Poo is a playable protagonist in EarthBound and EarthBound (2018). He is the fourth party member.

Earthbound[edit | edit source]

Part 53: Ness Ate Cake And Got Poo! ...Ew[edit | edit source]

This is the first appearance of Poo in the Let's Play (excluding the naming sequence in the first episode). He is seen completing his Mu training and finally joining Ness, Paula and Jeff, making a full party of four.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though their personalities are vastly different, there are some similarities between Poo and Kumatora from Mother 3.
    • They are both royalty (although Kumatora isn't officially royalty, she is referred to as the Princess of Osohe Castle)
    • They are both the only members of their respective parties who are capable of learning PK Starstorm.
    • Neither of them have parents seen in-game despite the other characters having them, and were likely raised by someone else (Poo's Master in his case, the Magypsies for Kumatora)
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