"Snowpoint-less" is the 45th episode of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Pokémon Platinum.


"We explore Snowpoint City and challenge the Gym Leader!"


Chuggaaconroy explores Snowpoint City, and eventually meets with Maylene. He then takes on the Snowpoint City Gym and battles it's leader, Candice. He then rants about the Medicham for Haunter in-game trade, as he stated the NPC as "evil" due to Haunter holding an Everstone, as first time players thought they would get a Gengar. The trade is considered by many to be a "Trade Troll" or "Worst Trade Ever(stone)". He then concludes with a short speech on the LP.


  • Medicham (D/P Only)
  • Haunter

Pokémon Encountered Edit

Major Battles Edit


Emile vs. CandiceEdit

Emile's TeamEdit

Candice's TeamEdit

  • Sneasel (Lvl. 40)
  • Abamasnow (Lvl. 42)
  • Froslass (Lvl. 44)
  • Piloswine (Lvl. 40)


Winner: Emile (6 Pokémon Remaining, 0 Pokémon Fainted)

Loser: Candice (0 Pokémon Remaining, 4 Pokémon Fainted)

 Trivia Edit

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