475px-Victini-Liberty Garden Island

Official artwork of Victini on Liberty Island

"Give me Liberty" is the fourteenth episode of Emile's LP of Pokémon Black & White.

 Description Edit

"We see rare sights, only part of Unovan legends!"

Summary Edit

In Black, Emile/Whitlea travels to Liberty Island, battles Team Plasma, and battles Victini.

Pokémon Bios Edit

  • Victini

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Emile's Victini.
  • First appearance of Burk.
  • First appearance of Bork.
  • First appearance of Birk.
  • First appearance of Bark.
  • The first showcase of Emile using Pokémon Black.
  • This episode's uploading was delayed for one day due to Emile having holiday obligations.[1]

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