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Stephen & Chuggaaconroy Catch Mewtwo! (Pokémon -62)

"Stephen & Chuggaaconroy Catch Mewtwo!" is the sixty-second episode of StephenPlays' Let's Play Pokémon LeafGreen. The episode was published on April 23rd, 2013. The episode is 46 minutes and 5 seconds long.


"Special guest Chugga, who introduced the LP so many months ago, is here to help us end it. We'll use his expertise to catch the legendary Mewtwo! ...if we can stop laughing, that is.

Chugga's channel:

As a side note, thank you all for the continued support throughout the wacky lifespan of this LP. It's been a weird one, but I'm definitely proud of it. You can expect the "StephenPlays Pokédex" video sometime next week."


Stephen is joined by Emile as they battle Mewtwo.

"StephenPlays Pokédex" Entries

  • Mewtwo (Art: Lines by Emile, Colors by Stephen)

Pokémon Encountered

 Major Battle(s)

Mewtwo SSB4.png

Stephen vs. Mewtwo

Stephen's Team



Winner: Stephen (2 Pokémon Remaining, 4 Pokémon Fainted)

Loser: Mewtwo (Captured)