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Statik is Emile/Whitlea's Galvantula in Pokémon Black.

Pokémon Black & White

Episode 48: Time's Dividing Line

Statik is used in the Rotation Battle against the Battle House trainers in Black Version, alongside Burk and ∶). He defeats both Mienfoo and Elgyem and grows to Level 41 at the end of the battle.

Episode 82: Battle Across Time

Whitlea uses Statik in the first battle against Blair. Statik is able to take Roc below half of his full health using Sucker Punch, activating his Defeatist ability. Because this lowered his foe's Attack stat, Statik was able to take a hit from Rock Slide. He was taken out in the next turn by Roc's Acrobatics, however.


Current Moves

Previous Moves


  • Statik was never seen as a Joltik.
    • This may be due to White being Emile's main game for the LP and not Black.
  • Statik was Whitlea's primary Pokemon in attempting to catch Tornadus the legitimate way, using Spider Web to keep it from escaping on the first turn.
    • Statik is also Emile's 2nd Pokemon used to trap roaming Pokemon.
    • The capture finally succeeded in the fourth encounter.
  • Statik is Emile's Third Electric type after Voltaire, and Haywire.
  • He is also his second Bug type after Walnut.