Star Fox 64 is the 33rd collab by TheRunawayGuys.

Similar to previous projects such as Super Metroid, this collab features Chuggaaconroy playing the game mostly blind while ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun subtly guide him.


"Emile had never played past the third level of this beloved classic game, so it sounded like a formula to us!"

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Prologue Edit

The Lylat system. This small group of planets enjoyed years of prosperity. The inhabitants lived in peace. That is, until Andross came into view.

Andross was born and raised on Corneria, fourth planet of the system, and grew to be a brilliant scientist.

Dr. Andross had been focusing all his time and energy researching bio-technology. But, since Corneria was a peaceful planet, this research went in vain. Over time, his mind became twisted and his morals became demented. Andross went mad.

One day, a weapon, secretly developed by Andross, was unleashed on the residents of Corneria. Andross had turned his back on his homeward. Corneria's major cities were damaged. Luckily, Andross was captured by General Pepper, charged with treason and exiled to the planet Venom.

Five years later, reports from Corneria's observation station had confirmed disturbing activity from Venom. General Pepper sent three members of the Star Fox team, James McCloud, Pigma Dengar and Peppy Hare, to investigate.

When they arrived at Venom, Pigma betrayed his teammates and turned them over to his new master, Andross. Peppy barely managed to escape and returned home to his homeward to report McCloud's fate to his son, Fox.

Consumed with hatred, Andross declared war on the Lylat system. Slowly, Andross had taken control planet by planet. Now, Andross is advancing on Corneria.

General Pepper knows that Corneria's army alone cannot stop Andross. In his hour of need, he has turned to the new Star Fox team to save Corneria and free Lylat from Andross' evil clutches!”[1]

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Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Fox's Dad Issues
  • Chugga repeatedly shooting Falco
    • As of episode 15, a counter was added for how many times Falco says a certain line after being shot.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Star Fox game played on either Chugga's solo or collab channel.

References Edit

  1. Star Fox 641997 Instruction Booklet
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