Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is Chugga's 4th Let's Play, and his 2nd Mario Let's Play. This LP has 72 videos and is 11 hours, 25 minutes and 50 seconds long.

In 2011, Chugga uploaded two videos updating this LP, showing two bonus features he forgot to show when he first recorded the LP.

The game features a unique take on the Mushroom Kingdom with many one-time characters, as Mario teams up with Toadstool and Bowser, alongside newcomers Mallow and Geno, to defeat the invading forces of Smithy and the Smithy Gang.

Description[edit | edit source]

This was the first (and only) game done by write-in request, the fans wanted it, so I did it to celebrate it hitting Wii Virtual Console in September 2008.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The following section is transcribed from the Super Mario Wiki.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Princess Toadstool in the intro.

The game begins with a short cutscene. Princess Toadstool sits peacefully on a hill outside Mario's Pad. Suddenly, she is kidnapped by King Bowser using the Koopa Clown Car. Mario exits his house then and sees Princess Toadstool in peril. He chases Toadstool and Bowser and ends up at Bowser's Keep. After going through the castle, Mario finally catches up with Bowser, and proceeds to battle him on the chandeliers. Upon defeating Bowser and rescuing the princess, however, the castle begins to shake. A giant sword named Exor falls from the sky and crashes into Bowser's keep, destroying the Star Road on the way. The crash sends Mario, Toadstool, and Bowser flying in separate directions.

Mario views the damage done to Bowser's Keep by Exor.

Mario ends up landing back at his house where Toad has been searching for Toadstool. When Toad discovers that the princess is not there, he asks Mario to go back to Bowser's keep to bring her back. Mario has no idea where she or Bowser are, but goes to check the castle. However, when he arrives he is unable to enter the castle and Exor, the giant sword, tells Mario that the keep is now the property of the Smithy Gang, taken over to help with its quest to take over the world. Exor destroys the bridge and Mario narrowly escapes.

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Mario returns to his home. Toad gets kidnapped by two Hammer Bros. outside Mario's Pad. Mario defeats them and rescues Toad. Mario and Toad then travel to Mushroom Kingdom to inform the Chancellor of the Princess's kidnapping. After talking with the chancellor, he meets Mallow, apparently a frog from Tadpole Pond. Mario assists him by chasing after Croco, a thief, to recover a frog coin that was stolen from Mallow. When they return, the Mushroom Kingdom is dark and overrun by monsters.

Mario and Mallow enter the castle and meet with Mack, a member of the Smithy Gang, in the throne room. Mario battles him and wins. After Mack is defeated, a star remains. Mario takes it, not quite knowing what it is.

World 2: Pond to Pipes[edit | edit source]

Mario and Mallow now head to Mallow's home, Tadpole Pond. On their way, which leads through the dark Kero Sewers, they encounter Belome, a giant, dog-like enemy. After Belome is defeated, the sewers are filled with water, and Mario is flushed down the Midas River. At Tadpole Pond, Mallow's grandfather Frogfucius reveals that he found Mallow floating in a basket as a baby, and is not really his grandfather. He tells Mallow to travel with Mario and find his true home.

Bowser's remaining minions in Rose Way.

Mario and Mallow then travel to Rose Town via the Rose Way. Bowser also happens to be at Rose Way at the same time. He has a group of minions with him and tries to get his castle back from the Smithy Gang. However, Mario and Bowser do not meet. As Mario arrives in Rose Town, it is under attack. Paralyzing arrows are shot from the nearby forest. The two seek shelter in the local inn. There, Mario plays with the innkeeper's son, Gaz, and his Mario, Bowser, and Toadstool dolls. As the game continues, Gaz brings out his favorite doll, Geno. However, Mario is knocked out by a stray punch from the toy. While everyone is in bed, a star possesses the Geno doll and walks into the origin of the arrows, the Forest Maze.

The next day, Mario and Mallow follow Geno's path through the Forest Maze, eventually meeting Bowyer, a bow-like creature who fires the paralyzing Aeros. Geno tries to get back the Star Piece that Bowyer holds. It is revealed that the Star Pieces are parts of the Star Road that has been destroyed by Exor. Without the Star Road, wishes are no longer granted. Unable to persuade Bowyer, who is a member of the Smithy Gang, Geno enters combat, and Mario and Mallow join him. Together, they defeat Bowyer and recover the second Star Piece. However, an Aero survives the battle. He hears about the Star Pieces' importance and heads off to inform Smithy.

World 3: Mole Mountains[edit | edit source]

Bowser's remaining minions in Moleville.

While Mario is free to go to Yo'ster Isle via the Pipe Vault, the next stop for Mario and his friends in their search for the Star Pieces is Moleville. Again, they happen to be there the same time as Bowser, but do not meet with him. The number of Bowser's minions has seemingly decreased since his time on Rose Way.

The inhabitants of Moleville are upset because Dyna & Mite have been lost. Mario goes into the Coal Mines to find them. On his way through the vast caves, Mario jumps onto a spring board which pretends to be an exit. However, it is fake, and Mario is smashed against the ceiling. While unconscious, Croco appears again and steals Mario's coins. Mario chases Croco and the Crooks through the mines and eventually faces off against him. Halfway through the battle, Croco steals all of Mario's items. However, after his defeat, Mario and his friends regain the coins and the items.

Going deeper into the mines, Mario meets the insane Punchinello, who wants to defeat Mario in order to become famous. After a long battle, Punchinello drops a giant Bob-omb, which explodes and covers Mario and his friends with soot. However, they are able to get the third Star Piece, which Punchinello has found in the mines. Mario also finds Dyna & Mite, and they exit the mines through the mine kart track.

Mario appearing near Booster Tower.

Meanwhile, Princess Toadstool has fallen from the sky and landed at Booster Tower, the home to the maniacal Booster, who wants to marry her. However, she does not want to and cries out for Mario to help her.

At the time, Mario and his friends, who had previously traveled through Booster Pass, arrive at Booster Tower. The entrance to the tower is locked. However, Bowser shows up again. All of his minions have deserted by this time. On his own, he decides to help out Mario and destroys the tower's front door. He then joins Mario and his friends by making them honorary members of the Koopa Troop.

After heading to the highest level of the large tower, Mario enters Booster's room, right before the balcony where Toadstool is held captive. However, Booster enters and Mario hides behind curtains. Booster is looking for his Mario doll, which he suspects to be somewhere behind the curtains. He and his Snifits search around. If they manage to find Mario while doing so, Mario has to then fight Booster. In both cases, Booster finds his Mario doll and heads out to his balcony. Mario and his friends follow him onto the balcony. However, Booster and Toadstool have disappeared, and two helpers of Booster, Knife Guy and Grate Guy, battle Mario.

After Knife Guy and Grate Guy are defeated, Mario continues to follow Booster, who is running up Booster Hill with Toadstool and tries to marry her in the wedding town of Marrymore. Mario disrupts the wedding and wants to take the princess back to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the creators of the wedding cake, Chef Torte and his apprentice, are angry because of this and fight Mario. During the battle, their cake comes to life. After the fight, Booster eats the cake, and Mario and Toadstool go back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Chancellor is glad about the princess's return. However, with the help of her grandmother, who is disguising herself as the princess, Toadstool is able to escape from the castle and join Mario's party. During a short visit at Tadpole Pond, Frogfucius tells Mario he has heard of a Star Piece falling onto Star Hill. Mario heads there instantly and finds the fourth Star Piece, unguarded.

World 4: Seaside[edit | edit source]


Mario's next stop is Seaside Town. There, he gets told by the "Town Elder" that he saw a star fall into the sea. He asks Mario to get it for him. Mario, knowing that it is a Star Piece, heads off to the sea. He goes through the grottoes by the sea and finally reaches the shore. Underwater, he enters a Sunken Ship on the seabed.

In the Sunken Ship, Mario soon reaches a door which is sealed and can only be opened with the right passwords. There are six rooms where Mario can find hints about the password. With the right word, he can open the door. He proceeds and encounters King Calamari, a giant Blooper who caused the ship to sink in the first place.

After a battle with the monstrosity, Mario reaches the lower levels of the ship, and eventually meets Jonathan Jones, the shark owner of the ship. Jones claims the Star Piece for himself as it fell into "his" sea. However, Mario is able to win the Star Piece in a battle with Jones and leaves the ship.

Upon returning to Seaside Town, Mario is stopped by the "Town Elder" and various other Toads. The "Town Elder" reveals himself to be Yaridovich, a spear-like member of the Smithy Gang. Yaridovich had disguised himself as Seaside Town's entire population in order to persuade Mario searching for the Star Piece for him. As Yaridovich threatens to torture the town's real population, Mario hands over the Star Piece. Yaridovich flees and Mario runs after him. Yaridovich was to be taken by the battleship Blade. However, Blade is late, and Yaridovich, being on a dead end cliff near Seaside Town, sees himself forced to swim, though he admits he might rust when doing so. However, Jonathan Jones jumps out of the water preventing Yaridovich from fleeing. Cornered, Yaridovich changes into his real form and battles Mario and his allies. After a long fight, Mario is able to defeat Yaridovich and regain the fifth Star Piece.

World 5: Land's End[edit | edit source]

Looking for the sixth Star Piece, Mario and his friends travel to Land's End. After climbing the mountain and clearing the desert area, they are unable to proceed because the cliff is too high. So they search a way to the underground and end up in Belome Temple. There, they encounter Belome for a second time. The hungry dog monster tries to eat them, but again gets defeated. After the fight, Mario goes further underground and reaches Monstro Town.

In Monstro Town, Monstermama calls Sergeant Flutter to help Mario climb the huge cliff in Land's End. She says that the sixth Star Piece has to be somewhere in the clouds, as there is no place on land left to look for it. With the help of Flutter and his Sky Troopas, Mario and his friends discover the Bean Valley. In a Warp Pipe in Bean Valley, a Beezo grows a giant Piranha Plant, the Megasmilax. Mario and company have to defeat it in order to gain access to the giant tendril which leads up to the clouds and to Nimbus Land.

World 6: Nimbus Land[edit | edit source]

The floating Nimbus Land.

As Mario reaches Nimbus Land's plaza, Valentina is currently giving a speech to the local Nimbus. She says that King Nimbus is ill at the moment and cannot do his business. Also, she introduces the giant bird Dodo as being the lost Prince Mallow. Though Dodo looks nothing like a Nimbus and cannot speak, Valentina claims the "prince" wants to marry her, thus making her the queen of Nimbus Land. She then leaves for the castle, which is closed for the public.

Though Mallow does not realize at first that he is the actual prince, he is told so by Garro, a sculptor for the royal family. Garro agrees to help Mario and Mallow against Valentina. He coats Mario in gold, disguising him as one of Garro's statues. He takes it to Nimbus Castle with other statues for Valentina. Inside, Mario barely escapes Dodo's wrath as he pecks on random statues instead of polishing them on Valentina's behalf. He takes off the statue disguise and fights his way through the heavily guarded castle.

On their route through the castle, Mario and his friends encounter a giant Shelly, which turns out to be Birdo who is working for Valentina. After defeating her, Mario gets to the back door of Nimbus Castle and falls down a few layers of clouds. He quickly heads back to the plaza of Nimbus Land, where he meets Valentina and Dodo. After being defeated by Mario, Valentina falls through the clouds and, surprisingly, ends up at Booster Tower, just as Toadstool did before.

Mallow is then reunited with his parents, King and Queen Nimbus. They say they heard a Star Piece has fallen into the nearby Barrel Volcano. So, Mario and his friends drop of the clouds from a specific place and fall right into the chimney of the volcano. The heroes fight their way through the hot volcano and take a stop at Hinopio's shop and inn. Shortly afterwards, they face a great wyrm known as the Czar Dragon, the guardian of the sixth Star Piece. They manage to defeat the fiery wyrm, but it resurrects and becomes the undead abomination, the dreaded bonewyrm Zombone. However, the bonewyrm is defeated. As Mario tries to collect the Star Piece, it is snatched away before his hands by the Axem Rangers.

The Axem Rangers.

The Axem Rangers, five members of the Smithy Gang, run away with the Star Piece through Barrel Volcano, shortly followed by Mario and his friends. On top of the volcano, they head onto Blade, the huge battleship that failed to take away Yaridovich earlier. On Blade, Mario and company defeat all the Axem Rangers and also destroy the ship's Breaker Beam. Blade is destroyed, and Mario finally gets the sixth Star Piece.

World 7: Factory[edit | edit source]

After meeting King and Queen Nimbus again, Mario and his friends take Nimbus Land's Royal Bus to get access to Bowser's Keep, which is unreachable through any other means because Exor destroyed the bridge to the nearby Vista Hill.

All members of the Koopa Troop in Bowser's Keep have either defected to or been brainwashed by the Smithy Gang. However, many are scared off by their former boss Bowser. Mario meets Croco again, who does not fight him this time, but rather offers him help by selling his items.

Mario then reaches a room with doors to six corridors, of which he has to clear four. Two corridors are action courses, two are fighting areas, and two are puzzle courses led by Dr. Topper. In the fighting areas, Mario can encounter enemies such as the Chester. All enemies in the fighting areas are created by a brainwashed Magikoopa and the statues.

After the required amount of courses is cleared, Mario proceeds and fights the brainwashed Magikoopa. After its defeat, the Magikoopa comes to its senses again and helps out Mario's party, creating treasure boxes with unlimited coins as well as healing them. Croco also appears for a second time offering his items.

Mario reaches the final room of the keep again, and gets onto the chandeliers he fought Bowser on at the beginning of the game. This time, the enemy is the Smithy Gang swordsman Boomer. After Mario and his friends defeat Boomer, he falls down. The chandelier with Mario on it is transported upwards by a Chandeli-ho to the highest tower of the keep. There, Mario's party finally enters combat with Exor. The giant sword foe is shielded by its eyes in battle. However, after the eyes are "knocked out", Mario and company can defeat Exor. With the mighty sword's last ounce of strength, Exor inhales Mario and his party with its mouth, the Neosquid, which acts as a portal to Smithy's dimension.

Mario, Mallow, Geno, Bowser and Toadstool are brought to Smithy's Factory, his base of operation for the invasion of Mushroom Kingdom. In the gloomy universe, they have to fight many previous enemies a second time. Notably, Machine Mades, which are gray copies of Mack, Bowyer, Yaridovich and the Axem Rangers, are produced en masse in the Factory. Additionally, they encounter Count Down, a giant clock which is controlled by the bell-like Ding-A-Lings.

They also fight the duo of Cloaker and Domino. When either one of them is defeated, the other runs away to make use of his giant snake. Domino's snake is Mad Adder, while Cloaker's is Earth Link. However, even with the help of the snake, he is defeated by Mario. Mario and company then enter the production lines of the Factory. There, they have to fight the Factory's Clerk, Manager and Director before meeting the Factory Chief. The Factory Chief is using the Gunyolk in battle. However, he still is defeated by Mario.

Mario and gang meet Smithy.

The five heroes finally meet Smithy at the basement of the Factory. Smithy is constantly creating more weapons with his hammer and the Smelter. He also holds the seventh and last Star Piece. Refusing to give it away, he starts to fight Mario and his allies. At first, he use the Smelter to create Shypers to aide him in battle. However, he is soon defeated. Angry, he slams the floor with his hammer several times. Because the floor has only been constructed the day before, it breaks and Smithy, along with Mario and company, falls down to a dark area below the Factory.

Furious, Smithy changes into his real form for the final battle. With his hammer, he has the power to transform his head into five different forms, all with special abilities. However, after a long battle, he is defeated and destroyed by Mario and his friends.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

The ending screen with Mario, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Toad, and the Chancellor.

With all seven Star Pieces restored, Geno thanks the others and says goodbye, before leaving the form of a doll and returning to a small star. The Star Road is restored, and Mario, Mallow, Bowser, Toadstool and the Geno doll are returned to Mario's World. Exor dissolves into thin air.

Here's what happened in the end according to each star:

  • Mallow is crowned the prince of Nimbus Land.
  • Bowser repairs his keep with the help of his minions.
  • Jonathan Jones looks out at the sunset from the cliff where the Yaridovich battle took place.
  • Croco is seen racing the Mushroom Derby against Yoshi. Though he loses this race, he is consoled by Boshi and the two walk off together (seemingly establishing a friendship).
  • Frogfucius and his Student both attend a concert held by Toadofsky.
  • Valentina and Booster get married with Dodo exchanging vows. However, Booster runs off and Valentina follows, leaving Dodo confused.
  • Mario and Princess Toadstool return to the Mushroom Kingdom, thanking the player for all of the hard work.

As the credits roll, there is a parade featuring every character in it. In his only appearance in the game, Luigi is the parade grand marshal.

Sidequests[edit | edit source]

During their adventure, Mario and his friends are free to visit several optional places in the world.

The biggest of them is Yo'ster Isle, the home island of the Yoshis, which can be reached via the Pipe Vault between Rose Town and Moleville. The Pipe Vault is held in the traditional side-scrolling manner of earlier Mario games such as Super Mario Bros., and features classic enemies such as Piranha Plants. On Yo'ster Isle, Mario meets Yoshi and can ride him. On Yoshi's back, Mario is able to talk to other Yoshis on the island, with Yoshi translating their words from the Yoshi language. On Yoshi's back, Mario can compete in the Mushroom Derby, a racing minigame, against the island's champion, the rude Boshi. Entry into the derby requires Yoshi Cookies. After winning the Mushroom Derby, Mario has access to Yoshi Cookies outside the island. He can summon Yoshi in battle, who swallows smaller enemies, leaving back a certain item or a Yoshi Candy.

Another optional place to visit is Grate Guy's Casino, which opens after Mario's quest to Nimbus Land. To enter it, Mario has to get the membership card by Knife Guy in Booster's Tower, then find the secret entrance to the casino in Bean Valley. The casino offers several minigames to win coins.

In Monstro Town, there is a sealed door. Mario only can open it with a Shiny Stone, which he can get from a girl mole in Moleville if the player gives her fireworks, which they can get from a male mole in Moleville for 500 coins. When they open the door, the player then meets Culex.

After the party's adventures in Marrymore, the player can return to the Mushroom Kingdom, find the Inn, and talk to a young Toad in the corner. After talking to him several times, he sells Mario a minigame, Beetle Mania, for 500 coins.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Memorable Moments[edit | edit source]

  • Battling Culex under-leveled.
    • "No, he did not play Jesus Christ."
    • Singing his own rendition of Final Fantasy Victory Theme With Lyrics after beating Culex

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