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Reyley is a character in Pokémon FireRed.

Pokémon FireRed

Part 12

Reyley and his scientist roommate were visited by Emile. Emile traded an Abra for Reyley's Mr. Mime. Mimien, the Mr. Mime, became the fourth member of Emile's team.

Pokémon Team


Previously Used

  • Mimien/Mr. Mime (Lv. 12, when traded)



  • Reyley is the first character to trade with Emile in a Pokémon LP.
  • In Pokémon Yellow, Reyley asks for a Clefairy instead of an Abra.[1]


  1. "[Reyley] is looking to part ways with a rare Mr. Mime in exchange for an Abra, except in Yellow Version, when he requests a Clefairy instead." - Kanto Route 2 on Bulbapedia