Pokémon Black & White is the 36th Let's Play done by Chuggaaconroy. It was announced on the December 8, 2017, and began the following day.

Pokémon ObtainedEdit


Artwork of one iteration of Emile's team

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See: List of Episodes in Pokémon Black & White

Hints Edit

At the end of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo - Founder's Day [Finale], Emile ends with the following quote...

"For now, I've got a train to catch. And I'll see you back here next time for a visit to a land which has many trains. See you guys then."

Memorable Quotes and MomentsEdit

  • Hilbert the Hero.
  • Poor Haywire getting upstaged at every opportunity.
  • Emile thinking Blair's mom is hot
  • Petilil with a pitchfork
  • The Hiker Dance
  • Roc, as an Archen, sweeping Elesa
  • Emile losing to Cheren and Alder once in this playthrough
  • Delicious Invisible Burger!
  • Emile wailing because he forgot to bring a Flash user At Challenger's Cave.
  • Ottawa defeating Cynthia's entire team


  • This the first Pokémon LP in which Emile uses the Set battle-style.
  • Chugga played both games, though primarily White version due to preference, as no definitive 'Pokémon Gray' version or something akin to Emerald or Platinum exists for Gen V.[1] Whenever progress is needed in regards to version differences, MasaeAnela played Black for Emile.
  • This is the first time Emile's starter Pokémon was female.
  • For this LP, Emile considered numerous potential Pokemon, including Whimsicott,[2] Zoroark,[3][4] Sawsbuck,[5] Cofagrigus,[6] Chandelure,[7] and Accelgor.[8]


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