"The Cold Never Slaughtered Me Anyway" is the twenty-sixth episode of Emile's LP of Pokémon Black & White.

 Description Edit

"We go to the Cold Storage in search of Team Plasma! An ice dungeon where everything is 10 levels weaker than you and nothing is Ice-type!"

Summary Edit

Emile/Blair explores the Cold Storage with Cheren, defeating Team Plasma and helping Clay arrest Zinzolin of the Seven Sages.

Pokémon Bios Edit

  • Vanillite
  • Herdier
  • Stoutland

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Hordior.
  • The episode title is a reference to the lyrics of "Let It Go", a song from Frozen.
    • This is the second episode Emile titled in reference to something animated, the first being Episode 9's RWBY pun
  • First appearance of Roc's Defeatist ability.
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