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Reznors are a bosses encountered in New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Attacks and Weaknesses

The Reznor attacks by shooting fireballs at Mario while standing on high platforms. They will always appear in groups of either two or four. After half of them are defeated, the remaining individuals will roar and stomp on their platforms, causing the sections of bridge below them to collapse. They can be defeated by hitting the block beneath them, hitting them with six fireballs, hitting them with a gold fireball, or touching them while under the effects of an Invincibility Leaf.

The Runaway Gaiden

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Coin Rush

During Emile's run, he fought the Reznors. He defeated all four of them with one golden fireball. Later, Jon defeated the four with relative ease.


  • Tim was the only one to not face the Reznors during The Runaway Gaiden competition.[1]
  • The Reznors only appear in two games: Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. 2.[2]