"Daily Garbage Run" is the twenty-third episode of Emile's LP of Pokémon Black & White.

 Description Edit

"We leave Nimbasa City to the place we could have gone to all along!"

Summary Edit

Emile/Blair explores more of Nimbasa City after defeating Elesa, before setting off. Cheren and Emile battle by a gate.

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Hilbert the first Trubbish.
  • First appearance of MinceWords.
  • First appearance of Hilbert the second Trubbish.
  • First appearance of Alder.
  • First appearance of Ferris Wheel Hiker.
  • First instance of summer, and of a natural season change.
  • This episode was uploaded following a two-week hiatus, caused by Magfest 2018 and a sickness.[1]
  • Despite being uploaded over two weeks into the year, this is only the third Chuggaaconroy video of 2018.

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