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Slavinator is Chuggaaconroy's Zigzagoon in Pokémon Emerald.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 5

Slavinator was captured offscreen in order to be used as an HM Slave. He was caught on Hoenn Route 103 and has a Lonely Nature.[1]

Episode 8

During a battle with Dewford Gym Leader Brawly, both Chugga and Brawly were on their last Pokémon, which were Slavinator and Makuhita respectively. Slavinator was sent out after Makuhita defeated all of Emile's main team, after which the Fighting Type Pokémon fainted because of Slavinator's stare (actually due to poison from earlier in the battle). The experience grew him from Level 3 to Level 7 (learning Tail Whip at Level 5).

Episode 12

When Emile battled Gym Leader Wattson in Mauville City, he sent out Slavinator against Wattson's Manectric as a sacrifice in order to heal Teddy. Slavinator was taken down by one Quick Attack.

Episode 13

Emile taught Slavinator Rock Smash from HM06. His first use of the move in the overworld was in Rusturf Tunnel, reuniting Wanda and her boyfriend. Later, Emile took a Super Potion that Slavinator found from his Pickup Ability.

Episode 15

On Route 111's north side, Emile taught Slavinator Secret Power from TM43 to create a Secret Base and showcase the features. He also found another item with Pickup (a Potion), which Emile took.

Episode 17

At the beginning of the episode, Emile took another Potion that Slavinator found. It turns out he found said Potion in the previous episode, but Emile failed to notice.

Episode 20

Emile deposited Slavinator in the PC to make room for an egg he received from a lady in Lavaridge Town.

Episode 21

Slavinator was taken out of the PC since Emile needed Rock Smash to navigate Mirage Tower in the desert part of Route 111. Emile first returned to Mauville City to switch the Acro Bike with the Mach Bike since the latter was also required in Mirage Tower.

Episode 22

Slavinator found a total of three items from Pickup. The first was a Super Potion, which Emile took on Route 111. Then he found two Great Balls in a row while Emile was in the Petalburg City Gym.

During the battle with Gym Leader Norman, Slavinator was used as a sacrifice against Norman's Linoone in order for Emile to use a Revive on Moegami. Linoone easily defeated Slavinator with Slash.

Episode 24

Slavinator found a Great Ball and later a Potion from Pickup. Emile later put him in the PC so he could have the egg from Lavaridge Town with him as he traveled north on Route 119.

Episode 25

Emile withdrew Slavinator from the PC to travel to Fallarbor Town so he could challenge the Battle Tent there. He later deposited him again for the egg as he continued on Route 119.

Episode 29

Emile took out Slavinator from the PC and deposited Teddy so he could be used to retrieve items blocked with Cut on Route 120.

For Emile's third battle with Gabby and Ty, he accidentally sent out Slavinator, due to not realizing he was in the lead spot. Regardless, he had Slavinator attack. Acooltent did around half of the HP to both Magneton and Loudred. Magneton then paralyzed Slavinator with its Thunder Wave while Loudred boosted its Attack via Howl. Somehow, Slavinator wasn't fully paralyzed, and used the planned Rock Smash. The super effective attack was enough to put Magneton in yellow HP. Though Acooltent brought both opponents to the red, Magneton used Spark to take out Slavinator, in spite of Acooltent's weakness to Electric.

Following Emile's break to Fortree City to heal, he found a Kecleon while going to explore the Scorched Slab. However, he forgot to switch Slavinator out of the lead. Emile then tried to have Slavinator attack Kecleon with Rock Smash (telling him to "believe in the Heart of the Balls") but to no avail, as it easily defeated him with Faint Attack.

Emile proceeded on Route 120 with Slavinator unconscious, switching him out of the lead before battling Ninja Boy Riley and Battle Girl Callie. He later found a Repel from Pickup, which Emile took. Emile then used Slavinator to demonstrate how Cut can be used to remove the long grass on the route.

Episode 30

At the beginning of the episode, Slavinator used Cut on the single patch of tall grass that Hex Maniac Tammy was standing in. Though he was still fainted from the previous episode, Slavinator helped Emile take shortcuts and find certain items with Cut along Route 121. Once he made it to Lilycove City, Emile deposited Slavinator in the PC to withdraw Teddy again. Emile also took an Escape Rope that Slavinator found via Pickup directly from the PC.

Episode 34

Emile took Slavinator out of the PC once again (depositing Teddy), this time so Emile could reach certain items on Route 123. He later put him back once he was done.

Episode 45

Chuggaa went to the Desert Ruins to try to catch Regirock. Chuggaa took two steps left and two steps down from the braille inscription on the wall and had Slavinator use Rock Smash to open the door to the inner chamber.

During the battle, Emile sent out Slavinator after Teddy, Pandora, and Moegami fainted. He threw two Poké Balls which both failed, with Regirock using Curse after each. The first use of Curse lowered its Speed while raising its Attack and Defense. The second use only had the Attack and Defense buff, as its Speed wouldn't go any lower. After Emile failed with a third Poké Ball, Regirock finally knocked out Slavinator with Rock Throw.

Similarly, Slavinator was Emile's last conscious Pokémon on his third attempt at the battle, during which Regirock merely used Curse after a failed Premier Ball. Emile then tried a Luxury Ball, which Regirock broke out of before using AncientPower to beat Slavinator.


  • Rock Smash
  • Cut
  • Secret Power
  • Tail Whip


  • Chugga had a bad habit of not getting Slavinator's item when it used its ability, Pickup.
  • Chugga mistook Derpidius' ability for Slavinator's and then remembered that Bidoof can't even get the pickup ability.
  • Like many other Memetic characters in Chuggaaconroy's Let's Plays, Slavinator has inspired a Twitter account from his exploits.
  • Slavinator can be seen in the Emerald PC Box in Pokémon Platinum - Episode 79: Park It while Emile is accessing in through Pal Park.
  • Slavinator's victory against Brawly is similar to how Bulbapedia won against Gary's Charizard in Pokémon FireRed.


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