Pokémon FireRed is Chugga's 7th Let's Play, this LP has 62 videos and the time length is 9 hours, 38 minutes and 12 seconds. It began on June 1st, 2009 with Pokémon FireRed - Part 1.

Playlist Description

"June 1, 2009 - July 31, 2009 November 5, 2009 - November 24, 2009 My first Pokémon Let's Play. Will there be another?"


Main Team

Other Pokémon


  • Finally being able to buy Repels
  • Dugtrio (Part 12)
  • Magical Leaf (Part 17)
  • His phone going off in Team Rocket's Warehouse
  • Not being tall enough to reach the phone in the Celadon Department Store
  • His "impressions" of DeceasedCrab.
  • His battle against a Hiker (Part 8)
  • "And it died a painless..."
  • "You son of a pickle!"
  • The Electrode Rant (Part 29)
  • Saying how all trainers and their Pokémon should die... then immediately running into a Hiker mourning over his dead Onix. (Part 48)
  • "You read my mind so you could read my mind."
  • Catching Zapdos with a Poke Ball after all of his Ultra Balls failed. (Part 29)
  • Battling Moltres (Part 33)
    • This Speech: "Seriously, Moltres, I am here recording this on a Saturday night. *Moltres breaks out of the Poke Ball again* So close! I am here recording this on a Saturday night. You think that I'm just gonna give up and I'm just going to go somewhere else and I'm going to give up on catching you? You think I have better things to do than sit here trying to cram a six-foot tall bird into something the size of a baseball? No, I don't have anything better to do. You think I have friends to go see? You think I have places to go hang out? You think I have dates to go on? You think I have sex to have? Well, apparently you don't know teenage boys on the internet very well. [beat] God, that was a sick burn on myself. Jeez. That was actually pretty relentless. God, I can't believe that I just said that."
    • Telling Moltres to stop being a dick.
    • Comparing his voice to Freddie Mercury, and Billy Mays, among others.


  • Ironically, after the finale, he started calling his Pokémon by their real names (Lapras, Fearow, etc.).
  • Tragically, the save file for this LP has been accidentally deleted.[1]


  1. "@travdalf The FireRed save file is, to date, the only LP save file I have lost. I try to hang onto them all, but it was lost to an accident." - Tweet

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