"The Elusive Caterpie!" is a the first episode of the Sleepversus 2017 by Marriland, featuring Chuggaaconroy, Sephazon, & Yoshiller.

Description Edit

"The SLEEPVERSUS 2017 stream took place on May 13–14, 2017 and featured Marriland & Yoshiller (Team Marriller) versus Sephazon & Chuggaaconroy (Team Sephaaconroy), with each team playing both Pokémon Sun & Moon at the same time and competing to see who can get the most unique Pokémon registered in their team's combined Pokédex in 24 hours, except with two crazy twists — Wonder Trades and the disruptive Wonder Deck!"

Summary Edit

The Sleepversus 2017 begins! Emile obtains Littenhere, Peckish, Olgoos, Prayer, RageCandyBar, and Grim Reaper. He Wonder Trades Olgoos and receives a Dratini from Xander.

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