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[[Category:Days in Pikmin]]
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[[Category:First Episodes]]

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"Day 1" is the first episode of Pikmin. The episode was published on August 22, 2010. The episode is 10 minutes and 24 seconds long.


"Everyone knows onions have flowers and exist to reproduce!

This is my side Let's Play to Super Luigi Galaxy, going to be updated on Wednesdays and Sundays!"


After crash landing on a distant planet, Olimar finds his ship destroyed with 30 parts missing! So then he starts looking about his surroundings, when he finds a strange object that resembled an "onion" to him. Olimar was too curious, so he approached the onion when all the sudden the onion jumped up and sprouted a seed. Olimar didn't know what this "thing" was, so he pulled the seed and a Red Pikmin pops out looking a tad confused. The Pikmin appeared to enjoy carrying things to and fro from base, so Olimar had thought about keeping it, not as a pet, but as a helping tool to help obtain the ship parts. So he sprouted some more Pikmin and recovered the first ship part of the game. Can they get all 30?

Pikmin Count

Before Day 1

  • Red Pikmin Count: 0
  • Yellow Pikmin Count: 0
  • Blue Pikmin Count: 0
  • Total Pikmin Count: 0

After Day 1

  • Red Pikmin Count: 25 (+25)
  • Yellow Pikmin Count: 0 (+0)
  • Blue Pikmin Count: 0 (+0)
  • Total Pikmin Count: 25 (+25)

Ship Parts

Retrieved Today

  • Main Engine


1/30 Parts (+1)


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