Red Kirby is one of the four main protagonists of the Kirby and the Amazing Mirror collab, along with Pink Kirby, Green Kirby, and Yellow Kirby.

He is controlled by Chuggaaconroy, and his screen is displayed bottom-left.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Episode 1: Split Personality

On a normal day in Dream Land, Kirby is attacked by an unknown assailant and split into four as a result: Pink Kirby (Jon), Yellow Kirby (Stephen), Green Kirby (NCS), and Red Kirby (Emile).


  • Emile playing as Red Kirby is one of the rare time in TRG multiplayer Let's Plays that Emile doesn't play as the primary "Player 1" characters, and the first such time the "Player 1" character is not controlled by Tim (it is instead Jon given there is no Blue Kirby in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror).
  • Red Kirby appears as as one of Kirby's pallette swaps in Super Smash Bros. games since Melee.
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