"A Mis-pun-derstanding" is a the third episode of the Sleepversus 2017 by Marriland, featuring Chuggaaconroy, Sephazon, & Yoshiller.

Description Edit

"The SLEEPVERSUS 2017 stream took place on May 13–14, 2017 and featured Marriland & Yoshiller (Team Marriller) versus Sephazon & Chuggaaconroy (Team Sephaaconroy), with each team playing both Pokémon Sun & Moon at the same time and competing to see who can get the most unique Pokémon registered in their team's combined Pokédex in 24 hours, except with two crazy twists — Wonder Trades and the disruptive Wonder Deck!"

Summary Edit

The Sleepversus 2017 continues! KingGroose donates 30,000 bits, causing the guys to have to draw 3 Wonder Cards apiece. In the ensuing barrage of cards, Emile and Yoshiller are forced to trade their entire teams (as are Marriland and Sephazon), Emile and Yoshiller trade Azura for Pokemon, Dratini for Carbink, Ilyana for Pnokemo, Flooooooooon for Pokemno, Titania for Poeknom, Grim Reaper for Pkoemon. To fulfill a later Wonder Card, Emile trades Pokemon back to Yoshiller for Flooooooooon. Emile Wonder Trades a Yungoos for Brandon's Popplio.

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