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Psythe is Emile's Gallade in his Let's Play of Pokémon Platinum. He was the fourth Pokémon to join Emile's team.

Pokémon Platinum

Psythe's mid-form of Kirlia.

Psythe is the 4th official member of Chugga's Pokémon Platinum team.

Episode 18: Simply a Catch

Emile captured Psythe as a Ralts in Sinnoh Route 208, an he was not initially nicknamed.

Episode 20: Fllling in The Dex

Ralts evolved into Kirlia.

Episode 24: Rainy Mood

Kirlia's nickname of "Psythe" was revealed during a battle with a wild Bronzor. Psythe reached Level 30. However, Emile cancelled the Evolution, revealing that Psythe will eventually evolve into Gallade rather than Gardevoir.

Episode 28: The Pastoria Symphony

He evolved into his final form of Gallade after getting a Hidden Dawn Stone at Route 212.

Episode 54: Willpower Trip

Psythe was used to help catch Azelf. He was switched in after Supernova fainted.

Episode 65: Lucian Dreams

Psythe was integral in the battle against Flint, as he defeated his Houndoom and learned Close Combat in the process.

Bonus 3: Regirock, Regice, & Registeel

Psythe battled Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.


Current Moves

Previous Moves

Name Origin

Psythe is a portmanteau of Psychic and Scythe. It was suggested by Dakota Walsh on Twitter, and UDtimburrhog & AussieDragoon on YouTube.

Psythe as a Ralts


  • Psythe is the first non-starter Fighting type Emile has obtained.
    • Psythe is the second Fighting type Emile used.
  • He is Emile's 5th Psychic type, the others being Mimien, Vui, Saikou, and Jinzou.
  • Psythe is Emile's first Male-only Pokémon.
    • In addition, he is also Emile's first Pokemon that requires a certain gender to evolve.
  • Due to his nature boosting his attack, Emile confirmed that he would be evolving him into Gallade as he said his nature spoils his evolution. During Episode 24: Rainy Mood, he first tried to evolve into Gardevoir, which was stopped.
    • In addition, a Male Gardevoir would be "awkward" to have in his team rather than a Gallade. Especially the whole "Gender Confusion" memes for Gardevoir.
  • Psythe is the third Pokémon to have their evolution canceled, the only others being Khold and Teddy.
  • Psythe is the Emile's 6th Pokémon that could Mega Evolve.
    • The others being Bulbapedia, Moegami, Altair, Pandora, and Billy Bob.
    • Additionally, Psythe is also Emile's 2nd Pokemon that could Mega Evolve in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, the other being Altair. The other four all gained their Mega Evolutions in X and Y.
  • We didn't actually see Psythe fight in the episode of his capture.
  • Psythe was the 3rd Ralts that Emile tried to capture; the first 2 Male Ralts encountered used Teleport.
  • Emile said that he would rather have Psythe know Mud-Slap than Signal Beam.[1]
  • Psythe (specifically his foot) was originally to appear on Regigigas's artwork by MasaeAnela.[2]
  • Psythe has a Brave nature, which cemented his destiny as a Gallade.
  • He often dozes off.
  • He likes spicy food.
  • Psythe is the 1st Pokemon to utilize False Swipe when catching Non-Ghost type legendaries.