"Day 2" is the second episode of Pikmin.


"We go to the Forest of Hope in HOPE of finding more pieces of our damaged craft!"


Olimar and the Pikmin find a new area called "The Forest Of Hope," filled with life forms. They have much hassle trying to kill off the new enemy, the Spotty Bulborbs. After the battle Olimar is very annoyed to find he is one Pikmin away from getting the ship part. Later in the day, Olimar and Steve find the new Yellow Pikmin, named Bob. Olimar will later recall Bob as the most useless Pikmin.

Pikmin CountEdit

Before Day 2Edit

  • Red Pikmin Count: 25
  • Yellow Pikmin Count: 0
  • Blue Pikmin Count: 0
  • Total Pikmin Count: 25

After Day 2Edit

  • Red Pikmin Count: 59 (+34)
  • Yellow Pikmin Count: 27 (+27)
  • Blue Pikmin Count: 0 (+0)
  • Total Pikmin Count: 86 (+61)

Ship Parts Edit

Retrieved TodayEdit

  • Eternal Fuel Dynamo
  • Shock Absober


3/30 Parts (+2)


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