Jwittz & Chugga (Pokémon Z Rumors & New Games!) - Part 2

Jwittz & Chugga (Pokémon Z Rumors & New Games!) - Part 2

"Pokémon's 20th Anniversary Discussion w/ Jwittz & Chugga (Super Bowl Ad, New Bundle & TCG!) - Part 1" is a video in GameXplain's Discussion series. The video was published on January 15th, 2016. The video is 27 minutes and 26 seconds long.

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Description Edit

"We're joined by JWittz, Chuggaaconroy, and Ted from BrainScratchComms to give our thoughts on Pokémon's recently announced 20th anniversary plans! In Part 2 we talk about the remastered movies, Pokémon Go and Pokkén Tournament, and the rumored Pokémon Z. All this and more in our latest Pokémon discussion!"

Summary Edit

Derrick, Emile, JWittz and Ted from BrainScratchComms finish discussing Pokemon's 20th anniversary.

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