Team Rose Thorn are a rescue team founded by Chamomile and Willow in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

History Edit

Episode 1: Waking Up on the Other Side Edit

After rescuing a Caterpie that fell into a fissure in the Tiny Woods, Willow the Treecko proposed the idea of forming a team to his new companion, an amnesiac Skitty named Chamomile. Chamomile initially refused but conceded to Willow's begging, and she gave him a red scarf while donning a blue one to commemorate the occasion.

Episode 2: Another Dynamo Duo Edit

The rescue team's starter kit arrived in the mail at Chamomile's new house the next morning, and shortly afterward, a request arrived regarding a pair of Magnemite stuck together in Thunderwave Cave. Though Chamomile was reluctant to accept, he again conceded to Willow, and the pair of them completed the request with ease.

Episode 3: Village For Squares Edit

Chamomile and Willow accepted all of the rescue requests available on the Bulletin Board and then spent the morning preparing themselves in Pokémon Square. They chose to take on the one request in Tiny Woods and completed it easily, rescuing a Plusle on behalf of a Minun.

Roster Edit

Key Members Edit

These are the members who have come as one of the initial three Pokemon to enter a dungeon

  • Chamomile the Skitty/Delcatty (joined in Episode 1, first adventure in Tiny Woods)
  • Willow the Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile (joined in Episode 1, first adventure in Tiny Woods)
  • Buzzy Bo the Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone (joined in Episode 5, first adventure in Oddity Cave)
  • Finecoon the Linoone (joined in Episode 9 recap, first adventure in Great Canyon)
  • Nightshade the Absol (joined in Episode 14, first adventure in Mt. Freeze)
  • Annihilatwo the Zapdos (joined in Episode 24, first adventure in Mt. Blaze)
  • Borealone the Articuno (joined in Episode 25, first adventure in Magma Cavern)
  • Pollockson the Smeargle (joined in Episode 27, first adventure in Remains Island)
  • Incision the Raticate (joined in Episode 17, first adventure in Tiny Woods)
  • Effect the Misdreavus (first adventure in Buried Relic)
  • Impressio the Groudon (joined in Episode 25, first adventure in Lightning Field)
  • U2 the Mewtwo (joined in Episode 37, first adventure in Northern Range)
  • ENT Spec. the Entei (joined in Episode 45, first adventure in Wish Cave)
  • Pudding the Ditto (first adventure in Wish Cave)
  • Bald the Cloyster (first adventure in Wish Cave)
  • Machamp the Charizard (formerly Wartortle the Charmeleon; first adventure in Purity Forest)

Other Members Edit

Legendary Pokemon Edit

  • Melthree the Moltres (joined in Episode 25)
  • Raykwazza the Rayquaza (joined in Episode 26)
  • It aint ogre the Kyogre (joined in Episode 28)
  • Hohooho the Ho-Oh (joined in Episode 36)
  • Alto the Latios (joined in Episode 39)
  • Mare the Latias (joined in Episode 39)
  • Luigi the Lugia (joined in Episode 40)
  • Dioxide the Deoxys (joined in Episode 41)
  • Tri-Attack the Jirachi (joined in Episode 45)
  • Celeebee the Celebi (joined in Episode 46)

Temporary Team Members Edit

Fan Art Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sunflora is the first fully-evolved Pokemon to join the team, albeit as a temporary member.

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