oran Berry. Emile then cut out the rest of the battle, after Teddy and Acooltent succeeded in knocking out Plusle.

Emile then did the first challenge in the Trick House. Teddy was used when Emile battled Lass Sally. Her Scratch did about 1/3 of the health of Sally's Oddish. While Oddish initially missed with Stun Spore, it succeeded in paralyzing Teddy on the turn she loafed around. Emile then switched out Teddy for Moegami.

When Emile battled Lass Robin, he forgot to switch Teddy out of the lead spot. Despite being paralyzed and at half of its HP, she took no damage from Robin's Skitty (who only used Tail Whip), and dealt enough damage with Scratch to put the Kitten Pokémon just above half. She was once again switched out for Moegami afterwards. Between this battle and leaving the Trick House, Emile switched Teddy out of the lead and healed her paralysis with a Cheri Berry. He later healed his entire team offscreen.

Later on Route 110, Emile had his third battle against May. Teddy was sent out after May's Lombre defeated Acooltent. Lombre was reduced to yellow health from the poison Acooltent afflicted on it, and confused as well. Lombre was faster than Teddy, and used a Nature Power turned Swift that Teddy took well. She responded with a Scratch. This and the poison brought the Jolly Pokémon to the red zone. It then knocked itself out from the confusion. Teddy was then switched out for Kappa when May sent out her Marshtomp.

Teddy was sent out again for May's Slugma. She used Yawn on it, only for it to do the same to her. Emile switched out Teddy for Moegami, but switched her back in after Slugma used Yawn on Moegami too. By that time, Slugma fell asleep from Teddy's Yawn. Teddy was able to bring the Lava Pokémon to mid yellow HP with two Scratches (loafing around in between). After the second Scratch, Slugma woke up and used an Ember that also burned her. Luckily, she survived in red HP after the burn. Emile once again switched out Teddy for Moegami to finish off Slugma.

Episode 11

Emile trained offscreen, during which Teddy grew two levels to Level 17. He then gave Teddy the Exp. Share and switched her out of the lead spot.

Episode 12

Teddy grew to Level 18 offscreen, with Emile initially cancelling her evolution. Emile then used a Rare Candy to elevate Teddy to Level 19, and deleted Encore in favor of Faint Attack (which Slakoth can only learn unevolved). She then evolved into Vigoroth and tried to learn Fury Swipes. Emile deleted Scratch to make room for it.

Teddy's first battle as a Vigoroth was against Bug Maniac Angelo and Guitarist Shawn in the Mauville City Gym, battling alongside Moegami. Angelo and Shawn opened with Illumise and Voltorb respectively. As Moegami nearly took out Illumise with one Ember, Teddy did about the same to Voltorb with a Fury Swipes combo that hit three times. She ultimately took out Voltorb with another two hits with Fury Swipes, while Moegami depleted Illumise's HP with Peck, but not before the Firefly used Shock Wave on Teddy. The non STAB attack was easily endured by the Sloth Pokémon.

Angelo and Shawn next sent out Volbeat and Magnemite. Teddy focused on Volbeat, taking out more than half of its HP with four strikes from Fury Swipes. The Firefly Pokémon responded with Confuse Ray to confuse her. Meanwhile, Moegami wasn't quite able to knock out Magnemite with Double Kick, allowing it to use Supersonic in vain since Teddy was already confused. Though Teddy was lowered to the low green zone of her HP from hitting herself in confusion and a Shock Wave from Volbeat, Moegami finished off both it and Magnemite with one Ember apiece to win the battle.

After some more offscreen training on Route 117, Teddy gained two levels to make her Level 21. Emile then did more training on Route 110's Cycling Road. Teddy was in the lead spot, but she was switched out for Moegami for each of the Triathletes' Magnemites. However, she took out the random Level 6 Voltorbs that some trainers had herself.

Emile opened the battle against Mauville Gym Leader Wattson with Teddy, with Wattson using his Voltorb. Voltorb used Spark, which put 20/69 HP of damage on Teddy and paralyzed her. Despite that, Teddy fought back with Fury Swipes. This knocked the Ball Pokémon to yellow HP. Predicting Voltorb would use Self Destruct, Emile healed Teddy's paralysis with a Cheri Berry. Sure enough, Voltorb KO'd itself by using Self Destruct. Teddy was also able to survive the blow with four HP, allowing her to gain the experience. She was then switched out for Moegami as Wattson sent out his Electrike.

After Manectric (Wattson's strongest Pokémon) knocked out Moegami, Acooltent, and Kappa, Emile sent out Slavinator as a sacrifice so he could nearly heal Teddy completely with a Soda Pop.

Teddy was sent out again with Manectric in mid yellow HP and burned by Moegami from earlier in the battle. She was able to endure a Shock Wave with 22 HP. However, her planned Fury Swipes to finish off Manectric missed, to Emile's chagrin. Fed up with his bad luck in the fight, Emile healed Teddy twice (once with a Super Potion, then with a regular Potion) so Manectric would fall to the burn damage since it kept using Shock Wave. The experience raised Teddy to Level 22. Emile then earned the Dynamo Badge.

Episode 13

Emile used Slavinator to smash the rock with Rock Smash in Rusturf Tunnel, reuniting Wanda with her boyfriend. In turn, they gave Emile HM04 Strength, which Emile taught to Teddy in place of Fury Swipes.

Episode 14

Teddy was used during Emile's gauntlet of battles with the Winstrate family. She took out Vivi's Numel with her newly learned Strength in one hit. Teddy then came out for Vicky's Meditite after it knocked out Kappa. With it in yellow HP, it used Detect to block Teddy's Strength. However, its next Detect failed, allowing Teddy to take it out with another Strength.

Later on Route 111, Emile met Gabby and Ty, whom he had his first battle with. Emile used Teddy and Kappa while the Interviewers used Whismur and Magnemite. Teddy easily one shotted Whismur with Strength, but Kappa barely dented Magnemite with a three hit Bullet Seed. The Magnet Pokémon then confused Teddy with Supersonic. As Emile switched out Kappa for Moegami, Teddy was able to fight through the confusion and use Yawn on Magnemite, who in turn used a Thundershock that she easily withstood. She broke through the confusion again on the following turn, knocking Magnemite to the low yellow zone with a Strength before Moegami finished it with Ember.

Teddy next took out Camper Travis and his Sandshrew. Despite the first Strength being just shy of knocking it out, Teddy did so with another one after Sandshrew solely used Defense Curl.

For the fight with Picnicker Carol on Route 112, she was able to one shot her Taillow with Strength, growing to Level 23 in the process. Emile then switched out Teddy for Acooltent when Carol brought out her Lombre.

Episode 15

Emile used Teddy and Kappa in tandem to battle Kindler Bryant and Aroma Lady Shayla on the north side of Route 112. The trainers led with Numel and Shroomish. Teddy proceeded to knock out Numel with a single Strength, with Kappa doing the same to Shroomish with Ice Beam. Though Teddy then beat Bryant's Slugma in an identical manner, Shayla's Roselia survived Kappa's Ice Beam, and instantly thawed out when it was frozen. It did no damage however (only using Growth), enabling Teddy to take it out with another Strength.

After resting up at the Old Lady's Rest House, Emile watched Gabby and Ty share the impressions from their battle with him in the previous episode on TV. They stated that Teddy and Moegami were a divine combination, and it was marvelous seeing them selflessly support each other in battle. The news reporters also commented that Moegami's Ember to win the battle was his and Teddy's sign of friendship. Ironically, Emile's comment on the battle was "awfully." Nonetheless, Gabby and Ty saw deep significance behind that quote.

On Route 113, Teddy took out Parasol Lady Madeline's Numel, again with one Strength. She then did the same to a wild Spinda. However, Emile switched her out for Moegami when battling Youngster Dillon (who had an Aron).

Episode 16

On Route 114, Emile used Teddy and Kappa to battle Picnicker Charlotte and Fisherman Kai, who used Nuzleaf and Barboach respectively. Teddy and Kappa knocked out both of their Pokémon in one turn (the former using Strength on Nuzleaf and the latter hitting twice with Bullet Seed on Barboach).

Teddy knocked out two wild Lotads with Strength (with Emile shouting "Behold my Strength!" for one of them), and battled Picnicker Nancy offscreen. She was initially sent out when Emile fought PokéManiac Steve, but was switched out for Kappa.

Emile gave a Protein he found to raise Teddy's base Attack. She also grew to Level 24 offscreen. Just before reaching the entrance of Meteor Falls, Emile switched Teddy back into the front spot of the party.

Episode 17

Teddy grew to Level 25 offscreen.

After Emile watched the confrontation between Team Magma and Team Aqua in Meteor Falls (with the former team stealing a Meteorite from Professor Cosmo), Teddy encountered and defeated a wild Zubat with one Strength.

Teddy and Acooltent battled Collector Hector and Psychic Marlene on Route 115 in a battle that Emile omitted. Emile did show the battle with Black Belt Nob, in which Teddy easily beat his Machop with a Strength despite her weakness to Fighting. She also participated in the battle with Battle Girl Cyndy, which Emile also omitted.

Even though Emile switched Acooltent into the lead in Teddy's place, they both took part in the battle with the Team Magma Grunts on Mt. Chimney. The male Grunt used Zubat while the female used Numel. Teddy was once again able to defeat Zubat with one Strength. In the meantime, Acooltent took out 1/3 of Numel's HP with a critical Acid, even with the attack being resisted. Numel retaliated with a Magnitude 7, damaging both of Emile's Pokémon. While the attack nearly defeated Acooltent due to his Ground weakness, Teddy took it comfortably, allowing her to finish Numel with another Strength.

In the battle with Magma Admin Tabitha, Teddy proceeded to knock out all four of his Pokémon. Switching in from Acooltent, she lost a mere five HP to a Tackle from Tabitha's first Numel before using Strength to one hit KO it. She then did the same to Tabitha's Poochyena and Zubat. For Tabitha's second Numel, Teddy used Faint Attack instead. This defeated the Fire/Ground Type with three hits, while Teddy only had her Attack lowered by Growl and took little damage from Ember.

Episode 18

Emile confronted Team Magma Leader Maxie in a battle atop Mt. Chimney. Teddy was sent out against Maxie's Camerupt after it knocked out Kappa. The next turn, Maxie nearly healed Camerupt completely with a Super Potion. Even so, Teddy undid most of the Potion's restoration with a Strength. Additionally, she proved faster, and took out the Fire Camel with another Strength. The resulting experience raised her to Level 26. Emile then switched Teddy out for Altair when Maxie went over to his Zubat.

Episode 20

Teddy was used briefly when Emile battled the trainers in the Lavaridge Town Gym. She was sent out in place of Altair for Kindler Jeff and his first Slugma. The Lava Pokémon used Smog, poisoning Teddy but only taking off three HP from the attack alone as the poison did more damage (10 HP). Nonetheless, she easily wiped out Slugma with a Strength and proceeded to do the same thing to Jeff's second Slugma (after losing 10 more HP to the poison). After the battle was over, Emile cured Teddy's poison with a Pecha Berry.

Episode 21

Teddy wasn't used in any battles onscreen. However, she was reduced to red health in a cut battle in the desert area of Route 111, possibly against Picnicker Heidi.

Episode 22

In Fiery Path, Teddy used Strength for the first time in the overworld. This allowed Emile to get some items after moving some boulders (TM06 Toxic and a Fire Stone).

Contrary to what Emile said about Moegami being his main Pokémon to use in the Petalburg City Gym, he used Teddy more. Teddy was first used in the Speed Room for Cooltrainer Randall's Swellow (which was just above half HP) after it took out Moegami. She was able to take a Wing Attack well before finishing off the Swallow with Strength.

When Emile entered the Confusion Room after healing at the Pokémon Center, he switched Teddy into the lead. There, she fought Cooltrainer Parker's Spinda. She knocked it out unscathed with two Strength attacks since the Spot Panda only attempted Focus Punch.

The next room was the Strength Room, where Cooltrainer Jody challenged Emile with her Zangoose. Teddy's first Strength attack brought the Cat Ferret to just above half of its HP, before it sharply raised its Attack with a Swords Dance. It then used a second Swords Dance when Teddy's second Strength barely fell short of taking it down. Jody then healed Zangoose with a Hyper Potion, after which Teddy's third Strength took it to the high yellow area. When a fourth Strength again narrowly failed to knock it out, Zangoose used Slash. This scored a critical hit and wiped out Teddy in one shot.

Following another break to the Pokémon Center, Teddy fought Cooltrainer Alexia and her Wigglytuff in the Defense Room. Her Strength took out just less than half of the Balloon Pokémon's HP, before it did more than half to her with Double Edge. The recoil damage dropped Wigglytuff into the yellow zone, allowing another Strength from Teddy to do enough to deplete its health.

In the One Hit KO Room, Emile fought Cooltrainer Berke, who used a Vigoroth of his own (also at Level 26). However, Teddy was already weakened from the previous battle. Regardless, she was faster and brought Berke's Vigoroth to low yellow health with two Strengths. Meanwhile, it used Focus Energy then almost took out Teddy with Slash. Berke then used a Hyper Potion, with Teddy using two more Strengths to put the damage back on it. Berke's Vigoroth then depleted Teddy's HP with a Slash (that was a useless critical).

After yet another trip to the Pokémon Center, Emile entered the Accuracy Room, where he challenged Cooltrainer Mary, who used a Delcatty. Like a lot of the other trainers, Mary ended up healing with a Hyper Potion. Nonetheless, Teddy took it out with four Strengths total (two before and after the Hyper Potion), while she lost a combined 34 HP to Delcatty's Faint Attack and Shock Wave.

Cooltrainer George was Emile's next opponent in the Recovery Room, who used a Slakoth. Teddy's Strength did more than half of Slakoth's HP, only for her to faint when Slakoth paid back the damage doubled with Counter.

Teddy then took part in the battle with Gym Leader Norman. She fought Norman's own Vigoroth after it took out Moegami. It first used Slash, doing 31 out of Teddy's 84 HP before she retaliated with Strength. Ironically, her attack got a critical hit, reducing Norman's Vigoroth to the yellow area. Once she fell to the yellow zone herself from Facade, Teddy finished the opposing Vigoroth which another Strength. The experience was enough to grow her to Level 27. When Norman went over to his Slaking, Emile switched out Teddy for Kappa.

Once Kappa fainted to Slaking after only doing small bits of damage, Emile sent out Teddy again. She resorted to use Yawn on the turn Slaking loafed around. Emile then nearly healed Teddy's HP entirely with a Soda Pop, only for Slaking's Facade to put her back to the red zone. Slaking then fell asleep from the Yawn, after which Teddy tried barraging it with Strength. The second hit activated Slaking's Sitrus Berry to heal it a bit. Then the next two Strengths put it to about 1/3. The following turn, Slaking woke up, but loafed around. Unfortunately, Teddy's fifth Strength wasn't enough to knock it out, merely putting it in the red zone. Norman then used a Hyper Potion to completely restore Slaking's HP, before Teddy's next Strength only put a small amount of damage on it again. She then used Yawn once more as Norman's Slaking loafed around, before Emile healed her with a second Soda Pop. Like before, a Facade from Slaking undid the HP healed before it went to sleep again. Teddy's next three Strength attacks reduced Slaking to low yellow HP prior to it waking up and beating her with another Facade.

Episode 23

In an extra area of Route 115, Teddy and Acooltent battled together against Battle Girl Helene and Psychic Alix (who opened with Meditite and Kadabra respectively). Even with Acooltent merely being in red health from earlier battles, he helped out Teddy with his newly learned Surf. Teddy immediately took out Alix's Kadabra with Strength. As Alix sent out her Kirlia, Acooltent's Surf nearly took out half of its HP (while Meditite remained unharmed after using Detect).

The following turn, Teddy used another Strength to knock out Helene's Meditite. Once she sent out her Makuhita, Acooltent's Surf was able to damage both it (bringing it to the low green zone), and Kirlia (putting it in the yellow zone). Teddy then had to take a Psychic from Kirlia, which she took with above half HP. Makuhita was able to knock out Acooltent with a Fake Out due to his low health. However, Teddy then used yet another Strength to take down the Guts Pokémon, after which she was dropped to low yellow HP from another Psychic courtesy of Kirlia. Emile then sent out Kappa, who used Fake Out himself to finish off the rest of Kirlia's Hit Points and win the battle.

Using an Iron he found on Route 115, Emile raised Teddy's base Defense. She was later elevated to Level 28 from omitted battles, likely with the other trainers on Route 115.

When Emile went through the second puzzle of the Trick House, he fought School Kid Paul. Teddy made quick work of his Wingull with Strength. In the fourth puzzle, she used Strength in the overworld to move boulders so Emile could navigate the maze.

Episode 24

On the east shore of Route 118, Teddy took part in the omitted battle with Bird Keeper Chester, losing only 15 HP.

Episode 25

Emile trained all of his main Pokémon (mostly offscreen) including Teddy to Level 30 to participate in the Battle Tents in Verdanturf Town and Fallarbor Town.

Teddy was Emile's opener for his challenge in Fallarbor's Battle Tent. On his first run, he fought PokéFan Gianna, who used Kirlia. Teddy easily knocked it out with Strength. However, Gianna's Plusle proved problematic. It first harshly lowered Teddy's Special Defense with Fake Tears. Teddy's next Strength attack wasn't quite able to take Plusle down, allowing its Spark (amplified by the Fake Tears) to beat her in one hit. Emile would ultimately lose this battle and the challenge due to not having favorable Type matchups with his other two Pokémon he used (Altair and Moegami).

For Emile's second try, he kept Teddy and Moegami, but chose either Kappa or Acooltent instead of Altair. That didn't matter in the end, as Teddy won the entire challenge by herself by merely using Strength. Two hits knocked out Tuber Natalie's Goldeen after its Supersonic missed. Another two hits took out Natalie's Barboach. However, its Spark paralyzed Teddy and its Earthquake (boosted by the Attack buff from the equipped Liechi Berry) did enough combined damage to bring her to a bit below half. Natalie's last Pokémon was Marill, which Teddy once again knocked out with two hits. She took 20 HP of damage total from two Bubblebeams, lowering her to the red zone, and being fully paralyzed after taking the second one. Luckily, Marill only used Defense Curl on the third turn, which allowed Teddy to finish it.

Gentleman Howard was the second opponent in the challenge, who led with Nuzleaf. After her first Strength knocked the Grass/Dark Type into the red zone, it used Swagger to confuse Teddy and sharply raise her Attack. She lost 30 of her 96 HP from hitting herself as a result, while Nuzleaf fully healed itself with Rest (its equipped Chesto Berry instantly waking it up). Teddy then fought through the confusion on the next turn, and she depleted Nuzleaf's HP with her next Strength thanks to the Attack boost. Linoone was Howard's second Pokémon. Despite the Attack buff and snapping out of confusion, Teddy brought it to a sliver of red health. The Raccoon's Shock Wave reduced her to 40 HP before she knocked it out. Howard's last Pokémon was Sandshrew, which easily went down to one Strength from Teddy when it attempted Focus Punch in vain.

Emile's last opponent was Swimmer Evelyn, with Wailmer being her opener. Teddy knocked out the Whale Pokémon with two Strengths, with it futilely using Curse to buff its Attack and Defense in between. Pelipper was next. Teddy easily took a Water Gun and an Icy Wind (lowering her Speed) from the Pelican. However, two Strengths only brought it to the red. Pelipper then used Double Team, causing her to miss with her next attack. Due to reaching the three turn limit, the referee judged the combatants on mind, skill, and body. Teddy won the mind and body categories, giving her the victory. Evelyn's last Pokémon was Goldeen. The Goldfish used Rain Dance, then barely endured Teddy's Strength in the red zone. This triggered a Defense boost from its Ganlon Berry. It then used Protect to stall out the turn by blocking Teddy's next move. Goldeen then used a full powered Flail from its low HP. Luckily, Teddy survived in the red and finished it off with one more hit from Strength, clinching the challenge for Emile.

As Emile continued exploring Route 119, he battled Fisherman Chris. Teddy took out his Tentacool and Feebas unscathed (especially with the latter only using Splash). Emile switched out Teddy for Kappa (who knocked out Magikarp) to battle Chris's Carvanha.

Episode 26

As Emile fought his way through the Weather Institute to thwart Team Aqua's plot, he switched Teddy into the lead when he reached the second floor. She and Altair fought in a battle with a male and female Aqua Grunt (the first instance of them doing "Broballs"). Teddy took out the male Grunt's Poochyena with one Strength (with the Grunt sending out his Carvanha next), while Altair brought the female Grunt's Zubat to the low green zone. Zubat then used Confuse Ray to confuse Teddy.

Despite hitting herself in confusion on the next turn, Teddy only took minor damage. Altair's next Peck reduced Zubat to the red. Carvanha then used Focus Energy while Zubat also confused Altair with Confuse Ray. The following turn, Teddy once again hit herself in confusion, but took no additional damage, as Carvanha and Zubat focused their attacks (Crunch and Bite) on Altair (who also hit himself in confusion). She then snapped out of confusion and knocked out Carvanha with a Strength, while taking minimal damage from its Rough Skin Ability. Meanwhile, Altair fought through his confusion to finish Zubat off with another Peck. The female Grunt's last Pokémon was another Poochyena, which Teddy once again knocked out with one Strength.

Teddy presumably fought in the mostly cut battle with the third Aqua Grunt on the second floor, during which she knocked out his Poochyena and Zubat. However, Kappa was used instead for the Grunt's Carvanha.

Emile then used Teddy in the battle with Aqua Admin Shelly. Teddy made quick work of Shelly's Carvanha with a single Strength attack, while again taking little damage from its Rough Skin Ability. She grew to Level 31 and tried to learn Slash, which Emile considered but ultimately passed on. Shelly's Mightyena also gave Teddy no real challenge in spite of Intimidate cutting her Attack by a stage. It went down to two Strengths, and merely put her in the yellow zone with Bite (only due to the damage Teddy took from the earlier battles).

Episode 27

Teddy was sent out briefly during the battle with Guitarist Fabian and Ninja Boy Yasu on Route 119, following Altair's faint courtesy of Fabian's Manectric. Though a Screech from Yasu's Ninjask lowered her Defense by two stages, Teddy didn't do anything as Acooltent finished off both Ninjask and Manectric with Surf to win the battle.

Episode 28

After Emile defeated Bird Keeper Humberto in the Fortree City Gym with Moegami, Emile swapped Teddy into the lead slot in his place.

Teddy and Acooltent fought together against Bird Keeper Jared and Picnicker Ashley, who began the fight with Doduo and Swablu respectively. Acooltent went first and used Surf, doing about half to Swablu's HP and most of Doduo's. Teddy then followed with Strength to finish the Twin Bird Pokémon. Jared next sent out his Skarmory while Swablu used Safeguard for its side of the field.

Acooltent used another Surf to put Skarmory in the low green zone and Swablu in the red, before Teddy's Strength finished off the Cotton Bird (with a pointless critical). As Ashley sent out her second Swablu, Teddy and Acooltent took minimal damage from Skarmory's Swift attack. Acooltent and Teddy then knocked out the second Swablu in one turn with combined damage from Surf and Strength. The latter move was another useless critical while the former move reduced Skarmory to red HP. Ashley's third Swablu then came out. After once again barely taking damage from a Swift by the Armor Bird, Acooltent and Teddy proceeded to take out the last Swablu with another Surf/Strength combo. The damage from Surf also depleted Skarmory's HP.

With all three of Ashley's Swablus KO'd, Jared sent out Tropius as his last Pokémon. Acooltent and Teddy used Acid and Strength respectively to wipe out almost all of the Grass/Flying Type's health before it used Whirlwind to force Teddy out of the battle. She still gained a portion of the experience after Kappa (who was dragged out) knocked out the Banana Tree.

Teddy and Acooltent battled Camper Flint and Bird Keeper Edwardo offscreen, only taking a small bit of damage.

Bird Keeper Darius was the last trainer in the Gym, whose Tropius fought Teddy. Though Teddy took out more than half of the Banana Tree's HP with two Strengths, a critical hit Razor Leaf and a Stomp overwhelmed her and she fainted. Once the battle was over, Emile healed at the Pokémon Center to prepare for his battle with Gym Leader Winona.

Emile opened the battle against Winona with Teddy, going up against her Swablu. She knocked the Cotton Bird out unscathed, reducing it to the yellow zone with Strength, while it used Perish Song. Though Winona healed Swablu with a Hyper Potion in an attempt to stall out the perish count, Teddy put the damage back on it with her second Strength before knocking it out with a third attack. After Teddy grew to Level 32 from knocking out Swablu, Emile switched her out for Moegami as Winona sent out her Tropius.

Episode 29

Emile deposited Teddy in the PC, as he needed Slavinator to navigate certain areas along Route 120.

Episode 30

When Emile arrived in Lilycove City, he took Teddy out of the PC again. He led with Teddy in his fifth and last battle with May, taking on her Tropius. Teddy made short work of the Banana Tree with three Strength attacks, while she didn't take any damage due to it using Sweet Scent twice. As May sent out her Ludicolo, Emile switched out Teddy for Altair.

Episode 33

Emile fought the trainers in the interior of Mt. Pyre. The first trainers he fought were PokéManiac Mark and Hex Maniac Leah, who used Rhyhorn and Spoink respectively. Emile sent out Teddy and Moegami to battle them. Teddy was quick to defeat Spoink in one shot with Strength, after which she took Rhyhorn's Stomp comfortably. Moegami then followed with a Double Kick to knock out the Spikes Pokémon, with a critical from his first strike nearly depleting its HP by itself.

Young Couple Dez and Luke were the next trainers to battle Emile in tandem, sending out Manectric and Delcatty. Teddy was used again, along with Altair. Altair barely fell short of defeating Manectric in one hit with his critical Take Down, taking a decent amount of recoil damage in the process. Teddy then brought Delcatty to the yellow zone with Strength, before Manectric forced her out of the battle with Roar. She still gained the experience when Acooltent (who was dragged out because of the Roar), finished off both opposing Pokémon with Surf.

On the third floor, Teddy knocked out half of Pokémon Breeder Gabrielle's team by herself. This included her Skitty, Poochyena, and Zigzagoon, which all fell to one Strength each. Teddy grew to Level 33 off of the latter Pokémon. Emile then switched her out for Altair when Gabrielle went to her Lotad.

Psychic Kayla was Emile's next opponent. Teddy's high Attack allowed her to swiftly beat Kayla's Wobbuffet with only two Strengths, while it only used Safeguard on its turn. Kayla's Natu next went down to a single Strength. Emile then withdrew Teddy in favor of Pandora when Kayla sent out her Kadabra.

Psychic William was another opponent that Emile quickly defeated. Teddy right away single shotted William's first Ralts with Strength, before Emile switched her out for Pandora to battle his second Ralts.

Emile fought the only trainer on the fourth floor with Teddy: Hex Maniac Tasha, who used a Shuppet. Due to the Ghost Type's immunity to Normal Type moves, Teddy used Faint Attack instead, which reduced it to a mere sliver of red HP. Hilariously, Shuppet then knocked itself out by using Curse.

Black Belt Atsushi, the sole trainer on the fifth floor, used a Hariyama, which immediately flinched Teddy with Fake Out. Teddy managed to reduce the bulky Fighting Type to the low yellow zone with two Strengths, despite losing her Silk Scarf when it used Knock Off. While she took minimal damage from Fake Out and Knock Off, Teddy ultimately fainted to a super effective Vital Throw.

After briefly returning to Lilycove City to heal, Emile came back to Mt. Pyre, where he fought the Team Aqua Grunts on the summit. Teddy fought with Moegami again for the last two Grunts, who participated in a double battle. She used Strength like usual, which almost took out the female Grunt's Wailmer in one hit. In the meantime, Moegami only had to use the first strike from Double Kick to take down the male Grunt's Poochyena.

When the male Grunt sent out his Carvanha, Wailmer nearly defeated Moegami with its Water Pulse. Teddy managed to deliver the finishing blow to Wailmer with another Strength, as Moegami defeated Carvanha in an identical manner to the earlier Poochyena. However, due to Moegami fainting as a result of Carvanha's Rough Skin, only Teddy recieved the experience from Carvanha's KO. Emile next had to send out Altair, which didn't make any difference since Teddy yet again one hit KO'd the female Grunt's Zubat with Strength.

In an omitted wild battle, Teddy grew to Level 34. Once Team Aqua left and Emile recieved the Magma Emblem from the couple on the peak of Mt. Pyre, he flew back to Lilycove City again to heal. There, he raised Teddy to Level 36 using two of his Rare Candies, causing her to evolve into Slaking.

Despite regaining Truant from her evolution, Teddy's Attack remained at a significantly high level. For that reason, Emile taught Hyper Beam to Teddy via TM15, replacing Slack Off. He then used three of his PP Ups on to max it out at eight uses. Additionally, the recharging from Hyper Beam would take place on the same turn that Teddy loafed around. However, if Teddy defeated an opponent, Emile would be able to switch her out at the end of the turn.

With eight uses of Hyper Beam, which gets 150 base power, backed by STAB, Teddy's ridiculously high Attack, a Silk Scarf, and the fact that Hyper Beam was Physical prior to Generation IV, Emile bluntly stated that Teddy was going to "tear things apart, spit in their eyes, and make them wet their pants 18 times over, all the way to Sunday, knocking them into last week."

Episode 34

Emile put Teddy in the PC so he could use Slavinator to get items on Route 123. He later took her out again once he returned to Lilycove City.

Episode 35

Teddy used Strength in the overworld so Emile could push boulders aside and make his way through the Team Magma Hideout. She was not used in any onscreen battles.

Episode 36

During the second battle against Team Magma Leader Maxie, Emile sent Teddy out against his Crobat, which already defeated Moegami. Even with the Bat Pokémon in low green health, Teddy used Hyper Beam for the first time (with Emile shouting "IMMAFIRINMAHLAZOR!") to take it out. She was switched out for Acooltent when Maxie sent out his Mightyena again.

When Maxie sent out his strongest Pokémon: Camerupt, Teddy took the field again. She used Hyper Beam once more and took down the Fire Camel in one hit to win the battle. This was when Emile established the catchphrase "Nose Laser!" for Hyper Beam, due to the animation appearing to come from Teddy's nose.

Teddy later used Strength in the overworld to help Emile exit the Magma Hideout by moving the boulders.

Episode 38

Emile battled Team Aqua Admin Matt at the end of the Aqua Hideout. Teddy came out against Matt's Golbat, which she annihilated in one hit with Hyper Beam.

Between Episodes 39 and 40

In a clip that was inserted into Episode 37 but took place later, Emile revisited Route 123 once again. This was after Teddy grew to Level 37, having also taken minimal damage from omitted battles.

Episode 40

Teddy was elevated to Level 38 after more offscreen training.

Emile used Teddy and Altair as his lead Pokémon for the battle against Mossdeep City Gym Leaders Tate and Liza. The Twins opened with their Xatu and Claydol. Teddy attempted to use Hyper Beam on Xatu but missed. This allowed the Mystic Bird to raise its Special Attack and Special Defense one stage each via Calm Mind. Altair focused on Claydol, only doing a chip to the bulky Ground/Psychic Type with Dragonbreath, before it used Earthquake. Though Altair (and Xatu) remained unaffected due to being part Flying Type, Teddy ended up losing about a quarter of her HP. She had to loaf around on the next turn, during which Xatu set up a Sunny Day, while Claydol put her to about half HP with another Earthquake (after Altair once again only did a small amount to it with Dragonbreath).

Teddy finally knocked out Xatu with one Hyper Beam on the third turn, prompting Tate and Liza to send out their Lunatone. Although Altair's third Dragonbreath successfully paralyzed Claydol (also putting it in the low green), that didn't stop it from using a third Earthquake, which reduced Teddy to the low yellow area (all while Lunatone also was unaffected due to Levitate). Teddy was forced to load around on her next turn. Altair redirected his Dragonbreath on the Meteorite Pokémon, yet again only taking off a small chip of its health. The Rock/Psychic Type then blasted Teddy with a Psychic attack, defeating her.

Once Emile beat Tate and Liza, he found Team Magma raiding the Mossdeep Space Center. Teddy was most prominently used to fight several of the Magma Grunts in the facility. She fought the sole female Grunt on the first floor in a cut battle. The next two Grunts were males, whose Pokémon (Numel and Baltoy) Teddy beat with one Hyper Beam each. Teddy then used one Strength to one hit KO the first Mightyena from the Grunt guarding the stairs to the second floor, even with her Attack lowered a stage by Intimidate. Emile however called back Teddy and sent out Moegami for the Grunt's second Mightyena.

Upon arriving on the second floor, Emile was forced into a gauntlet of battles with three Magma Grunts. The first Grunt's Zubat went down to one Strength from Teddy. The second Grunt's Mightyena caused minor issues, as its Intimidate lowered Teddy's Attack enough to allow it to endure a Strength attack with a sliver of red health. The Bite Pokémon then confused Teddy with Swagger while also sharply raising her Attack. On the turn she loafed around, Teddy had her speed cut two stages by Mightyena's Scary Face. She was still faster on the next turn, but she ended up taking off a little more than 1/5 of her HP from hurting herself in confusion. Mightyena used a second Scary Face that turn, allowing it to be faster on the following turn. Curiously, it elected to use a third Scary Face despite being faster when Teddy loafed around again. Additionally, it merely used Odor Sleuth on the fifth turn before Teddy finished it off with Strength at last.

The third and last Magma Grunt in the series of battles was also swiftly defeated by Teddy, who decimated his Baltoy using Hyper Beam. Afterwards, Emile switched Teddy out of the lead spot in favor of Moegami.

Episode 41

Even though she was partially damaged from the last episode, Emile used Teddy to open his battle against Team Magma Leader Maxie and Magma Admin Tabitha in the Mossdeep Space Center. Teaming up with Steven Stone, Emile sent out Teddy alongside Steven's Metang against Maxie's Mightyena and Tabitha's Camerupt. Though Metang's Clear Body protected it from Mightyena's Intimidate, it lowered Teddy's Attack one stage. As such, her Hyper Beam only put it into the red zone. The Dark Type responded by cutting her Speed two stages with Scary Face. Metang focused on Camerupt, taking away more than half of its HP with a Psychic, after which the Fire Camel sharply buffed its Special Defense with Amnesia. On the turn Teddy loafed around, Mightyena confused her and sharply raised her Attack with Swagger before Metang KO'd it using Metal Claw. As Maxie sent out his Crobat, Tabitha's Camerupt missed with Take Down (its target was unknown).

Emile switched out Teddy for Altair due to her being confused. However, the experience split allowed her to grow to Level 39 when Altair and Metang beat Maxie's Crobat.

Later, Emile used the newly obtained HM for Dive to explore the underwater parts of Route 124. While there, he found a Relicanth, which he tried to capture. Teddy came out after the Longevity Pokémon knocked out Kappa (who weakened it to the yellow zone). After sending out Teddy, Emile threw a Poké Ball, which failed to catch it after three shakes. Following more failed attempts, Teddy was reduced to red HP from the Water/Rock Type's attacks. Relicanth also took a bit more damage, presumably by the recoil from using Take Down. Emile ultimately captured it in an Ultra Ball.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 67: The Second Journey

Emile, in order to show off Pal Park, transferred and re-captured his team from Pokémon Emerald, including Teddy.

 Other Appearances

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy!

Teddy participated in the titular battle.


Current Moves

  • Yawn (Episode 3 - Present)
  • Hyper Beam (Episode 33 - Present)
  • Shadow Ball (Episode ? - Present)
  • Return (Episode ? - Present)

Previous Moves

  • Scratch (Episode 3 - Episode 12)
  • Encore (Episode 4 - Episode 12)
  • Fury Swipes (Episode 12 - Episode 13)
  • Slack Off (Episode 6 - Episode 33)
  • Faint Attack (Episode 12 - Episode ?)
  • Strength (Episode 13 - Episode ?)

Nickname Origin

She is named after one of Chugga's cats, Teddy. Teddy the Cat was named after Teddy from Mother.

YouTuber Darkness1049, a1joryj, and others tried requesting Teddy's name to be Bread as a pun for, "Bread is loafing around." However, they failed and Teddy was chosen instead.


  • A catchphrase that involved Teddy was when Teddy loafed around every other turn due to her ability Truant, Chuggaaconroy would often say "Teddy is loafing around!" in a silly voice.
  • Teddy was named after Chugga's cat, Teddy, who is named after the character Teddy from Mother.
  • Teddy has sadly passed away during the production of the Platinum Let's Play.
  • Chugga caught Slakoth as a challenge for the Let's Play due to Slakoth being weak and its ability Truant.
  • Slaking is Emile's only team member that has a Base Stat Total of 670.
  • Slaking is Emile's first team member to have a hindering ability.
  • Chugga considered renaming Teddy because the fact that his cat, Teddy, is male while his Pokémon Teddy was female was bothering him.
  • Whenever Chugga used Hyper Beam after Episode 36, he would yell, "NOSE LASER!"
  • Chugga used his PP ups on Teddy's Hyper Beam to reach 8 Power Points, and equipped Teddy a Silk Scarf to even further increase Hyper Beam's power by 10%. Between STAB and 10% boost from Silk Scarf, it reaches to 247.5 Base Power.
  • Despite that Hyper Beam is terrible in that one must have to spent a turn to recharge, Chugga abuses the shift battle style after KOing something at full health that is not a Rock, Steel, or Ghost Type. In addition, Hyper Beam at the time was Physical before Diamond and Pearl where it became a Special move.
  • Rock and Steel Type Pokemon resist Normal-type moves like Hyper Beam, while Ghost Types are outright immune to it (an immunity that goes the other way as well, Ghost-type moves being unable to harm Normal-type Pokemon like Teddy).
  • Emile did gave Teddy Brick Break to deal with Rock and Steel types. However, Teddy has no way to deal with Ghost Types since Fighting also does nothing to Ghost.
  • The first time Chugga used Hyper Beam, he yelled, "IMAFIREINMAHLAZAH!", an old joke from the past.
  • It took him over 30 minutes to find Teddy at Petalburg Woods, due to having a 5% encounter rate.
  • At first he thought he might regret using Teddy, but in the end, he enjoyed it.
  • In the Gym battle vs. Wattson, Teddy won against Wattson's Voltorb and Manectric but didn't actually cause the knockout either time (Voltorb used Self-Destruct and Manectric fell to an earlier burn). This marks the only time one of Chugga's members has been the victor of multiple matches in one Gym battle without getting a true KO.
  • Teddy, along with Emile's other Pokemon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.