Pyramid Park is the third board of Mario Party 7 played by TheRunawayGuys. It was a very close game. The board uses the same mechanic as Mario Party 6's Snowflake Lake, being star stealing using Chain Chomps.

Players Edit

Course Edit

The board starts of calmly and the first episode ends with everyone tied with 5 stars. In the second episode a lot of stars get stolen and Tim led with 7 stars only to lose 2 to Dry Bones in a duel. In the final episodes Tim comes back and ties Jon with 6 stars. Tim had the coin lead, but lost it last second in the final minigame, giving Jon the coin lead. Going into the Bonus Star ceremony Jon was in 1st and Tim in 2nd with both 6 stars. Dry Bones was third with 5 stars and Emile last with 4 stars, everyone had a chance of winning the game. The stars during the Bonus Stars ceremony were the Mini-Game, Orb and Running Star. Jon took the Mini-Game star, but Tim the Orb Star. Tim needed the Running Star to win and he won the Running Star. Meaning every TheRunawayGuy won atleast 1 won. This is the first time since Mario Party 3, as well as the first time the first three boards saw no repeat winners since Mario Party 5 (in general as the AI took Toy Dream) and Mario Party 1 (human-only).

Results Edit

Winner: Yoshi (NCS), 8 Stars and 34 Coins

2nd: Waluigi (Jon), 7 Stars and 43 Coins

3rd: Dry Bones (AI), 5 Stars and 36 Coins

Last: Toad (Emile), 4 Stars and 123 Coins

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Tim's Epic Comeback (the first of two consecutive boards to feature such a comeback, but Tim's is successful)
  • The final scores for the Running Star (Tim won to take the board): Tim had 89, followed by 88 for Emile, 87 for Dry Bones, and 84 for Jon.
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