"Friendly Rivalry" is the first episode of TheRunawayGuys' Collab of Star Fox 64.

It was uploaded on August 31, 2019.

Description Edit

"Emile has never fully played through StarFox 64, so it's about time he did."

Summary Edit

Fox McCloud (Emile, guided by Jon and Tim) begins his quest alongside his Star Fox companions, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare to save the Lylat System from the grips of Andross

Fox and the crew take on Corneria, making it through the normal path and defeating the boss Granga's Mech, although Falco goes down and his ship has to be repaired. 

Stages Cleared Edit

  • Corneria (easy path)

Trivia Edit

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