Super Mario Galaxy 2 is Emile's 41st Let's Play. It was announced on October 24th, 2019 and began the following day. It is among Emile's most anticipated LP to date, starting it more than 9 years since Super Luigi Galaxy concluded. The series has 48 episodes and has a total length of 17 hours, 2 minutes, and 4 seconds.

Description[edit | edit source]

October 25th, 2019 - December 18th, 2019

A grand return to the cosmos and skies outside the Mushroom Kingdom!

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • In the episode of Chrono Trigger where the split timelines were introduced, Episode 13 -  The Day the World Died, a brief glimpse at the end of one of the game's Transmissions from Nintendo, darkened to hide their identity, was seen, and caught by a few. In it, the name of the game was seen. Those that identified the hint by this received the first episode of the Let's Play few days before public.
  • It would be "a long-awaited continuation."
  • The game was not mentioned in the last 24 hours when the second hint was posted. (thus it couldn't be Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Hey! Pikmin!, Xenoblade Chronicles X, or Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.)

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. A Delayed Launch
  2. Yoshi Time!
  3. King of the Storm
  4. Running With Drills
  5. A Fluffy, Puffy Toughie
  6. Cosmic Woman
  7. Hightail Lizard
  8. Roll for Initiative
  9. Twin Falls Glacier
  10. Giant Tortoise
  11. Inflation Station
  12. Courting Luigi
  13. The Money Slide
  14. Scary Boogie
  15. Flying Home for Christmas
  16. Sharp Nibble Pain
  17. Big Trouble
  18. Glamdozer for Rent
  19. Vacation Blues
  20. Don't Stop Bee-lieving
  21. Spring To Death
  22. The Big Rematch
  23. Taking the Heat
  24. Squizzard Of Flaws
  25. Boo Moon Doom
  26. Remember You Are Being Watched
  27. The Boomsday Device
  28. Melty Monster Mansion
  29. Dropping Like Clockwork
  30. King of Throwbacks
  31. Notch in the Battle Belt
  32. The Grinning of the End
  33. Bowser's Galaxy Generator
  34. Back to Space
  35. Over the Painbow
  36. King Boss
  37. Flippin' Out
  38. It Ain't Easy Getting Green
  39. The Green Bean String Bean
  40. Wild Green Yonder
  41. The Brass is Always Greener!
  42. Honey Green Bee
  43. Feeling a Little Green
  44. Green Dream Team
  45. Men in Green
  46. Hey Now, You're a Green Star
  47. The Ultimate Test
  48. The Perfect Run

Running Gags and Jokes[edit | edit source]

  • Reading words twice when emoji are used
  • Speedrunners
  • Lubba's puns
  • Whittles being a cute, underrated species
  • Barely winning a race
  • Luigi being used in the oddest situations
  • The Chimney on Starship Mario never being acknowledged until the finale where a picture in memory of Pippy is shown after entering it and the end-slate showing off the engine room it gives access to
  • Being unable to go into First-Person mode when he wants to
  • Return of the Battery Meter after the final boss
  • Charlie.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Let's Play is dedicated to the memory of Pippy.
  • This is the last Let's Play Chuggaaconroy did in the 2010s.
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