"Part 24" is the 24th episode of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Pokémon FireRed.

Description Edit

"We take on Giovanni for the second time with the control of Saffron City at stake!"

Summary Edit

Chuggaaconroy defeats Giovanni and obtains the Master Ball.

Bios Edit

  • Lapras

Pokémon Encountered Edit


Major Battles Edit

FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni

Emile vs. Giovanni II Edit

Emile's Team Edit

Giovanni's Team Edit

  • Nidorino (Lvl. 37)
  • Rhyhorn (Lvl. 37)
  • Kangaskhan (Lvl. 35)
  • Nidoqueen (Lvl. 41)

Result Edit

Winner: Emile (3 Pokémon Remaining, 3 Pokémon Fainted)

Loser: Giovanni (0 Pokémon Remaining, 4 Pokémon Fainted)

Trivia Edit

  • As of this episode, Emile has a full team of 6 fully evolved Pokémon.
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