Peppy Hare is a main character in Star Fox 64. He is a member of the Star Fox team, battling alongsideFox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad.

Star Fox 64[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Friendly Rivalry[edit | edit source]

Slippy begins his quest alongside his Star Fox companions, Fox McCloud (Emile, guided by Jon and Tim), Falco Lombardi, and Peppy Hare to save the Lylat System from the grips of Andross

Fox and the crew take on Corneria, making it through the normal path and defeating the boss Granga's Mech, although Falco goes down and his ship has to be repaired. 

Episode 2: Asteroid Field[edit | edit source]

Fox, Slippy, and Peppy take on Meteo and defeat the boss of the stage, Meteo Crusher.

Episode 3: Fortuna[edit | edit source]

Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Peppy take on Fortuna and have their first encounter with Star Wolf, comprised of Wolf, Leon, Pigma Dengar, and Andrew Oikonny. Star Wolf shoot down Slippy and Peppy, while Fox just manages to take Andrew down before Star Wolf departs, claiming victory. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tim sounds just like Peppy when he explains Star Fox 64 mechanics, according to Emile.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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