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"Chapter 5 - Part 7: Lava Piranha" is the seventh part of Chapter 6 of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Paper Mario, and the 56th video of the series overall.

It was uploaded on September 7, 2008.


"We fight the rough... The tough... The Huff N. Puff..."


Atop the cloud battlefield, Mario and Lakilester (a former soldier of Huff N. Puff) confront Huff N. Puff, who has been entrusted by King Bowser to hold Klevar, the sixth Star Spirit, captive. After some taunting, Huff N. Puff bursts up to attack and the battle ensues.

After a lengthy battle, Huff N. Puff is finally vanquished by a Shooting Star brought on by Mario and Skolar. After his loss, Huff N. Puff explodes into many smaller Puffs, releasing Klevar from captivity and ending the Chapter.