Not to be confused with Vui.

Saikou is Emile's Espeon in his Let's Play of Pokémon Colosseum. He was the first Pokémon to join Emile's team.

Pokémon Colosseum Edit

Episode 1 "Starting with a Bang!" Edit

He first appeared along with Baggage escaping with Wes/Emile.

Episode 15 "Purification" Edit

He was named by IzzyEevee13670. His name means the greatest or the best in Japanese.

Saikou is currently level 63.


Current Moves

  • Psychic
  • Return
  • Reflect
  • Protect

Previous MovesEdit

  • Confusion
  • Psybeam
  • Helping Hand


  • He is Chugga's main attacker.
  • Some other suggested names he noted were:
    1. Twilight Sparkle 
    2. Amethyst
    3. Espionage
    4. Lucas
    5. Kumatora
    6. Ammaterasu/Ammy
  • Saikou, Vui, and Voltaire (as an Eevee), along with RK9 and Roary, are the only Pokémon to be from a species that Chugga has used more than once.
  • He and Marshall are the only Pokémon that Emile has used that only has 1 word in all of his moves.
  • Saikou is the only Eeveelution Chugga has used that was never actually an Eevee during the Let's Play (for Wes starts with both Espeon and Umbreon by default).
  • Due to Return being classified as a physical move in Gen III, Saikou was pretty much useless against Dark types, particularly Sableye, who is immune to all of Saikou's offensive moves (which was shown in the Deep King fight.)