Pikmin is Chuggaaconroy's 12th LP. This LP has 18 videos and is about 4.5 hours long overall. It was released in tandem with Super Luigi Galaxy, but fans seemed to prefer it between the two. It was released from Agust to October 2010.

Nine years after Chugga's LP, Pikmin began as the 31st Collab by TheRunawayGuys, played by Jon with guidance by Emile and Tim. This collab ran from March to May 2019.

Chugga also released Let's Plays of the sequels: Pikmin 2 (LP #15, 2011) and Pikmin 3 (LP #30, 2015).


Solo Let's Play Edit

Stranded on a distant planet with only a small hope for survival...

Collab Edit

Now it's Jon's turn to experience a game for the first time! In this real time strategy adventure, time management is key!

Episodes Edit

Solo Let's Play Edit

Collab Edit

Solo LP Day Log Edit

Day 1 Edit

After crash landing on a distant planet, Olimar finds his ship destroyed with 30 parts missing! So then he starts looking about his surroundings, when he finds a strange object that resembled an "onion" to him. Olimar was too curious, so he approached the onion when all the sudden the onion jumped up and sprouted a seed. Olimar didn't know what this "thing" was, so he pulled the seed and a Red Pikmin pops out looking a tad confused. The Pikmin appeared to enjoy carrying things to and fro from base, so Olimar had thought about keeping it, not as a pet, but as a helping tool to help obtain the ship parts. So he sprouted some more Pikmin and recovered the first ship part of the game. Can they get all 30?

Day 2 Edit

Olimar and the Pikmin find a new area called "The Forest Of Hope," filled with life forms. They have much hassle trying to kill off the new enemy, the Spotty Bulborbs. After the battle Olimar is very annoyed to find he is one Pikmin away from getting the ship part. Later in the day, Olimar and Steve find the new Yellow Pikmin, named Bob. Olimar will later recall Bob as the most useless Pikmin.

Day 3 Edit

Olimar gets three more ship parts in The Forest of Hope.

Day 4 Edit

The Pikmin and Olimar go to a new world called "The Forest Navel," where Olimar finds a new type of Pikmin that seems to be immune to drowning.

Day 5 Edit

Olimar and the Pikmin go back to The Impact Site to get one more ship part. After that, they attempt to sprout as many Pikmin as possible.

Day 6 Edit

Rather than going to The Forest of Hope, Olimar goes to The Forest Navel one more time.

Day 7 Edit

Everyone goes back to The Forest of Hope to get the last three ship parts that they couldn't get before.

Day 8 Edit

Steve proves himself worthy of Olimar by risking his life, trying to carry back a Fiery Blowhog. This episode had more deaths than any other episode.

Day 9 Edit

Olimar collects the last ship part of the Forest Navel.

Day 10 Edit

Olimar goes to a new area (The Distant Spring) and tries to fight off his worst nightmare, Yellow Wollywogs. After a day of lost battles, Olimar tries to build a bridge leading to base. When the clock hit "0," none of the 98 Pikmin working on the bridge appeared. Olimar was furious. He then noticed that all but two must have crawled in at the last second.

Day 11 Edit

Olimar and the Pikmin come back to the Distant Spring and obtain a few more ship parts.

Day 12 Edit

Fights the Armored Cannon Beetle

Day 13 Edit

Gets the last ship parts in the Distant Spring

Day Days 14, 15, and 16 Edit

Olimar attempts to fight all the unnecessary bosses, such as the Smoky Progg.

Day 17 (Finale) Edit

Olimar has only one more part, guarded by the final boss, Emperor Bulblax. Olimar has a plan to make the Yellow Pikmin useful at the final battle by luring the boss, like bait. After three deaths, Olimar finally gets the final ship part, and returns home.

Memorable Moments Edit

Solo Let's Play Edit

  • His hatred of Wollywogs
  • Questioning Pikmin habits on Day 1
  • Fending off a Spotty Bulborb by shouting "Go Away!"
  • The false tragedy of losing 98 Blues
  • Telling the Yellows to commit suicide.
  • Killing a few Sheargrubs on Day 3, at the cost of many Yellows.
  • Steve proving his worth
  • Approaching things and pressing "A"
  • "No Regrets."
  • "So B-R GET UP!!!"
  • Squashing the boss's brain
  • The lazy Red being shot at by a Fiery Blowhog
  • The Suicidal Yellows from Day 6
  • Carrying back the Libra.
  • Telling the Pikmin to "Move it, move it"
  • "YOU FOOL!"
  • Pikmin AI
  • Taunting the enemies in the "End of Day" sequence

Collab Edit

  • Jon's Olimar voice.
  • Esteban. (Spanish for a certain Pikmin from Emile's LP)
  • Jon experiencing many a glitch including
    • seeing a Pikmin get stuck in a wall
    • The game noticing 85/84 Pikmin
    • Losing 30 Pikmin to the Puffstool despite one-shoting it
  • The Return of Pikmin AI


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