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"Well done, brave explorer! You've discovered a new galaxy!"
―Polari to Luigi, after Luigi discovered Honeyhive Galaxy[src]

Polari is a character in Super Luigi Galaxy.

Super Luigi Galaxy

Episode 1

When Luigi first traveled to the Comet Observatory, with a Grand Star, he was greeted by Rosalina and Polari, her adviser.

Episode 2

Luigi left Polari and Rosalina to go to the Terrace Dome, in order to go to Good Egg Galaxy. Polari appeared in the Terrace Dome, where he, according to Chugga, sacrificed a Blue Luma to create a Pull star for Luigi. Polari then explained some of the mechanics of Super Luigi Galaxy. Polari talked when Luigi came back with his second Power Star. Their conversation continued in the following episode.

Episode 3

Continuing from where last episode left off, Polari explained to Luigi how he can travel to new galaxies.

Episode 29

Polari was seen in the Engine Room when Luigi returned with a Power Star.


  • Polari's name is extremely similiar to Polaris, Chuggaaconroy's affiliate.


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