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Roary is Emile's Arcanine Pokémon Crystal. He was the third Pokémon to join his team.

Roary is the second Arcanine that Emile used in his team for a Let's Play, the first being RK9 in Pokémon FireRed.

Pokémon Crystal

Part 4

Emile sought a Growlithe for his team, and searched on Route 36 to find one. In doing so, he encountered four Growlithes, all of them Level 5 males.

The first one he found, he sent out Darmani against, who used Tackle to weaken it slightly, but the Growlithe immediately used Roar, ending the battle.

The second one he found used Bite in response to Darmani's Tackle. They exchanged blows for three turns, during which Growlithe took out most of Darmani's HP, but then it too used Roar.

The third one he found, Emile sent out Odairu against instead, thinking that the Totodile could do more damage faster and therefore minimize his chances at failure. He proved to be half-right; a critical Scratch attack knocked the Growlithe out immediately, to Emile's frustration.

The fourth one he found, he also battled with Odairu. To Emile's indignant surprise, Odairu's Scratch attack was critical again, but the Growlithe survived it without even reaching the red zone of HP, and countered with Bite. It did little damage, and Emile took the chance to throw a Poké Ball, succeeding in catching the Growlithe. Emile couldn't think of a good nickname at first, and elected to nickname him RK9 as a placeholder in favor of his predecessor, but upon discovering that the Generation II games didn't allow numbers in nicknames, he settled for Grwlth (Growlithe without the vowels) as a placeholder name instead.

Roary's first battle was against Sage Nico in Sprout Tower. Despite having no Fire-Type attacks, his Type advantage and Bite's possibility to flinch enabled him to win with hardly any damage, growing to Level 6 in the process.

Part 5

Roary defeated Sage Chow with about as much ease as Nico, taking slightly more damage, but winning and growing to Level 7 in the process. He then defeated a wild Gastly before beating four more Sages offscreen, growing three levels to Level 10 and learning Ember in the process.

Roary defeated Sage Li's first Bellsprout with one Ember attack before Emile switched to Darmani to give the under-leveled Phanpy some experience as Li sent out his Hoothoot. Roary switched back in immediately, taking the Hoothoot out with three Ember attacks and losing a large but not worrying amount of his HP in the process. He again switched briefly out for Darmani, against Li's second Bellsprout, but then ended the battle with one Ember.

Roary later battled Bird Keeper Abe in Violet Gym, losing over half of his HP to his Spearow's Peck attacks but defeating it with two Ember attacks nonetheless. To Emile's chagrin, the resulting experience was slightly too little to make him grow a level.

Part 6

Amidst Emile's grousing about his terrible choice for his nickname and having thought of a good one, Roary battled Bird Keeper Rod's first Pidgey. He took little damage from its Tackle before defeating it with two Ember attacks, growing to Level 11 in the process.

Part 8

When Emile cut to the end of the battle against Firebreather Bill in Union Cave, Roary was on the field at almost full HP. Shortly afterwards, Emile used the TM39 that he found to teach Roary Swift. He later repeated the incident with Bill against PokéManiac Larry, with Roary having the same amount of HP but being very close to leveling up. Before leaving the cave, in one or two cut battles against wild Pokémon, Roary grew to Level 12.

Later, he battled Hiker Anthony on Route 33. Due to Bite being a Special attack, Roary used it to whittle down his Geodude's HP. He took a lot of damage from Geodude's first Rock Throw attack, but dodged the second one to finish it off with his third Bite attack.

Roary then battled Anthony's Machop, attacking it with Ember. He dodged the Fighting-Type's first Low Kick, but Machop struck with the second one, hurting the weakened Growlithe. Roary endured the attack with a sliver of HP, however, and finished Machop off with his third Ember.

Part 9

After battling the second Team Rocket Grunt in Slowpoke Well, during which both Odairu and Darmani grow to Level 13, Emile switched Roary to the front of the party, and subsequently, the Growlithe battled the third Grunt. Two Ember attacks made quick work of his Rattata, and nearly did the same to his Zubat, but the Poison/Flying-Type managed to strike Roary with Supersonic, and the resulting confusion along with repeated (though very weak) Leech Life attacks nearly depleted the Growlithe's HP. Regardless, he managed to fight through the confusion enough to use Bite, finishing the Zubat off and subsequently growing to Level 13. Emile then switched him out for Odairu as the Grunt sent out his second Zubat.

After healing offscreen, Roary battled the final Rocket in the well, Proton. Repeated Ember attacks made short work of his Koffing, though a Smog attack poisoned him before he knocked it out. This proved to be futile, however, as Kurt healed Emile's team on the way back to his house.

Part 10

Roary proved to be Emile's front runner in the Azalea Gym. He defeated Twins Amy and May and Bug Catcher Al unscathed and grew to Level 14 in the process. He then battled Bug Catcher Benny's Beedrill, and though he lost most of his HP to Benny's Beedrill's Fury Attacks, he won and grows to Level 15. Emile then healed offscreen before challenging the Gym Leader, Bugsy.

Roary dominated the fight against Bugsy, defeating his Metapod and Kakuna with one Ember each, and in-between, defeating his Scyther with three Ember attacks while taking only 8 damage, growing to Level 16 in the process and earning Emile the Hive Badge.

Part 11

At the start of the episode, Odairu replaced Roary at the front of the party.

Roary played a major part in the second rival battle against Eyan, battling his Bayleef. Due to type advantage, Poisonpowder's poor accuracy, and a critical hit, Roary defeated it with two Ember attacks while losing only 7 HP to a Razor Leaf.

Roary then battled Eyan's last Pokémon, his Zubat. He lost almost a quarter of his HP to Zubat's Bite attacks, but depleted its HP with three Ember attacks, growing to Level 17 and winning the battle for Emile. Afterwards, Emile healed his team at the Azalea Pokémon Center.

After helping the Charcoal maker's apprentice catch his Farfetch'd and obtaining Charcoal from him as thanks, Emile gave the Charcoal to Roary to hold.

Part 12

While Emile talked about the Pokémon that players could buy in the Game Corner, Roary battled against PokéManiac Donald in the Goldenrod City Underground, switching in from Darmani at the start of the battle. Despite the Type advantage that Bite would have, Roary only used Swift in the battle, and defeated Donald's two Slowpokes with very little damage to himself.

Emile then visited the Name Rater's house and gave Roary his nickname, though he taunted the fans by refusing to show it until the following episode.

Part 13

Emile switched Roary in against Lass Carrie's Snubbull in Goldenrod Gym after Darmani weakened it slightly, subsequently revealing his nickname. Emile cut the remainder of the battle, but Roary lost 10 of his HP from it.

Roary began the battle against the Gym Leader Whitney, battling her Clefairy. He lost half of his HP to her Doubleslap and the Metronome-generated Fire Punch, but repeated Ember attacks knocked her out. Emile then switched him out for Darmani as Whitney sent out her Miltank.

Emile sent Roary back out against Whitney's Miltank after it knocked out Darmani, as well as Emile's Hoothoot and Josh, whom Emile used as sacrifice plays. Despite Roary's low HP and weakness to Rollout, Emile sent him out in hopes of burning Miltank. Miltank attempted to Stomp him, but missed twice, and Roary subsequently struck with two Ember attacks. The third Stomp hit, however, and knocked Roary out.

Part 14

Roary battled a wild Snubbull and then Bug Catcher Arnie's Venonat on Route 35, growing to Level 18 in the process and subsequently forgetting Roar to learn Leer.

Part 15

Offscreen, Roary grew to Level 19.

In a mostly cut battle against Schoolboy Alan, Roary defeated his Tangela with ease, nearly depleting its HP with Ember and then burning it to deplete the rest.

Part 16

In National Park, Emile found TM28, and used it to teach Roary Dig in place of Bite after finding that Darmani couldn't learn it.

Later, Schoolboy Alan called Emile offscreen, and when Emile spoke to him again, he acquired a Fire Stone. However, Emile chose to wait to use it until Roary learned more moves.

In the Ecruteak Dance Studio, Roary battled against Kimono Girl Sayo's Espeon after it knocked out Darmani. A critical Tackle from the severely weakened Psychic-Type took out a decent amount of Roary's HP, but a single Ember knocked it out, and Roary subsequently grew to Level 20.

Roary was on the field at the end of the cut battle against Kimono Girl Miki, having defeated her Jolteon while taking only 6 damage.

Part 17

Roary took part in the third rival battle against Eyan in the Burned Tower, battling his Bayleef. The Grass-Type's repeated Razor Leaf attacks depleted more than half of Roary's HP, but his own repeated Ember attacks depleted Bayleef's HP faster, and it fainted. The resulting experience was almost enough to cause Roary to level up. Emile then switched out Roary for Darmani as Eyan sends out his Zubat.

Roary then finished the battle against Eyan's last Pokémon, his Magnemite, after it knocked out Darmani. A single Ember depleted the weakened Electric/Steel-Type's HP, and Roary subsequently grew to Level 21.

Part 19

Roary took part in the battle against Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty, battling his first Haunter. Emile unwisely insulted the Ghost-Type by calling it the less threatening of Morty's two Haunters, prompting the Ghost to immobilize Roary with Hypnosis. Through Night Shade and Curse, the Haunter depleted over half of Roary's HP before the Growlithe awakened and knocked it out with a critical Dig. Emile then switched out Roary for Darmani as Morty sent out his Gengar, his strongest Pokémon.

Roary switched back in against Morty's Gengar after it knocked out Darmani. He attempted to use Dig, but Gengar's Shadow Ball proved to be too much for the weakened Fire-Type, and he fainted.

After Odairu finished the battle, Emile healed his team at the Ecruteak Pokémon Center.

Part 20

Offscreen, Roary grew to Level 22.

Roary battled PokéFan Derek on Route 39, knocking out his Pikachu with a single Dig and subsequently growing to Level 23.

Part 22

Offscreen, Emile used a Rare Candy to elevate Roary to Level 24.

Roary took part in the battle against Mystical Man Eusine, battling his Electrode, his strongest Pokémon, after it knocked out Vui, Darmani, and Methane. The severely weakened Electric-Type used Screech rather than an offensive move, and Roary subsequently finished it off with Ember.

Part 23

Offscreen, Roary grew three Levels to Level 27 and learned Take Down in place of Swift.

Roary took part in the battle against Black Belt Lao's Hitmonchan in the Cianwood City Gym after it knocked out Methane. Hitmonchan's Ice Punch immediately froze Roary solid, and due to Emile forgetting (or neglecting) his status healing items, Hitmonchan depleted more than half of Roary's HP before it used Fire Punch, which defrosted the Growlithe. Repeated Embers from one side and repeated Punches of various sorts from the other side resulted in both Pokémon losing all but the thinnest slivers of health. But Roary endured, and knocked Hitmonchan out with a final Ember, winning the battle. Afterwards, Emile healed offscreen.

Part 24

Emile used TM23 to teach Roary Iron Tail in place of Leer.

Part 25

Roary took part in the battle against Hiker Benjamin on Route 42, battling his Dugtrio after it defeated Methane. A single Ember knocked the weakened Ground-Type out and caused Roary to grow to Level 28, and Emile stated at the same time that he looked forward to when Roary learned Flame Wheel, which was when he would probably use his Fire Stone. Emile then switched Roary out for Odairu as Benjamin sent out his Geodude.

Part 26

Roary battled a wild Venonat, knocking it out with a single Ember.

Part 27

Roary battled the female Team Rocket Grunt in the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town that knew one of the passwords, defeating her Ekans and Gloom with one Dig and one Ember, respectively. He then battled the male Team Rocket Grunt that knew the other password, defeating his Raticate with three Ember attacks but losing a significant amount of HP in the process.

Offscreen, Roary grew to Level 29.

Part 28

Roary finished the battle against Team Rocket Executive Petrol, battling his Koffing. He used Dig, and though Koffing endured the first hit and eroded a significant amount of Roary's HP with Sludge, the Growlithe's second Dig finished it off.

Part 30

Roary battled a Team Rocket Grunt on the ground floor of the Goldenrod Radio Tower. With repeated Ember attacks, he knocked out his first Raticate and damaged his second, insulting Raticate's species all the while, though their repeated Quick Attacks caused more damage than Emile anticipated, due to them using Tail Whip as well. Consequently, before Roary could finish the battle, the second Raticate knocked out the weakened Fire-Type with another Quick Attack.

After Darmani finished the battle, Emile healed his team offscreen.

Roary battled a female Team Rocket Grunt's Arbok on the second floor of the Radio Tower. It used two Leer attacks, only one of which worked, and then one Bite, dealing little damage to Roary before repeated Ember attacks and Burn damage knocked it out.

After the battle, due to Roary being under-leveled and only a couple of Levels away from learning the move Emile was waiting for, he took his Charcoal and gave him the Exp. Share instead, though he forgot to switch Roary out of the front of the party before he got into another battle. Roary subsequently came out briefly at the start of a battle against another Grunt before Emile switched him out for Darmani. He then repeated the mistake with the next Grunt on the second floor before switching Darmani to the front of the party offscreen.

Part 31

At the end of the battle against Rocket Executive Petrel, Roary grew to Level 31. Emile then attempted to use Dig's out-of-battle effect to warp to the entrance of the Radio Tower, but found that he could not, to his frustration.

Part 32

Roary took part in the fourth rival battle against Eyan in the Goldenrod Underground, switching in to battle his Magnemite immediately after growing to Level 32 from the Exp. Share, and knocking the Electric/Steel-Type out with a single Dig attack.

Roary then battled Eyan's Haunter, losing over half of his health to two Shadow Ball attacks, but knocking the Ghost/Poison-Type out with two Dig attacks.

Roary then battled Eyan's Sneasel, his last Pokémon. His Ember attack proved to do less damage than Emile hoped for, and though he attempted to use a second Ember in hopes of inflicting a burn, the Ice/Dark-Type proved to be too fast and too strong, knocking Roary out.

Part 32

Offscreen, Roary grew to Level 33.

Part 33

Offscreen, Roary grew to Level 34 and learned Flame Wheel in place of Ember. Consequently, Emile took the Exp. Share from him and gave him back his Charcoal. Then, before battling the last Rocket Grunt in the Goldenrod Underground, Emile finally used his Fire Stone to evolve Roary into an Arcanine, and switched him to the front of the party in Vui's place.

Roary defeated the Grunt's two Koffings effortlessly; he used Dig against his first Koffing, which immediately used Self-Destruct. The attack missed due to Roary being underground, and Roary subsequently knocked out his second Koffing before it could do anything.

Roary later battled the Rocket Grunt behind the panel locked with the Card Key in the Radio Tower, using Flame Wheel for the first time and defeating his Raticate with a critical hit. Emile then switched Roary out for Darmani as the Grunt sent out his Koffing.

Part 36

Roary took part in the fight against Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair, battling her second Dragonair after it knocked out Odairu and Darmani. By virtue of Arcanine's superior speed, Roary knocked out the severely weakened Dragon-type with Flame Wheel. Emile then switched Roary out for Vui as Clair sent out her Kingdra.

Part 38

Offscreen, Emile switched Roary to the front of the party, and through training on Route 45, Roary grew to Level 35.

Roary battled a wild Donphan on Route 45, defeating it unscathed with two Flame Wheel attacks.

Roary briefly came out against Psychic Gilbert on Route 27 before Emile switched to Odairu (after much deliberation). He later switched back in as Gilbert sent out his Exeggcute, and knocked it out with a single Flame Wheel, then knocked out Gilbert's Girafarig with similar ease, though he took some damage from Confusion.

Part 40

During cut battles against wild Pokémon in Victory Road, Roary grew to Level 36.

Part 41 (Johto Finale - Part 1: Will)

Offscreen, Emile trained Roary up four Levels to Level 40, and then used a Rare Candy to elevate him to Level 41.

Roary took part in the fight against Elite Four Will, battling his Exeggutor. Roary's Flame Wheel nearly depleted the Grass-type's HP, but it barely survived, and used its turn to set up a Reflect before it fell to another Flame Wheel. Emile then switched Roary out for Vui as Will sent out his Slowbro.

Roary later battled against Will's Jynx, his last Pokémon. At Emile's encouragement, he landed a critical hit with Flame Wheel, knocking Jynx out in one shot and winning the battle.

After the battle, Emile switched Roary to the front of the party in place of Odairu.

Part 42 (Johto Finale - Part 2: Koga)

Roary began the battle against Elite Four Koga, defeating his Ariados and Forretress with one Flame Wheel each before either one could attack. Emile then switched Roary out for Vui as Koga sent out his Muk.

After the battle, Emile switched Vui to the front of the party in place of Roary offscreen.

Part 45 (Johto Finale - Part 5: Lance)

Roary took part in the battle against Champion Lance, battling his Charizard, his last Pokémon, after it knocked out Volvagia. Emile used Take Down on the first turn, knocking out half of Charizard's remaining HP, while it used Flamethrower to take out a notable amount of Roary's HP. Correctly assuming that it would use Hyper Beam, Emile used a Revive to revitalize Volvagia, only to discover that it did much less damage to Roary than he anticipated, wiping out about 60% of his remaining HP. Emile subsequently attempted to use Take Down again, but the attack missed, and Charizard used Hyper Beam again, this time knocking Roary out.

Part 46 (Johto Finale - Part 6)

Along with the rest of Emile's team, Roary enters the Hall of Fame.

Part 49 (Kanto - Part 3)

Roary battled the foreign Team Rocket Grunt on Route 24, defeating his Golbat with ease.

Offscreen, Emile deposited Roary in the PC Box to withdraw his Hoothoot.

Part 50 (Kanto - Part 4)

Roary battled against the wild Snorlax in Vermilion City, chipping down its HP with Iron Tail and Flame Wheel. The powerful Normal-Type's Body Slam and Rollout attacks soon proved to be too much for Roary, however, and he fainted after reducing Snorlax to the red zone of its HP.

Emile considered healing Roary afterwards, but decided against it due to there being no trainers in Diglett's Cave. He later healed Roary offscreen when he had to return through Diglett's Cave and withdraw Josh from his PC Box.

Roary later defeated Bug Catcher Ed on Route 2 in a cut battle.

In the Pewter City Gym, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party in Roary's place.

Part 51 (Kanto - Part 5)

Offscreen, in Cianwood City, Emile deposited Roary as he prepared to travel through the Whirl Islands.

Part 52 (Kanto - Part 6)

Offscreen, Emile added Roary back to his party.

Part 53 (Kanto - Part 7)

Roary began the sixth rival battle against Eyan in Mt. Moon, defeating his Sneasel with one Flame Wheel and then battling his Golbat. After weakening it with one Iron Tail, the Poison/Flying-Type kept him at bay with Confuse Ray and Wing Attacks. But after losing most of his HP, he landed another Iron Tail, knocking Golbat out and growing to Level 42. Emile then switched Roary out for Darmani as Eyan sent out his Gengar.

Roary switched back in as Eyan sent out his Meganium, his strongest Pokémon. The speedy Fire-Type wiped out half of Meganium's HP with Flame Wheel, and its retaliatory Poisonpowder missed, leaving Roary free to knock it out with another Flame Wheel. Emile then switched out Roary for Vui as Eyan sent out his Alakazam.

Roary later defeated a wild Paras in Mt. Moon.

Still later, Roary took part in a cut battle against Picnicker Sharon on Route 4.

Part 55 (Kanto - Part 9)

Offscreen, Emile gave Roary the Exp. Share.

During the battle against Vermilion Gym Leader Lieutenant Surge, Roary grew to Level 43.

Part 56 (Kanto - Part 10)

Roary finished the battle against Lass Michelle in the Celadon Gym, defeating her Jumpluff with one Flame Wheel. After the battle, Emile switched Roary to the front of the party.

Roary then battled Beauty Julia, defeating her Paras, Exeggcute, and Parasect with one Flame Wheel each.

Part 57 (Kanto - Part 11)

Roary utterly dominated the battle against Gym Leader Erika. He knocked out her Tangela with one Flame Wheel, then knocked out her Bellossom, her strongest Pokémon, with two, the Grass-Type attempting in vain to use Solarbeam against him. He then took out her Victreebel with three Flame Wheel attacks, taking little damage from its Acid move and requiring a third attack only because Erika used a Hyper Potion, and took out her Jumpluff with a Flame Wheel that burned it and then Take Down, its Leech Seed attack having no chance to take effect against Roary. In the end, Roary grew to Level 45, earning Emile the Rainbow Badge.

Roary later battled Biker Riley's Weezing on Route 17. His Flame Wheel nearly knocked it out, but its retaliatory Sludge attack poisoned Roary. Planning revenge, Emile switched Roary out for Methane.

Roary took a notable amount of damage from poison as Emile continued down Route 17 and Route 18 en route to Fuchsia City. He then participated in a cut battle against Bird Keeper Bob, ending with less than half of his max HP.

Emile healed his team at the Fuchsia Pokémon Center, and then entered Fuchsia Gym. Roary battled Lass Linda, defeating her Bulbasaur, Venusaur, and Ivysaur with one Flame Wheel each.

Part 58 (Kanto - Part 12)

Offscreen, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party before he battled who he (supposedly) thought was Gym Leader Janine, but was actually Lass Alice. During the subsequent battle, Roary grew to Level 46.

Part 59 (Kanto - Part 13)

Roary battled the Karate King, Black Belt Kiyo, in Mt. Mortar, defeating his Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan with one Iron Tail each. After Kiyo gifted Emile with a Tyrogue, Roary used Dig to leave the dungeon.

Part 61 (Kanto - Part 15)

Offscreen, Roary grew to Level 47.

Part 62 (Kanto - Part 16)

Roary took part in the fight against Viridian Gym Leader Blue, battling his Exeggutor after it defeated Vui. Thanks to his superior speed, Roary finished off the weakened Grass/Psychic-Type with Flame Wheel before it could attack him. Emile then switched Roary out for Odairu as Blue sent out his Rhydon.

Roary switched back in as Blue went out his Alakazam. The seven-levels-higher Psychic-Type blasted Roary with a Psychic attack, wiping out most of his HP and lowering his Special Defense, and Emile mistakenly ordered him to use Flame Wheel instead of Take Down. This wiped out only about a third of Alakazam's HP, and its next Psychic blast knocked Roary out.

Part 63 (Kanto - Part 17)

After defeating Blue, Emile did a large amount of training offscreen, during which Roary grew eight Levels to Level 55 and learned Extreme Speed in place of Take Down. He never used it onscreen, however, being the only member of Emile's team that took no part in the final battle against Pokémon Trainer Red.

Why Emile Chose Arcanine

He chose Arcanine due to it having balanced stats and a good move pool, as well as the fact that his current team, Odairu and Darmani, shared a weakness to Grass. Besides this, he decided that he wanted to reuse one Pokémon from his previous Pokémon Let's Play, and saw Growlithe as the best choice.


Final Moves

  • Dig (Part 16—Finale)
  • Iron Tail (Part 24—Finale)
  • Flame Wheel (Part 33—Finale)
  • Extreme Speed (Part 62—Finale)

Former Moves

  • Bite (Part 4—Part 16)
  • Roar (Part 4—Part 14)
  • Ember (Part 5—Part 33)
  • Swift (Part 8—Part 23)
  • Leer (Part 14—Part 24)
  • Take Down (Part 23—Part 62)

Nickname Origin

He planned to give the Growlithe an original nickname eventually, but decided to use his predecessor's nickname as a placeholder, RK9. Unfortunately, this proved impossible due to Crystal's nickname system not having numbers; he typed in 'RKnine', but deleted it. After some deliberation, he used 'GRWLTH' as its placeholder nickname, which is simply 'Growlithe' without the vowels. When he reached Goldenrod City, he picked Roary as a reference to the difficulty he had with catching him, at a fan's suggestion.


  • Roary is the first Pokemon to be reused from a previous let's play.
  • RK9 and Roary both have Flame Wheel and Extremespeed. However, Roary has more type coverage than RK9, knowing a Steel-type and Ground-type move.